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  1. By support I just ment "can FSC make flight plans for these two items." One more question.Is the latest version of FSC compatible with windows 7 64 bit? Tim,Canada
  2. Will FSC support plans for these 2 items? Tim,Canada
  3. Which key toggles between FSX & FSC please? Tim Diamond,Canada
  4. Thanks Kindly Tim Diamond,Canada
  5. I bought the latest update of data for FSC. Can you please tell me where to install it to. Thank You Tim Diamond,Canada
  6. When I install FSC it tells me I do not have the proper one.It goes on and lets me carry on with the install without it.I do have this module in FSX Modules file but I don't know what version it is.Do I have to purchase the correct module that it says & if so where would I get it. Your attention to this matter would be most appreciated. :) Tim Diamond
  7. Hi again Volker I was just wondering if the team has preferred settings for FSC. There are so many settings available. Also when yo have both FSX & FSC running at the same time how can I jump back and forth between the 2 programs? Thanks. Tim
  8. This may sound ver petty but in the tuturial starting at EDDK I just love the colouring of everything how it's setup. Is this scheme one of the one's of choice with in the program and if so please tell me which one. I know it's just a small thing but I am facinated by the setup. :) Ti from Canada
  9. I believe I hv a real problem on my hands. I went into the first link and "success"....after 10 or so trys & was sucessful in downloading the upgrade of 8.4.But.........Dumb'ole me and exited in a hurry downloaded it without heeding the important msges above the download part.So to make a long story short I thot I'd delete my program and start over again. Now I'm trying to re-do the upgrade again & it's telling me"you already registered the product" What can I do? :oops: Tim
  10. Dear Mr. Diamond, you can upgrade to 8.4 at our Support-Database for free. http://aerosoft-shop.com/support.php?language=en I rec'd this reply about F S Commander. I went into the link and signed in but cld not figure out how to get to the download section. will you plse help. can you give me a link direct or further instructions to the download area. Tim Diamond Mit freundlichen Grüßen Aerosoft GmbH Nicole Schmidtmeier _____ Aerosoft GmbH Lindberghring 12 D-33142 Bueren Tel: 02955 760310 Fax: 02955 760333 info@aerosoft.de www.aerosoft.com Geschäftsführer: Winfried Diekmann USt.-ID: DE126327535 HRB1989 Paderborn
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