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  1. Hi Burkhard...Okay, I tried that (but I only tried it with RJTY wanting to do one at a time for now) but RJTY although it shows up beautifully, it is totally deserted of AI aircraft. Their are no AI aircraft on RJTY-Yokota AB, Japan. Most of my other ROXX airports are loaded with AI aircraft especially RODN-Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. Do you have any idea why RJTY has no AI aircraft on it? Thanks in advance! Tom
  2. Okay, thanks! I will try that and let you know how things worked out! Tom
  3. Okay, I downloaded the files...but I forgot where to install them into...is it a folder in MyTraffic or do I install them directly into FSX and into which folder should I install or copy them into? Brainfart here! Thanks!
  4. Okay Burkhard...thank you for your info, I will contact them and quote your message and see what they say. As for RJTY, yeah...it's not AI compatible, but RODN is, so mabye when you have time, you can look into that. Thanks in advance! Tom
  5. Hi... Thanks for your reply. I will reduce traffic to 70% and then send them a message asking the same and lets see what happens. The airport layout is actually very nice but not quite as nice as the enhanced download I got for all of Cuba which really is nice and the airport enhancement is wonderful. It also did not affect AI traffic thus having lots of airliners parked. I'll reach into this more. If you can remind Burkhart when he returns that I would still like RJTY enhanced, that's about the only other one I care to have. Thanks!!
  6. Hi everyone...I have a question regarding the newest Hawaii/Oahu X upgrade for FSX. I just bought it and installed it and it works really awesome. Honolulu airport looks very real as does the rest of Oahu. It also is compatible with AI aircraft using MyTraffic 5.1. It even shows aircraft leaving and arriving and looks great. But...after I installed it and after checking my settings in FSX, having made sure I had traffic set all the way to 100% which is what I like (my computer can handle it well), my traffic at PHNL is less than half of what it used to be and further more, there are NO military flights at PHIK (Hickam Air Force Base) whereas the base was loaded with an assortment of flights before the install. Is there an easy fix for this? I know it works fine because what flights are at PHNL look nice and move around and all that. Also, Burkhard...do you think you can upload an updated RJTY (Yokota AB, Japan) so that it is AI compatible? I think most other RXXX airports work fine, but I like Yokota AB and would like for it to become compatible. Thanks for your contineud support... Typhoon Tom Okinawa
  7. Hi Burkhard...I'm glad to say I was able to create my flights and they are indeed showing up. ETAR reflects the MD-11 passenger jet I wanted and so does RODN...in fact several have shown up including the one American TransAir (ATA) L-1011. Now more than enough have shown up, so I will go into FSX and cut back on the congestion. One thing I've noticed (but it's not a big deal), is that the sounds of the engines are not realistic...for example the jet engine sounds of the U.S. Air Force C-5A/B Galaxy are very different than most jets and the MD-11 has it's own very unique sound but the traffic from AI are mostly generic. Maybe when you have time, you can make updates to at least these two aircraft and post them for download. Okay...I'm sure I'll have other questions later on but so far things look good. Thanks for your help!!
  8. Okay that may explain RODN and why my passenger MD-11 does not show up, but why does a passenger DC-10 show up at ETAR? ETAR does not have gates either since it's a military base. In any event, I will try all of your instructions and report to you my findings... Thanks!
  9. One more thing, Burkhard... When I click on "Info" and "Departures" in Editor, I chose my airport and sure enough my flight appears with all the information I entered. So I know it's there...they just won't show up at the airfield itself even after making sure I'm in the right time zone using GMT in FSX.
