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  1. Hi Volker Thank you for your response. Reading this months PC Pilot magazine indicates a big future for the FSX Steam edition. I just don't want you to miss out that is all Regards Howard
  2. Hi Volker Many of my friends in our flying club (we have over 950 members) are gradually changing to FSX Steam claiming it to be more FPS friendly & much more Stable than FSX. I therefore politely ask if you have any plans to allow FSC to work with it in the future? Many thanks Regards Howard
  3. Hi Volker Does FSX Steam edition work with FSC 9.6 please? Thank you Regards Howard
  4. Hi Volker Found it at last by right clicking on the icon & selecting properties. I could then carry out your instructions Thank you Regards Howard
  5. Hi Volker Sorry to ask again. I have read everything. What I cannot find is what is caption shown on page 128 of the manual so that I can change it. It is not in Window/Options/Display. Hope you can direct me to the correct location to include _2 in the correct tab. Thank you Regards Howard
  6. Hi Volker Thank you. However I do not know how to find "Loading Data Bases for FSX or Prepar3D" in order to add _2 after F\FSC9\FSC.exe_2. Can you please direct me to the file? Thank you Howard
  7. Hi Volker I have FSC Version 9.5.1_Rev2. Build 31July 2014 Do I need to create a duplicate data base manager in order to use both Prepar3D & FSX please without constantly changing path from one to the other? If not would you please be kind enough to advise? Many thanks Howard
  8. Hi Volker Once again Volker to the rescue Thank you so much Best regards Howard
  9. Hi Volker I have FSC Version 9.5.1_Rev 2 Build 31 July 2014. FSUIPC latest version is installed. My Computer is very high Spec & new. Since the FSC update to Rev 2 & when saving a flight plan it does not give me the option to run GE. I notice when going to Windows/Options/Online & putting a radio button in GE it only allows me to set the path as follows C/FSC/Flightplan/Google. In the past there were sub folders "Google earth" & "client" these are now missing so I suspect this is the problem. Also when opening GPS I notice "Show position in Google earth has a tick in it but is greyed out which does not seen correct. Can you advise please? Thank you Regards Howard
  10. HI Volker Sorry for late reply but I was away. You are correct of course. What I failed to explain was if I copy & paste a flight plan containing BCN For Barcelona area Spain from my VA flight plans it always shows up the track as Brecon in Wales & does not give me the option to change it to BCN Near Barcelona. If I am creating a plan using FSC then you are quite correct. Forgive my previous lack of clarification Regards Howard
  11. Hi Holger When creating a flight plan which includes a VOR called BCN the plan does not give me the option to select BCN N41 18 25 E002 06 28 or BCN N51 43 31 W003 15 46 One is at Brecon South Wales the other is near Barcelona Spain. All other waypoints I have used give me a choice, this one just gives me Brecon South Wales N41 18 25 E 002 06 28. Hope you will be kind enough to check Regards Howard
  12. Hi Volker Thank you for your explicit reply, it is appreciated Best Regards Howard
  13. Hi Volker Am using FSX FSC Version 9.5.1 Build 04 May-2014 Following your notes I created a hold correctly, placed it on the map OK. Selected GPS/Connect to FS/ Auto heading & flew the flight OK on auto pilot. However the aircraft did not fly the hold. I believe I have not activated something or does the hold have to be manually flown? Can you advise please? Thank you Best regards Howard
  14. Hi Volker I do not see the area covered when flying on Vatsim when the Maastricht controller is active. Is there a way of showing the area under his control Regards Howard
  15. I think the problem did not lie with FSCommander. So sorry for posting it here. In Google Earth I went to: Tools/Options/Navigation and then unticked the box "Enable controller" (which heading says not for mouse use) and I use a mouse. Thanks also for your Suggestion. Howard
  16. Hi Volker FSX DeLuxe with SP1&2. FSUIPC 4.9 Payware. FSCommander & Data Base Manager Version 9.3 Build 26 June 2913. Downloaded Version. Windows Vista Home Premium 64Bit With Service Packs 1 & 2. RAM 8Gb. Intel Core i7 CPU 940 @ 2.93Ghz. NVidia GForce GTX280 1Gb. When connecting from Flight Sim Commander Google Earth continuously spins around & never stops spinning. In Window/Options/Online. Under Google Earth I have the correct path showing i,e, C:\Program Files (86)\Google\Google Earth\Client. In Google Earth in Temporary Places I have right clicked FSCommande then gone to \Properties\Refresh and Ticked the box "Fly to View on Refresh". Finally I uninstalled Google Earth & reinstalled it, then went through all the correct proceedure again but Google Earth is still spinning. Any suggestions would be appreciated Regards Howard
  17. Hi Volker Update installation went perfectly. Just wanted to thank you for all the improvements such as IAS instead of TAS etc. Also the change of aircraft symbol in Google earth. Much appreciated Best regards Howard
  18. Hi Volker Thank you for your brilliant support. Google earth now working a treat. Much appreciated by this FSC fan & dedicated user. In my opinion it is the best program on the market. Best Regards Howard
  19. Hi Volker Yesterday I uninstalled FSC & Shut down Computer. Today I checked that Googleearth.exe was in the client folder. It is there OK. Then reinstalled FSUIPC4.8 Payware Version. It also has Permission & full control. Then reinstalled FSC9.2.1 Build 28-July-2012. (Right clicked on the FSC.exe togive Administration rights before install) Installed it & again gave permanent admin rights. Went to Window\Options\Online & directed Google earth to C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Google Earth\ Client. Then put a dot in the radio button, Clicked close. Then to check I reopened it and the Dot in the Radio button had disappeared (it would not store the google pathway) Finally in GPS "show position in Google earth" is still greyed out. So I guess we cannot find the solution Volker. I will have to manage without the possibility of a road map for VFR flying using Google & revert to another program i,e, "Plan G", unless you have a brainwave to solve it. Thank you so much for trying Best regards Howard
  20. Hi Volker. I followed your instructions exactly, but the problen remained exactly as stated at the beginning of my post. Googleearth.exe exists. So I am going to Uninstall FSC & reinstall tomorrow & will also do the same for FSUIPC module, Will let you know how I get on Regards Howard
  21. Hi Volker it is already running as administrator Regards Howard
  22. Hi Again Volker I have also noticed from the manual that in Window\Options there should be 7 tabs showing but mine only shows 6. The "Flight Plan" tab is missing. Regards Howard
  23. Hi Volker I have changed it in FSC\Window\Options\Online to C:\Program Files(86)\Google\Google Earth\ Client and put a "dot" in the button then clicked "Close" but on opening it up again the The "Dot" is no longer in the button. Fos some reason it is not saving it. In GPS "Show Position in Google Earth " is still Greyed out. Hope you can solve it Regards Howard
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