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  1. I got the Douglas C-47 Beta V3.14 sim to respond to FSUIPC throttle input, but only after I first loaded the old DC-3 airways Virtual Airline sim which always responds to its FSUIPC controlled inputs. I shut down the old DC-3 sim and reloaded the Beta version and the throttles started working. I found that I could then redefine the throttles in FSUIPC a couple of different ways. Either way worked. But when I shut down FSX-SE and restarted it, the Beta version had the same problems unless I loaded the other DC-3 version first and then ended its flight before reloading the Beta version. Don't know what is going on because every other sim works properly. Since then, I have turned off power management on the USB connections as recommended by Pete Dowson and I'll redefine the controls as "Send to FS as Normal axis" and report back on my findings. The only other sim that I've had to do this to is the PMDG DC-6/C-118. Every other PMDG model uses FSUIPC as the calibrator. I'm also beginning to think my CH Throttle Quad may be getting a little long in the tooth as it's over 10 years old. the third and fourth lever don't calibrate equally. This is not the problem here, but it's vexing. Thanks for the input, Jim Driskell
  2. I use FSUIPC in conjunction with FSX-SE to control all my aircraft from the PMDG models to the stock aircraft without issue. I have a set of CH Rudder Pedals, Yoke and Throttle Quad. FSUIPC controls every aircraft properly except Manfred Jahn's Douglas C-47 Beta V3.14. I have defined separate prop, throttle and mixture controls in FSUIPC as "Send direct to FSUIPC for Calibration" for each CH throttle lever. Prop and mixture controls work properly but the throttle controls do not seem to interface with the sims throttles so they do not move from idle cutoff. What am I missing? Can I track these assignments via a log to determine the problem? Thanks in advance for your help. Jim Driskell
  3. I run the db builder after every navgraph update. Hervé Sors' worldmag.bgl dated 12/31/18 has been applied. So I guess I'll just try to work with what I've got. I still don't understand why the Seattle Sectional says the V4 course is 104° and the various FSX/add-on systems are different, but if I accept FSX/etc everything should work. Thanks, Jim Driskell
  4. How does FlightSim Commander take magnetic declination into account? I live near KSEA whose declination is about 15.61° E. I fly FSX-SE and have applied Hervé Sors latest magnetic declination corrections. I built a flight plan from KSEA to KBOI via V4 using Flight Sim Commander Version 10.0 Rev 5 Build 06.03.2018. The first leg of the flight plan from SEA to YKM shows a course of 108-110° magnetic. The Seattle Sectional Chart shows V4 as constant 104°. FSTramp shows a course of 105°. The sectional chart is correct, so how do we explain Flight Sim Commanders course of 108°? Is it possible to update Flight Sim Commander to use the correct magnetic declination variables? I love Flight Sim Commander but I don't like to use erroneous course information. Thanks in advance for your help. Jim Driskell
  5. Ok, I figured it out. When in doubt, RTFM! Jim Driskell
  6. I recently rebuilt my machine, installed Windows 10 and FSX-SE and upgraded to FSC 10. I built a flight plan between two airports but FSX-SE doesn't want to read the plan. In looking at the plan, it seems to be in simple format, not in the "Ace XML" format that previous plans built with older versions of FSC an other flight planing systems. I'm probably overlooking something simple but I can see what it is. I'm attaching a sample. Please advise. Thanks, Jim Driskell KMWHKPDX_C-118.pln
  7. You're right! As someone else said, I need a copy of FSUIPC for dummies. When in dout, RTFM. Thanks for shining a bright light on the problem. 73 Jim
