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  1. Hello you cannot always save comments in fsuipc 7 profiles 0 = PC, 6, K117,8 - {Key press: F6} - ; flaps save then restart fsuipc 7 0 = PC, 6, K117,8 - {Key press: F6} - the comment disappears it was like that in version 6 but it would be good to be able to add comments in a long file cordially Luc
  2. Hello ok thank you but it's a shame for the comments especially when the profile file is very big so it comforts me to go back to target script cordially
  3. Hello the comments in a profile file are deleted as soon as we enter a new command so we lose all the command descriptions ; *************** ; FLAPS DOWN ; *************** 19 = P3,8, K118,8 - {Key press: F7} -; FLAPS DOWN cordially
  4. Hello sorry for all these questions the command UseProfiles = Files must be written like this in the section [general] or UserProfiles and the name of profiles = Files is an access path because the command UseProfiles = Files I wrote it as is in [general] and I don't see any folder create any files cordially
  5. Hello yes indeed, I saw it afterwards. the orders Change the "UseProfiles = Yes" parameter in the main INI to "UseProfiles = Files" I haven't seen it in the [general] section of fsuipc6.ini to make profile files independent I put the command UseProfiles = Files in section [general] but I do not see "profiles" folder and no files and in p3d v5 there is no modules folder by default where the profile is registered in fsuipc6.ini what I have saw it fits at the end of the file but is there a way to make files independent. cordially
  6. Hello yes and no because target script allows you to make scrypts which can be loaded independently for each unencrypted plane, we can make a profile for each plane and in addition define all the other keys of the simulator in a single macro file but we cannot define offset that's why I wanted to combine the two programs it would have been practical but thank you for your answers cordially
  7. Hello thanks for your response so if i don't launch target script fsuipc recognize my hotas as Throttle - HOTAS Warthog and Joystick - HOTAS Warthog in this configuration I can assign axes and assign an offset to a hotas button (buttons & switches) no problem if i run target script fsuipc recognize my hotas as Thrustmaster Combined (the target script driver combines the two sets) in this configuration I can assign axes to my hotas but in buttons & switches I cannot affect anything even if I have already assigned them in the configuration mentioned above in Thrustmaster Combined the affected keys no longer respond cordially
  8. Hello thank you for your answer a last question can we assign to a key an offset and an example key "E" on the same button if yes I configure the hotas on fsuipc if not I will be obliged to keep target script he takes it into account for that that does not understand [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 0=Flight Rudder Pedals 0.GUID={BCF03510-BB2E-11EA-8007-444553540000} 1=Thrustmaster Combined 1.GUID={4FF9F1B0-BBD5-11EA-8002-444553540000} Thank you in advance for your answers cordially
  9. Hello thank you for your answer in fact a target script allows you to configure the keys of a hotas but I can configure the axes but not the keys in thrustmaster combined that's why I asked the question Thank you in advance for your answers cordially
  10. Hello sorry for my English when I launch a target script in p3d v5 which gives me thrustmaster combined I can no longer define keys in fsuipc 6 in the "buttons & switches" section Thank you in advance for your answers cordially
  11. Hello with Version 5.123b problem solved thank you very much Luc Baron
  12. Hello I apologize for my english after installing fsuipc 5.123 I am windows 10 x64 by opening p3d v4.1 I have an error "can not operate something wrong with simconnect librairy memory problems detected operation restricted " if I remove the lines from the Dll.xlm file <Launch.Addon> <Name> FSUIPC 5 </ Name> <Disabled> False </ Disabled> <Path> F: \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4 \ Modules \ FSUIPC5.dll </ Path> </Launch.Addon> the problem disappears someone has an idea thank you for your answer cordially Luc Baron
  13. Hello I bought it long ago on FSUIPC simmarket with a name (not mine) and an email address for a reason x I could not reconnect to that account so I opened a new account with another name (mine this time) I just wanted to know if I could give both names and serial was Pete and he gives me two serial on one name I asked sismmarket he has answered me we can not do this because it automatically if this is not possible then I should buy FSUIPC cordially Luc
  14. Hello this is the problem I have FSUIPC on a name and WideFS another name cordially Luc
  15. Hello So there is no choice but to buy FSUIPC I have already paid cordially Luc
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