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  1. Hi, can you please remake the Singapore Airlines (WSSS) 777 livery. It is totally WRONG. Have a look at Airliners.net.. Also, the jetways do not accurately connect to their doors.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if there were any people making flight plans for MyTrafficX's airlines. I can't see to find anything on Avsim.
  3. In which version of FsInn is this .dll edit present?
  4. Hi Burkhard, I appreciate you listening to my suggestion. Perhaps you can post a screenie of the new Jet2 here, so I can know if I installed it correctly. If I have (I'm not trying to be a pain in the arse here), could you make the body SLIGHTLY darker? Btw it took me quite along time to find the Jet2 737 in the day time at their hubs even with 100% traffic. I'm not very familiar with the Traffic Editor, how can I generate more FPs randomly from their hubs? Are you considering more sounds for the next version? I noticed some airliner prop planes do not line up with jetways. They park behi
  5. Tbh if you stop wasting your time on this history stuff and keep improving models you'll get more customers.. 8)
  6. 95% of customers will agree that you should scrap historic schedules and concentrate on better MODELS AND LIVERIES!! Support question: I noticed that easyJet has very few planes in their main airports, how do I create more flightplans for the airline in the Editor? thanks.
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