  8. Thanks for the responses. I'm familiar with FSUIPC and think I've assigned the various axis correctly, but? The problem is that nothing is stable during flight and things seem to get worse as time passes. Anyway, controls are disabled in FSX and I don't use the CH Control programs. I've attached my FSUIPC log file and the .ini file. Thanks in advance for your help, Jim Driskell FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  9. I recently did a clean install of Win10 on my machine. I also did a clean reinstall of FSX Gold on a SSD. After loading FSGenises, Ultimate Terrain, and ORBX NA PNW, I'm now having control problems. Previously I controlled everything with FSUIPC4 very smoothly but for some reason now elevator and aileron inputs from my CH Yoke go crazy. The installed DC3 Airways DC-3 can not be controlled unless I activate the autopilot at takeoff. Then a few minutes later I loose control of the aircraft as it begins to wander from its course settings. I also tried the default Beech Baron and it was as squirrelly and uncontrollable. The slightest input for either elevator or aileron on the CH Yoke causes the aircraft to loose control. I also have CH's Rubber Pedals and Throttle Quad, both which seem to work properly. I've had great success with in the past with FSUIPC but now I'm stuck. I did have a couple of errors loading FSX and the Acceleration Package, but I thought I worked thru them and the installations completed and the applications asked for the registration keys. Maybe not? As it stands now, the sim is unusable. I've attached the FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv file in case the file discloses a problem. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help with this mess. Jim Driskell FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for the input. No dual assignments and FS is disabled. I'm going to try a powered USB hub and if that doesn't work, I'll try cleaning the pots. Otherwise, I guess I've gotten my money's worth out of the old ones and I'll replace them. Jim
  11. Apparently my CH Throttle Quad has become noisy. Inputs from the first two levers, QX and QY, jump around when the levers are in the full closed position. The other four levers seem to provide smooth inputs. I've tried recalibrating both levers in FSUIPC but they remain noisy. I finally recalibrated all the levers using the detent position as fully closed which seems to eliminate the noise. I'm wondering if anyone on this list has had a similar problem. Could this problem stem from a voltage issue at the USB port and if so, how could l verify this? Should I try another USB port and if I did, would I have to recreate all my A/C specific profiles because of changing letters/numbers sensed by FSUIPC. Maybe it's time for a new throttle quad since I have had this one 6-8 years. Thanks in advance for any information. Jim Driskell
  12. Hi Volker, I uninstalled and reinstalled FSC again yesterday following the instructions (I always install stuff "Run as administrator). I turned off UAC as soon as I got this new machine. I installed it in its own directory on a SSD drive (i:\ drive) that's used exclusively for FSX. My system an other stuff is on my c;\ drive. Previously I had installed FSC in the root directory of FSX. I think this may have been the problem but don't know why. So far I haven't had any more problems but will let you know if I do. I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks so I won't have a chance to really shake out the system until I return. Thanks for your help. Jim Driskell
  13. Volker, I uninstalled and reinstalled FSC but the problem still persists. Every once in a while, the program starts with "Please wait while Windows configures FSC". After this, everything works fine. Any ideas? Jim Driskell
  14. I have a similar problem with an apparent malfunction in my throttle quad. I'm using the latest version of FSUIPC to control the the inputs from my CH rudder pedals, yoke and throttle quad to my various simulations running in FSX under Win 8.1. All the throttle axes work smoothly except for the Y axis. No matter how I calibrate and re-calibrate the Y axis on the throttle quad, inputs are not smooth across its range of movement. The input of this axis jumps around. Small movements cause large inputs compared with the other axes. The Y axis creates variable inputs even when it's fully closed. I suspect that the potentiometer of this axis is bad but I'm not sure how to verify this or how I go about correcting the problem without buying a complete new throttle quad. Any ideas will be appreciated. James M Driskell
  15. Hello, I'm running: 1. FS X 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS version 9.321 3. FS Commander and Database Manager version and build used: 9.5.1 w/hotfix dtd 4 May 2014 4. Navgraph AIRAC Cycle 1405 5. Download version from your website 6. Operating System - Win 8.1 About every other time I start FSCommander, the system rebuilds the data base and creates a new FSCDbManager icon. Although this action doesn't seem to affect anything, it's bothersome and time consuming. Any ideas? Jim Driskell
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