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  1. Ok, Pete, that's got it. Altitude showing properly as feet now, and all other readings looking good. Thanks again! I really appreciate your time and effort to build this feature into FSUIPC. Barrie
  2. It happens when either, or both, devices are connected. If the Garmin is connected by itself, I see the error. And if I have the tablet connected by itself, I see the error. When they're both connected, I see the error. I'm not sure what sentence(s) actually provide the altitude component. What I have configured: Com 3 - Garmin connected AV400 only is checked. Nothing else. Com 4 - Tablet PC connected RMA RMC VTG GGA GLL GSA GSV are checked. If I switch back to the previous .dll, using the same exact sentences/inputs, the altitude readings are all good/normal. Thanks.
  3. Pete, I connected both devices and put them through about a 2-3 hr test. Everything looks good with one anomaly. The altitude is giving erroneous readings. This occurs on both the Garmin with Aviation inputs, as well as the tablet with NMEA inputs. It also occurs whether I have just one connected, or both, and also shows if I swap serial ports. The erroneous altitude shows the same on both devices. The field elevation as properly shown in FS is 1180ft, but GPSOut shows 3760ft. The altitude indicator in the plane shows as it should, 1180ft. As I climb out, the altitude increases about 3 times faster than it should, so if I'm climbing at 300ft/min, it will reflect about a 900ft/min rate. Again, the plane's VSI shows normal. So, when I get to 9,000ft, the 2 devices are showing over 25000ft. Everything else looks super: GS, distances, DTK, ETA, etc, are all accurate on both devices. The only thing I've seen to this point is the altitude. Also, if I revert to the previous FSUIPC.dll, the altitude shows up normal as always. It's only showing an error with the new .dll. What do you think might be sending the false altitude reading? But it's really nice to be able to work with both devices at the same time. At least doubles the learning curve. You've done a great job with this and thanks again. Barrie
  4. Pete, you are fast! I will be able to test this Monday PM, as my tablet is in another locale right now. I installed the new .dll, and tried the Garmin on the 1st and then the 2nd output (Com 3 and Com 4). Works like a champ to this point. Beautiful little option you gave it with the buttons to move back and forth between outputs. Having the output screens essentially overlay each other also makes it easy to compare the settings. The interval remaining the same for both outputs should not be a problem. I'll let you know Mon/Tues when I've tried both devices connected at the same time. Thanks for an amazingly quick action on this request! Barrie
  5. Interesting word on ESP. Thanks - had not been aware of such an initiative. I guess I'm not too surprised. Have been into FS9 and FSX for @4 years and this is the first time I've felt a need. I think it became more of an issue once the FS community figured out how to configure a real Garmin x96 GPS for use with FSX (relatively recent). Before that, I'd just been using a laptop with GPSOut. Now I have both a Garmin and a tablet PC, both of which are legitimate flying aids, each requiring individual configuration. It would be super to not have to reconfigure every time I switch from one to the other. Really appreciate your efforts! Barrie
  6. Yes, this is for FSX (not sure what ESP is). Thank you for putting it on the list - don't want to load you down too much. But I believe this would make the GPSOut feature just that much more useful to those trying out multiple devices. Thanks again! Barrie
  7. Thanks for the reply, Pete. But wouldn't it be simpler and save space if GPSOut could allow for the configuration of more than 1 serial port from the one PC? It does more closely emulate real flying as if you were using dual GPS's. If by chance you ever get around to looking at/designing this, I would certainly be able to use it consistently. Thanks again for considering. Barrie Wheeler
  8. Hello, Pete. Have you ever thought about designing GPSOUT to handle dual serial outputs? I use FSX and the latest FSUIPC, and recently installed a dual serial port card so that I wouldn't need to change the cabling around to run my Garmin GPS as well as a small tablet PC running Jeppesen charts with GPS utility. With the Garmin, I use, as your manual recommends, Aviation data output, Com 3, 9600 bps. With the tablet PC, I use all the standard NMEA outputs (unchecking the Aviation), Com 4, 4800 bps. It would be super if GPSOUT could configure for 2 individual serial ports, so that both devices would remain configured for their respective ports and be operational at the same time. Then I wouldn't have to reconfig GPSOUT when I want to use the other device. I fly a Cessna 182 RW, and it would be helpful to be able to practice with both of these in the simulator at the same time. Is this feasible? Thanks for considering! Barrie Wheeler
  9. Yes, in Virtual Cockpit and Cockpit views, the views will hold as you leave them if you don't include the PAN VIEW (when released). What I want, however, is for the Virtual Cockpit to hold where I leave it, and the Cockpit view to snap back forward upon release. PAN VIEW (when released) does this, but I can't really explain why. But it is the effect I prefer. The -1 parameter suppresses a one line up jump in the Virtual Cockpit view upon release of the HAT switch. Otherwise, when I release the HAT, the view jumps up just a fraction. Looks better and smoother with -1. No credits needed; just a small thing, really, and yours to do with as you think best. Thanks again. Barrie
  10. Hello, Peter. I have another reason to answer your statement in the user's guide: "You might well ask why this facility [buttons + Switches] is provided here at all when FS offers something similar". It comes in mighty handy when your yoke, throttle quadrants and pedals decide to reset or flake out within FSX. I didn't unplug anything to cause this. However, this was a Saitek system (yes, I'm getting the yoke replaced). I was so frustrated chasing the joystick settings that would come back after deletion that I disabled all controls in FSX and decided to do it all in FSUIPC. My thanks to you for creating a utility that takes care of everything needed. You da man! When did you first start working on this utility in its infancy? Anyway, since you have a section on page 30 regarding HAT programming for FS2004, and I was doing the same thing in FSX, I thought I'd pass on to you what I ended up with in FSX running on Vista 32-bit. I made 2 essential changes to the listed procedures. Below is the applicable section from the fsuipc.ini (hope I included all that's pertinent): 68=R1,32,C65734,0 69=R1,36,C65735,0 70=R1,38,C65671,0 71=R1,34,C65672,0 72=R1,33,C65856,0 73=R1,35,C65857,0 74=R1,37,C65855,0 75=R1,39,C65854,0 76=U1,36,C66416,-1 77=U1,38,C66416,-1 78=U1,34,C66416,-1 79=U1,35,C66416,-1 80=U1,32,C66416,-1 81=U1,33,C66416,-1 82=U1,39,C66416,-1 83=U1,37,C66416,-1 The 2 changes I made from what's in the document are: 1) Use PAN VIEW for the "Control Sent when button released" rather than PAN RESET COCKPIT. This keeps the view where I move it in Virtual Cockpit, rather than popping it back forward. If I'm turning final and looking forward left and up, I don't want the PAN to pop back straight ahead. 2) Put in a parameter of -1 below this setting to eliminate a one-line up jump in the Virtual Cockpit PAN when I would pan side to side. This is working exactly as advertised. I tested it out a bunch of times to make sure it was stable. So, FWIW, that's how it looks for FSX. Many thanks for helping save me from a lot of frustration! Barrie
  11. Well, you'll need to give a little bit more as to what you've done thus far. Have you installed the yoke drivers? (Not the SST software. We'll do most configuration via FSUIPC 4.2) Have you purchased/installed FSUIPC 4.2? You need the registered version. A recommended approach: Delete your joystick assignments in FSX (except POV). You'll re-assign these with FSUIPC. Start there and we can go further as needed. Since you have 2 throttle quads, you have a lot of options available, such as assigning a throttle to each engine (recommended), configuring reverse, etc. Lots of options due to number of axes, but why don't you get the basics going and report back on where you are and what you want to do. BG
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