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  1. Hi, Burkhard I hope you get well soon ty for the a.i. packages thru out the years and hope you and yours are safe and calm rest and relaxation are key -Tim
  2. I'm intrusted in the beta I can download 1.3gb files and specs are : Athlon x2 6000 (3.0(ghz) 9800 GTX 512GDRR3 4048DRR2 850GB X-FI Extreme music 19'lcd Mouse and Keyboard
  3. Hi burkhard, I got a instresting question since we have alot of installers mytx 5.1 and 51a and the new christmas dx 10 scheds plus new plane packs I relize this is alpha but went you get closer to beta or release and new installer would be nice or at least a upgrade installer a fae suggestions maybe a mytraffic 5.2 or a stander version and a dx 10 and 9 "pro version" maybe in the works? Or are we waiting for sp2 please share some insight and thanks for all your work -Tim
  4. Nice work guys got ant new delta paints love them go KATL! -TIm
  5. Thanx I Merry Christmas Indeed to all the other staff and family's of MTX 2007 May We all look forward to 2008 and Sp2 Bestwishes -Tim
  6. Hi burhark Any beta test you need tested with AEP I'd be willing to help -Tim
  7. what is the geniric aircraft folder? expl: default aircraft for the scenery??? so i can cut out my ai exept mt
  8. hey burkhard maybe a dx patch for the blg in new versions on mytraffic cheers ty again your great-Tim :shock:
  9. Hi there burkhark just checking in with you haven't heard much in days I'm still in Fla with my test but skip around for other airport (Mccaren Intl" if you need more help with airport less comman that I don't know of I was worndering does beta testers get futre updates free or something I love this product i just wish i knew how to model sims objects or make repaints i love to draw but i'm sure it's much more cheers -Tim
  10. Hi Burkhard, Should I install my copy of 5.1 before 5.1a??? ALso running Vista :) -tim
  11. Sure I'll give it a try My system for beta testing is 6000+ X2 2046Drr2 8600 GTS OC MSI X-fi xmusic 730Gb HD Space fsx deluxe
  12. Hi burkhard :lol: First off I need a dumies guide to My Traffic x 5.1 Kinda dificult plus trying to figure out the invisiable toolbox I have vista utlimate 64 flight sim x deluxe sp1 & sdk sp1a installed need help thanx inadvance -Tim
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