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  1. Pete, this is my logging in FSUIPC. Lua is not activated. and this is my FSUIPC INI file. FSUIPC4_mas.ini Yes I have luckily finished. But as I am IT man by earlier profession, I am interested in all interrelationships in my SIMs and AddOns. Alhard
  2. Pete, I think you misunderstood. I know what and where ipcDebug.lua is. My question is , why comes this error message " cannot open " in the Lua Log ? Ther is no ipcDebug.lua in my FSX modules folder. Alhard
  3. HURRAH ! All function are now working, e.g. MAXIMIZE (ext.state(myHandle,EXT_MAX)) AND send keys (elseif ipcPARAM == 4 then KeyOk = ext.sendkeys(myHandle,77,3)). I used now your new version ***** LUA: "ahFC_ControlV4PD" Log [from FSUIPC version 4.974b] ********* Great job, Pete. Still unclear : *** LUA Error: cannot open Z:\FSX\Modules\ipcDebug.lua: No such file or directory Who calls ipcDebug.lua ? It is NOT in my Modules folder. ******** Now I can continue with my other project : Replace buttons by SECOND Keyboard keys. see here Talk to you again soon, I hope Alhard
  4. I understood that FSUIPC5 is for P3D only. Not FSX. Correct?
  5. OK, I will try now. You said "send key press" doesn't work? But this is exactly what I need !!??
  6. I tested now the other way: WideClient locally AND IT WORKS. I changed the parameter ClassInstance=1 I think I can live with this solution for now. Attached is my WideClient.ini Thanks for your help Alhard WideClient.ini WideServer.log
  7. Hi Pete, I am sorry, but it doesn't work, unfortunately. Attached is my Lua file and the LOG file. My systems run WIN7-64 PRO, could this influence the behaviour? Btw: Who calls this ipcDebug ? *** LUA Error: cannot open Z:\FSX\Modules\ipcDebug.lua: No such file or directory Alhard ahFC_Control.log ahFC_Control.lua

    Hi zimmerbz, I fly the FSLABS A320-X on P3D V4.2. I deleted all controller assignment in FSX or P3D and assigned all controls via FSUIPC. Doing this, you really should read the manuals of FSUIPC (all versions) One often made failure is, when deleting the controller in your sim , you should check and delete the controller assignment for ALL attached USB devices !!! Due to the double assignment, you have strange behaviour of the aircraft control elements like elevator or ailerons, etc. Alhard
  9. I AM EXCITED! Thanks. I will wait patiently for your update. "postmessage" was just for desperate testing. I will replace. I admire your dedication for us Simmers ! regards Alhard
  10. Great, that you try to test my script. I will check your Focus question asap. If WideClient runs locally, , how can I distiguish between the remote WideClient and the local when using WideFS(sendkey) in FSUIPC? Regards Alhard
  11. I run my simulator with two PCs. One is the Master with FSX and the second PC is the Client for AddOns. On the second PC I run FS-FlightControl (FC) started by WideClient (script inserted before). Now I want to control FC via buttons and FSUIPC on the Master PC. FC could be controlled by Shortcuts: Link main-menu-buttons Keyboard Shortcuts All main menu buttons can also be access by keyboard shortcuts. Just keep the keys CTRL and SHIFT pressed and then add one of the following keys for the corresponding module or action button: Key Module or Action P Position M Map F Flight Plan etc. Also all underlined letters in the function boxes of FC can be called by shortcut "Alt - letter". This works pretty good via WideClient !! Now I want also to control FC locally on the FSX PC. There I am stuck. Cause my scripts failed, I want to go another way to TEST sending keys to the local FC. Or can I even use WideClient locally ? I think NO. Lua Library.pdf page 4: line < 0 Adds this text as another line in the list, following the last one sent. The line parameter gives the negative of the maximum line number to be used (counting from 1, max 32), and if this line would be placed there, the display is scrolled up one line before it is added. Misunderstanding by me. No you don't. Just for info. Now I will continue finding the failure in my script or in the combination of my system. Alhard
  12. Hi Pete, I followed you proposal, no success. I tested again all my test functions in FS-FlightControl remote with WideClient, AND IT WORKS. Here ist my WideClient.INI extract : [User] Log=Yes UseSendInput=Yes ;.... KeySend10=187,12, Run1; Alt - + Zoom + KeySend11=189,12, Run1; Alt - - Zoom - KeySend12=90,12,Run1; Alt - Z Auto Zoom KeySend13=70,11,Run1; Ctrl Sh F Flight Plan KeySend14=77,11,Run1; Ctrl Sh M MAP ;.... ButtonScreen=Yes ; =============================================== Run1=C:\Program Files\FS-FlightControl\FS-FlightControl.exe ;Run2=C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe ;.... ; =============================================== Question 1: How can I test the SendKeys function without FSUIPC, Just as a simple Lua script ? How? Question 2: How can I concatenate text strings with "ipc.linedisplay", line negative doesn't work ? Attached is my current Lua script, thanks, Alhard ahFC_ControlV4.lua
  13. Hi Pete, I will talk to Andreas. I am one of his beta testers since two years. Therefore I inserted a sleep for 15 secs in the FC script, as you can see. Maybe too short. Yes it's changed already to "run". This was an elder version. Sorry. So your result is: it should work locally also. I tested FS-FlightControl on a remote PC with WideClient and there it works. Why? Is the "KeySend" for WideFS in FSUIPC different to "ext.sendkeys" in Lua ? Alhard (drinking a glas of red wine on your health)
  14. Hi Pete, here I am again, very desperate . I changed the script in one script only (see attachments). This script (ahFC_Control) should control remotely by Lua my AddOn "FS-FlightControl". As this script doesn't work properly I created a second copy (ahNP_Control), just with another application call , the NOTEPAD. In the scripts I commented what is not working. The LOGs didn't give me information about these errors. Do you have an idea how to get it working? What can I do additionally for debugging? Add Info: All Key entries work manually with the AddOn perfect !! Alhard ahFC_Control.lua ahNP_Control.lua
  15. Good morning Pete, I was so surprised to get a response within 5 minutes. Two hours after midnight! Great! Thank you. You are obviously also a late night worker, or better : an early morning worker. ( is there a special english term ?) The reason for having global variables (handles) is, that I want to create different Lua scripts for different FSUIPC buttons, all referring to the one application started with "ex.run" when starting FSX. My thinking is: in this case I must NOT always run the "ipc.get" with the application name. If the application name changes, I have to rename this name in all the Lua scripts. Maybe there is a better solution. I am thinking of transfering a button parameter by ipcPARAM within just ONE Lua script. I stopped always the Notepad manually before starting a new testrun. Can you please send me an example for usage of ipc.set / ipc.get ? have a good day Alhard