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  1. will the PFC throttle works in ms flight?
  2. yes i have it now and also the manual which i am reading right away afterall ends well and keep the sunny side up doeke
  3. (I am starting to understand why PFC charge for Support. I don't get anything for supporting PFC, and it is evidently hard work even just to get someone to update and read a manual!). well i didnot have a manual, DO I HAVE TO REPEAT THAT AGAIN? any way in the meantime I found the update and now I can see where I have to calibrate. thank you for your enormous patience for a new client who has not the knowledge of a genias like you goodluck
  4. Well at least you understand now why I was confused due to the answer I got from the PFC team and in addition to pay for a support. I always understood that an update of drivers is part of the purchase of the hardware. Thats the reason I searched for an answer within PFC .corp Furthermore you said the answer of the throttles is: the calibration. But I learned from you that this already had been done by you see quote: The throttle quadrant system I have from PFC is connected by serial cable and is calibrated in the PFC.DLL (or PFCFSX.DLL in FSX) driver I made for PFC serial devices. Anyway, is the update of the driver of the pfc quadrant throttle in schiratti downloads? you said or do you mean the fsuipc? that one I already have the latest.
  5. I have never understand that the fsuipc and pfc are the same. thats the reason I went first to pfc to find the answer and they told me there is no driver upgrade lateron I tried via fsuipc fsuipc gave a manual but not pfc i have the latest fsuipc but i have never had a upgrade answer from pfc anyway it doesnot want to work between you and me I got strange answers and questions and you dont seem to listen to a normal customer who is not familiar with this type of software obviously you can get on very well with yourself. thanks anyway for the fast replies and I will search furtheron to find a solution for my moving throttles which you dont want to answer.
  6. as I said there is no manual I wrote to PFC to ask for a new release and they told me there isnt furthermore they mentioned that I have to pay 50 dollar before they gave a support. so my question is do you have a link to the new release? and do you have a manual for pfc which contains the calibration items. than I will not further boring you with stupid question from a user although I think that a lot of people who buys a car, are not very interested in how the car is assembled. unless there are problems than they are looking for people who can help. anyway thanks for the fast respons doeke
  7. I have the throttle quadrant and use serialcable- com3. you gave already the answer that this one has been calibrated in the pfc-dll driver. I didnot know that.So Icouldnot find anything about calibrating, thats why I mentioned it. Maybe you could shine a little more light regarding the influence on using fsuipc regarding the issue. calibrating my pedals and vmax flight system steerwheel has been done in FSX settings etc. doeke
  8. Hi I am rather new at this site and have a few questions. I run fsx/w7 64 bits and use the PFC throttle which is now 5 years old. If I move the throttle you can see in 3d panel of the aircraft the throttles moving but very nervous. So I would like them to calibrate which is not possible within PFC. I have a registrated version of FSUIPC and try now to learn more about it i.e. calibration of the TR. I assigned the 4 throttles in axis and accordenly in calibration I set some values by moving up and down the TR. the question I have: are they now calibrated and will this settings not be overwritten by PFC? kind regards Doeke
  9. try also one of the "slopes". One with a flatter initial area for the throttle will give more control at low speeds i mean what is this and what do i have to do? are could you give some tools to handle this
  10. Peter, due to the reason i am not familiar with fsuip, could you give me some handy tools how to calibrate or to modify via fsuip?
  11. english is not my first language but I will explain my problem. I have a flight control throttle system for my 737. When I want to change over to my caravan C208B the throttle change the gas handle to the smaller first one. This meant the throttle is hard to controll the speed of the taxispeed. It goes fast are to slow. So my question is how to so;ve the problem may be via cfg file are somewhere in the ai caravan dll or may be via fsuip if you have any ideas please let me know. kind regards doeke
  12. Perhaps a stupid question but i dont understand the exact working of fsuip but i ll try anyway. is there a possibility to maximise a taxispeed within fsx? for a certain aircraft or via the registrated version of fsuip? doeke
  13. is there anyone who could discribe to me how to get my mcp pro from goflight competible with my md80 pro The AP only give some figures but heading and altitude and some others , dont work . I have heard that with the registration version (which I have)of fsuip it could be done. But I dont have a clue how to do it. Doeke
  14. blanc means there is no data filled in. the question is do i have to fill in so i have a better or comforteble way of handling or flying. i have not a clue what i could do with fsuip.
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