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  1. Hi Ruud, just to be sure: I have to choose either to use the fall "Fall" or the "normal" Outskirt patch? Or may i install both the same time? Thanks in advance for your answer. Oliver
  2. Hi Ruud, Magdeburg looks much better now, no longer anymore African Huts. Thanks a lot for your quick support! Oliver
  3. Thanks for your advices. Well, i made a clean FSX Installation on another PC and only installed SP1 and the Africa Textures...et voil√°...the textures still look like the second picture so this cant happen because of a freeware or even payware landclass. At first I thought the "German Landmarks" and its landclass could be the reason for this but, like said before - I made a new installation just to be sure. Dont know what to do, I am using the default textures now, of course :( Best Regards
  4. I can also upload some pictures to show the problem. This is for example near Magdeburg, Germany. One is the default scenery and the other with the african textures installed.
  5. Hello, i got a problem installing the African files. If i install them the area around Paris, Europe,for example, is changed also. The same problem exists if I install the Asian files, they seem to change the south of France, for example. I also installed the Palm patch and the outskirt patch. Any hint about this? Regards, Oliver
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