  10. Hi Burkhard... Okay, this is what I have been trying to schedule: World Airways (WOA) MD-11 (passenger jet, not freighter) From: RODN-Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan To: KSEA-Seattle-Tacoma Via: RJTY-Yokota AB, Japan Depart: RODN at around 1100am (which should be about 0200am GMT/Zulu) On a "Daily" basis I've selected the registration number by going into "Aircraft" and selecting "My Types" I then choose the type of aircraft (MD-11 in this case) I then selected "Aircraft Registration" Then I create the Schedule using the above-mentioned information. I've entered the times in Zulu (GMT) as instructed to do so. I get confused however when it asked about "propose times"...what does that mean? Should I ignore it? I then do the following: 1. Create All Files & Traffic and click on "Go on!!" 2. I save this into my own named file 3. Auto Schedule my Planes (takes 27 minutes) 4. Auto Schedule my Preferences (takes 10 minutes) 5. Ramdon Auto Schedule (takes 3 minutes) I then launch FSX and see what works. So far (as mentioned before), it worked for me with ETAR-Ramstein AB, Germany and the World Airways jet shows up right on time and leave a little behind scheule but it works. The only problem with it is that it has no windows and it's a DC-10, not an MD-11. It is NOT a freighter because I've seen the freighter sit and RODN and it specifically says "Cargo" on the push-engine. And when I look at my World Airways at ETAR, the little red letters hovering over it says it is flight "W272" which is what I named it, and it is bound from ETAR to KBWI which is exactly what I wanted. So it works at ETAR but not at RODN even though both air bases are AI compatible. RODN has a nice selection of AI aircraft and they move around and even take-off and land. So I know it's working just right. I hope this will help you help me. Thanks so much! Tom I'
  11. Well, it's me again. I'm still not able to create my own AI aircraft. The only place it has worked out for was ETAR-Ramstein AB, Germany. I was able to create a World Airways from ETAR to KBWI. The only problem with it is that I requested it to be an MD-11 and it keeps showing up as a DC-10. I am trying to create the same flight for RODN-Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan and KSEA-Seattle/Tacoma and both airports are AI compatible...I see many nice planes at both airports but my own created flights simply do not show upat all! I've only been albe to make it work at ETAR. Why is this? Again, I need help with step-by-step 1,2,3, instructions...please help me. Thank you
  12. Hi Jaap! Thank you! Right now I'm just experimenting with a military chartered flight that flies from Seattle/Tacoma to RJTY-Yokota AB (outside Tokyo) and continues on to RODN-Kadena AB (Okinawa)...that one still needs working on. I did, however, successfully create one from ETAR-Ramstein AB, Germany to KBWI-Baltimore/Washington Intl. I created a World Airways MD-11 but for some odd reason it showed up as a DC-10 with no windows, but cockpit windows were visible as were the exit doors. Not sure what that was all about. Not too sure these flights would interest too many folks but once I come up with some nice ones, I'll upload them here. The departure time of the DC-10 out of ETAR was about 40 minutes later than my posted time...I had to laugh because that's how military chartered flights really are! I'm retired from the Air Force and from time-to-time I travel on these flights for free on a non-revenue Space "A"vailable basis which is one of the benefits U.S. veterans have after completing service. Now I can create my own Space "A" flights and watch them go! The only thing is, that I'm not sure how I was successful because I've been experimenting around, so what I'm looking for is a 'quick-start' explanation of what needs to be done to create a flight. Okay...thanks again for all your help!
  13. Burkhard: One more question...(oh, you know it won't be the last question!) ... Am I supposed to be entering Local Times in Editor or GMT (Zulu times). For example I want a World Airways MD-11 to depart RODN at 1800 Japan time. Should I enter 0900 which is GMT when it's 1800 in Japan or should I enter the local time I want in Editor? This may be a problem too...not sure. Thanks
  14. Hi Burkhard... Okay, some progress here, I was able to sucessfully "dump" the airports as I followed Jaap's link which lead to your more detailed instructions on how to do this. Things worked out okay, but I'm still having problems creating my own flights...it's complicated and not easy at all, there are so many steps to follow and the problem with the manual is that although it tells you how to do things, it is not organized at all. It explains things based on frequently asked questions but nothing is in logical order...so that's why I need just a basic 1,2,3 instruction from you, that way I can figure out the more complicated things. There was one airport that I really wanted from the Japan-based airfields and that was: RJTY- Yokota Air Base (outside Tokyo), it was not included in the list. How were you able to change the bases so that AI aircraft would appear? RODN-Kadena Air Base, Okinawa (my home) was filled with all kinds of AI aircraft! ROTM-Marine Corps Air Station also on Okinawa was great too, it even showed a helicopter land as I was test landing on the base! It was great! I will check out Guam (PGUA) - Andersen Air Force Base next. Thanks for your continued support - and patience with me!
  15. Hi Burkhard... Well, I tried to follow your instructions and nothing worked. All I got were error messages, you also referred me to the manual, but up until now, there has been no manual that was useful to me otherwise I wouldn't be here on the forum. I don't know the first thing about "Airport Dump" but I could find it in the Tool Box. What am I dumping? What files am I dumping? It has no help at all. Then When I did what I thought would be right, I received a message that says: Visual Fortran Run-time error whatever that means. When I go to look in my "Traffic.txt" file, it's empty before and after I do whatever was in your message. I have no idea what all this is about. could you please redo your instructions and please number them with precise instructions and please don't refer me to the manual since they haven't helped me out since. I've been on computers for 25 years and have never had this much problems doing something. Please number your instructions and be very concise...I'm a dummy! :-) thanks !
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