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  1. Hi Actually the whole Denmark is already made ( DanVFR )... Since the DanVFR Scenery only contains summer textures, I'm creating an update ( not containing any files from the DanVFR Scenery ) with winter and new night textures ( all year blending perfect with DanVFR in Dawn and Dusk ) and offcause the missing autogens is also included, wich is supposed to be placed higher i the scenery libery hiaracy. then its simply layered on top of DanVFR. I make My files invisible during "Day time" in summer time, when You want to fly in DanVFR... Scenery update is placed 100 % correct on top of DanVF
  2. Limfjordsbroerne/Aalborg Limfjordsbroerne/Aggersund Broerne i københavn One bridge in Copenhagen is missing ( Beside the default railwaybridge - but Im sure it will be build very soon )
  3. Lille Vildmose - Himmerland Dronning Alexandrines bro - Møn Dronning Alexandrines bro - Møn ChrXbro - Sønderborg Alssundbro - Sønderborg Gammel Lillebæltsbro - Lillebælt Ny Lillebæltsbro - Lillebælt Vejlefjordbroen - Vejle fjord
  4. Bridgefix1 with dkx_vfr Bridgefix1 with My season addon / winter
  5. Download Demo of seasonal addon til DanVFR FSX here; http://www.rapidfile.net/?d=B90B03122 Password; clauskludder The Bgl ( Wich is compiled intogether with the textures all incl. ) is placed i en any "aktivated" scenery folder in "Scenery Libery" but higher than DanVFR ... The Scenery covers most of the Iceland Moen, and includes winter og night scenery as layers on top of the DanVFR Scenery ( Wich You need ) ... Let Me have some respons, - shall I produce an update covering the intire country ? kinds claus
  6. I made My first bgl now, after I solved some problems about the inf file... I could be a really nice add-on for the DanVFR FSX, if it was not because its such a large work to cower the whole country. Please contact Me ray, I have a few things to ask You ;-) Kindly Claus DanVFR Update Winter ( Seasonal ) and Night Scenery
  7. I have spend a coupple of days making the winter and night images, wich should be used in the area of dkx_1 ( The bgl in FSX ) But I have a problem, the inf files from the FS2004 cannot be used for resampling to FSX. I tried to calculate but I guess I need the inf files from the FSX version and perhaps the images - This would increase the the work doing such an update considerable, as most time doing this image was spend on piecing it together from 256 x256 bitmaps from the FS2004 DanVFR before I actually could paint the images... The image keep place a little wrong compared with DanVFR FSX.
  8. I consider doing an upgrade for DanVFR, containing seasonal variations ( hardwinter images ) and more realistic night images... Please check out Your mail Kindly Regards Claus
  9. I would like to do a resample of this area, with multible images using the 26 new images of mine. ( Lat/Lon sample point of NW corner of each image, but identical destination bgl ) Problem is to get the precisely latitude and longitude of the Northwest corner of the image in decimal degrees. ( 26 set of coodinates ) I want to do the resample using the Terrain Tools ( resample.exe ) from the FS2004 SDK, as a bgl with texture will work in both FS2004 and FSX. ( Add On placed higher than the the DanVFR in the Libery ) Anyone who can help me? Claus
  10. Are You busy Ray ? :D Well I have researched the FS2004 SDK a little, to learn how the DanVFR was made ( Resampling ) If I just had the inf. file for those areas I want to recompile, I could this work My self :?: I can see what kind of a job it would be to recompile any area in the FSX version, but if I recompiled the fixed textures for instance the area Lille vildmose, in the FS2004 version, it should be possible to use such a bgl together with the fixed textures, just by placing those files in the FSX version ( adding a texture folder ) There are some other areas I would like to some
  11. Im working on an update containg seasonal variations ( winter ) and Improved night scenery with no squares lightning at sea, correcting varius coastlines and land areas ect. ect. It also contains autogens trees all the countree, but its a huge work wich Im only done about 10 % of Denmark at this point. Il ecspect to finished the update about christmas, but it could also be next year... Here is a demo for download http://rapidshare.de/files/40309654/Dkxe.zip.html heres some images; This is "Skagen" top of Denmark Summer Dusk Winter Night Winter Day DanVFR before at Oresund Upd
  12. Hi Ray I have been enjoying the Scenery for a while now, and I'm very busy doing Add-Ons again. By the way, I'l do a lot of posts with Images from the scenery, and tell others how wonderfull this scenery is. You know actually it runs better than default FSX scenery because of missing autogens ;-) I did some fixes to the FS2004 version, mostly adding water below the bridges. I would like to do this on the FSX version, but I'm not sure on how to do this??? But we can talk about that Issue later. Right now I would like to do a FIX for the "dkx_50.bgl"... I see in the scenery, that You have
  13. Hi Frank There's no autogens in DanVFR, at least - there's no in the FS2004 version... You need this scenery :D Flight Simulator X - Scenery Denmark Scenery 1.0 (Photo) The scenery includes a number of airfields and VFR landmarks thoughtout the country, with special attention to the cities Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Aarhus. This package is designed for users of photo scenery like DanVFR or TileProxy. If you do not use photo scenery download the standard package instead. Filename: dkscnx_10p.zip http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=106586 For more scenerys to Denmark, look her
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