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  1. Here is Kuban, which is probley the most, detailed plane in my traffic! It is so detailed that you can't upload it on here because of the size limit. so here is the link to download it: http://rapidshare.com/files/355334296/Bn.zip.html -thank you
  2. Since Airlines like Mexicana and Egypt Air are going through major livery changes, I am planning on fixing them up to bring them up to date. Everything is very hectic now because of the new release coming up, the last request for 5.3 would probley be the Finnair and Finncom. I will keep these two airlines in mind and I plan to update them (like I did with Ryanair and Air Berlin) in June if time is on our side. BTW: These two airlines are still getting new airplanes and are not done yet, once June rolls around we will be more certain as to what we have to repaint for these airlines. -thank yo
  3. I also found a better picture for Kuban: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Kuban-Aie12edde99f Give me about a day, and ill see what I can do with it. -thank you
  4. And Finally here is the One World Livery, but be careful because it's hot. :roll: :wink: -thank you ERJ190_One World Finnair.zip
  5. Almost forgot about this request! :mrgreen: here is Finncom fresh out of the printing press.... be careful.... IT'S HOT! :lol: next: One World. -thank you ERJ170_Finncom.zip
  6. Already on it! should have it done in a few hours. -thank you
  7. Let me guess.... is it the..... Gulfstream G550? -thank you
  8. here is the fix, if you guys find anything else, just post it here. -thank you B738_Kulula.zip
  9. haha, no problem here. Give me a few minutes and ill fix the other side and post the fix here. -thank you
  10. It is my pleasure to announce the newest addition to My Traffics army.... Kulula! note: the first and ever colored landing gears to fit the plane! -thank you B738_Kulula.zip
  11. I'll see what i can do :) @Burkhard, I can try blowing up the letters a little and see if that works. -thank you
  12. I hope everyone is doing good so far this year. I have been gone for a couple weeks but now I am getting settled back in a starting to repaint again. Here is US Airways Battle Born and the Steelers one is still being tested for best quality. -thank you A319-Us Airways Battle Born.zip
  13. My next two cacti! -thank you A319-Carolina Panthers.zip A319-Retro AWE.zip
  14. Being a student pilot i normally see cessna 172's and 182's and 152's. also Piper archers and warriors, a couple biplanes, and beechcraft planes. usually bonanzas but i also see king air's, etc. I currently fly the 172SP. Maybe its different for another part of the USA? -thank you
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