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  1. finally I found I attached 2 images it was not necessary to take the option "send direct to fsuipc callibration"
  2. well in the end the a32nx mod makes a ThrottleConfiguration.ini file automatically so you have to work on this file I put it as an attachment for the people it is interested in ThrottleConfiguration.ini
  3. yes sorry for my english yes i use a translator unfortunately at the question I think you are saying the mod works with default MSFS assignments, but not when assigning in FSUIPC. Is this the case? Yes for the mod it's A32NX v0.5.2 but i will manage thanks for your time cordially
  4. it works with the default mode of msfs but not with fsuipc you need which logs of all me I only had to check axes controls and a click on new log after having activated the gas commands for fsuipc but for msfs I do not know how to produce newspapers or if they do it automatically I do not know where it is found
  5. these are the default axes of msmf 2020 I had never had a problem before version fsuipc 7.0.4 I even tried on a track with the engine running but no success on the msfs default image I only left that the GZ axis on profile luc I removed all the commands to be able to configure fsuipc I also did it on p3d I attach the .ini file the profile a320 and the images FSUIPC7.ini A320_MSFS.ini
  6. on flybywire a320 the axes work on command by default on the GZ DZ axes but not on fsuipc
  7. Well it is on the flybywire mod of the a320 that it does not work
  8. Hello in msfs 2020 impossible to configure throttle axes on A320 neo on msfs I copy the profile by default and erase all the axis and key assignments so that there is no conflict I assigned the axes on the joy hotas warthog no problem the axes worked but not on the warthog throttles besides I uninstalled FSUIPC 7.0.5 try with the axes by default of msfs no problem it works reinstallation of FSUIPC but the throttle does not work I have attached the axis log cordially Luc Baron FSUIPC7.3.log
  9. Hello Thank you for your answer, well I just reinstalled fsuipc 7.0.4 and the problem disappeared it was for the A320, B747, B787 for the A320 I had tried with the original and the A32NX mod and both did not work no moreover it no longer worked after stopping msfs2020 and stopping pc and when restarting the problem and appeared so I deduced that a file was broken during the stop Kind regards
  10. Hello when I assign a button on my joystick the F7 key for the flaps they do not increment if I press the F7 key the flaps do not work either but if I uninstall FSUIPC 7.0.4 and restart msfs 2020 and that I press F7 the flaps are working normally. Kind regards Luc
  11. Hello, I also don't know why two enter, I knew for INI FSUIPC but I really prefer the other file and besides msfs starts faster cordially
  12. indeed there were 2 entries in the EXE.xml file so that I deleted it and by reinstalling fsuipc the file is regenerated, other leaves I still use the old batch file / link desktop to start MSFS I just put fsuipc in a comment so that it does not start a second time I use this file to start another program at the same time as msfs because I find it well done
  13. the solution for me was to delete EXE.XML in C: \ Users \ UserPcName \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ LocalCache before uninstalling fsuipc then install version and EXE.XML it will regenerate automatically
  14. I don't have this error with FSUIPC
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