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  1. I negelected to add that I have flown both a number of default FSX planes without this speed change issue as well as Flight1's Super 80 for over 2 hours with in FSX without the speed change problem. Hence, I'm not sure that it's a generalzed FSUIPC problem or just a strange interaction with the Eaglesoft product, hence I have contacted both you Pete and Eaglesoft. Thanks! Randy Jura, KPDX
  2. Pete, Remember in the very early versions of 3.X (or was it late 2.XX series) when aircraft crusing speeds would abruptly change at crusing altitudes? It seemed like an irregularity in air pressure aloft. At any rate, the later versions of 3.X fixed the problem. Currently, I am using registered 4.02 and it's been fine up until using the new FSX version of Eaglesoft's Beechjet. I was cruising at 19000 between KSEA and KRDM with the new ASV 6.5 version for FSX. Speed was 280 kts. All was well, then suddenly crusing speed spikes to 320 kts and the overspeed horn sounds off. Lasts about 15-20 seconds, then the speed spikes down again to 260-280. This occured about every 2-3 min. during the 45 min. flight. While this was occurring, I quit ASV entirely and used FSX native weather only, but the problem persisted! Interestingly, I contacted Ron Hamilton of Eaglesoft and reported the problem. They have not seen this problem before on the one hand, but on the other, they say they are also not yet using FSUIPC 4 for FSX at all ! Soooo, I wonder if 4.X of FSUIPC is having some recurrent issue with air pressure aloft or some such. What I am going to do is remove the FSUIPC dll from the modules folder and see if I can stop the problem. Let me know what you think Pete. Randy Jura, KPDX
  3. Pete, your newest advisement says there is a version 4.02, but that's not what is on the download page is it? Randy Jura, KPDX
  4. Mr.Dowson should have started a forum like this ages ago. Similarly, Peter should have started selling his work for a fair price long ago. Few people outside of this forum realize how totally helpless they would be without Peter's work. Recently, I installed an older, earlier version of FSUIPC by mistake. It wreaked havoc on FS2002, you must have a good recent version of FSUIPC. All my recent add-ons depend on the best versions of FSUIPC. It is quite unfortunate, but, in my opinion, a "donation" system will not work. Yes, it is true that there are those who will donate and donate well, but it will not be enough and there will always be those who abuse the donation system by donating $1 or worse yet enter a donation of zero. I'm sorry, but if you have the $$ to buy FS2002 and the various addons, you have the $$ to donate substantially more than $1. I myself am mulling over what to donate and I plan on making a substantial contribution to Mr.Dowson's work as a donation, but I fully support a payware system, in fact I think it would be a big mistake not to make FSUIPC Payware, a yearly subscription in fact for as long as Peter chooses to churn out FSUIPC and it's companion products. FSUIPC is not an option, it is a MUST. I personally consider it #2 next to FS2002 itself and believe me, we all will be shelling out the $50.00 + for the next version of FS, Mr.Dowson similarly needs to be reimbursed for his substantial contribution to FS. Thank you Mr.Dowson. Randy Jura, KPDX
  5. Am I to understand that if I created 400+ schedules of my own before Service Pack 1, that those are now lost? I have not figured out the way to import my prior MySchedule flights into MyTraffic AFTER Service Pack 1 installation! Help please! .... and yes I have them saved and ready to import if that is possible. The "import forks" option did not work, if it was meant too at any rate!
  6. Hey Sidney, does your Horizon Airlines flight plans have registrations #'s ? If so, I'd like to get my hands on them: seahubcap@earthlink.net THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! Randy Jura, KPDX
  7. Actually Husain, 7R is not the usual default runway under FS2002, that would be 7L (25R), but I will check too.
  8. Burkhard: Would it work, then, to use the MD90's airfile for everything, or at least for planes that have the most problems. Could I use it for my SAAB340's or CRJs????
  9. Is it an inadequate .air file that makes AI planes do that funny dolphin nose dive thing and crash??????
  10. Well, isn't this special, KLAX South Arrivals to 7R; what do we do about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Copied those exact files over to SCENEDB/MyTrafficATC from the similar AFD directory, did not change anything. In fact I notice 2-3 pairs of AI Aircraft overlapping, but only at the south half of the airport, I don't think I've ever seen double planes on the north side, how strange.
  12. Why, at KLAX am I seeing two planes parked in the same space in , in this case two 747's, a British Airways and a KLM??
  13. I dont want increased GA density, will there be a way to keep that the same or repleace with commercial traffic?? :(
  14. I FOUND OUT WHAT'S WRONG..........I was using incorrect plane registration numbers, all is fine now I think, I will check back later
  15. First, what file do you open when you start the editor: MyTraffic.myt or MyTrafficbase.myt ? Second, If you want to "save As" is it alright to use another name, Say ANYTHING.myt? Third, I can't even accompish a simple schedule: Flight # 7001 I choose my plane, no problem Departure: KLAX Arrival : KPSP Departure Time: 1700 I have NO idea what the cluster of four empty boxes is next to the departure and arrival boxes, but I put 1700 in the top box, the ones with the two checkboxes, I leave untouched,in this case I am not using a VIA, I haven't gotten that far yet. I press the "Propose Time" button and guess what pops up in the lower of the four box clusters: "****" Press the OK Button and : VISUAL FORTRAN ERROR which crashes the program. Please, how do you do this????????
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