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  1. Hi there! I use this fantastic program since many years, without any issues. Today, I bought a new scenery, updated the database, and upon selecting an airport after booting up the program, the following ereror message appears, and the program ctd´s: What´s happening here?
  2. It worked! Thanks again for your fast help! It has been a fault in the email adress, an "e" has been missing! I guess my brain got a little weak after all this un- and reinstalling! ;-)
  3. I used the key for FSUIPC 4 and WideFS 7. My real name is Michael Schmitt, the email address I used for purchasing is schmeichel75@freenet.de If you need further information, let me know.
  4. Hi Pete! Thanks for the fast answer. I forgot to write in my original post, that I filled in all windows with the correct information (name, email address and 12 character key). I tried it several times, even with copy and paste, but it doesn't want to work...
  5. Hi there! I recently performed a complete un- and reinstall of FSX. When I installed the latest FSUIPC version, the usual activation window appeared, but upon entering my code (I bought the FSUIPC 4 and WideFS upgrade at simmarket a few years ago), it says something like "this is not a valid 12 characters code". What is the problem here? Thanks in advance.
  6. Oh boy!!! It works! Wonderful! That is a really great support! Even though just a few had this problem, you came with a solution. Thank you Pete and Orest! Now I can fly with my flight planner and resale weather again... Greets, Michael
  7. Hi! Thank you so much for your effort, Pete! I´ll give it a try and hop it will work... Greets, Michael
  8. Yes, it had. But I removed it, still no joy. The only way for me to get it working, is to rename FSUIPC.dll and therefore deactivating it...
  9. Hi Orest! I was so happy reading your last posts, I hoped for a solution, but unfortunately, it does´t work for me. When I copy all the Trainer files to the RXP-folder, FSX doesn´t boot up at all anymore... Greets, Michael
  10. Hi Pete! Thank you for your fast answer! Maybe a solution (not the final though) could be, that you send me a link to an older version that might work. I don´t know which one should´t interfere with RXP but I think at least a 4.7.x could be worth a try. Can I run in some other problems regarding WideFS etc. when I downgrade? Thanks again and greets, Michael
  11. Hello! As the topic states, I have the problem that the Realtiy XP Garmin GNS 530 does´t work anymore since I updated FSUIPC to the latest version. When booting FSX, I got the error message that cdp_annun_box_sim.dll is missing. I tried reinstalling the RXP software, seeked for a solution in their forum, but it seems as if FSUIPC is causing the problem. I found a thread in another forum that downgrading to an older FSUIPC version solved that issue. Is that the only possible way to get rid of that error? Unfortunately, I don´t have an older version on my hard disc anymore, so I can´t give it a try. So right now, renaming FSUIPC.dll and therefore "turning FSUIPC off" is the only way for me to use my RXP software. That´s not a good compromise, since I use the registered version of FSUIPC with WideFS to run my flight planner and weather tool in a network on a different machine. Thanks in advance for any help, it´s really appreciated! Greets, Michael
  12. Thank you so much Volker! Your suggestion did the trick, GE works flawlessly again! Greets, Michael
  13. Thank you! I will give it a try as soon as possible! Greets, Michael
  14. Hello! I just updated to the version 9.1. In FSC 9, GE worked flawlessly. Now, when I want to open GE through FSC, I get the following message: "The link ... doesn't match the expectations of the operating system" What does that mean? Thanks in advance & greets, Michael
  15. Ok! It was just out of curiosity. There is a freeware called Gmap from FSWidgets for FSX which uses GoogleMap as a moving map. And I thought that I might have miss a function or feature within GE which does something similiar. But as I finished my first flight yesterday with the updated FSC9 and working GE, I have to say that I am really amazed, I love it! Thanks again for the support and a great product! Greets, Michael
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