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  1. Hi Pete, It is to already inside fsuipc.ini to GetNearestAirports=Yes and returns empty. So, I will try to implement inside my program in other way. Thanks, Achilles
  2. Hi Pete, While offset 0658 4 bytes (icao) works ok in fsx, in prepar3d returns empty. It is prepar3d problem or fsuipc? Using fsuipc version 4.844 Regards, Achilles
  3. Hi Paul, You are correct. the sleeping ones does not have any flight number. Also tried the below code. Still the same FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.RefreshAITrafficInformation(True, True) FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.ApplyFilter(True, True, 0, 360, Nothing, Nothing, 1000) So, there is no way to have flight numbers for those sleeping ones?
  4. Hi Paul, Using the below code FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.RefreshAITrafficInformation() FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.OverrideGroundTrafficINISettings(ATCIdentifier.AirlineAndFlightNumber,True, 0, 0) FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.OverrideAirborneTrafficINISettings(ATCIdentifier.AirlineAndFlightNumber, RangeInNM:=0) all the airborn traffic ATCIdentifier returns the AirlineAndFlightNumber all the ground traffic ATCIdentifier returns only the Airline Can you check it please? Regards, Achilles
  5. Hi Paul, I am trying to read an offset dymamically Dim Newoffset="&H" & textbox1.text Dim readoffset As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(Newoffset) fsuipcconnection.process() label1.text=readoffset.value But always returns zero? What I miss? Have you ever done this? Regards, Achilles
  6. I will make some tests to see if the ID has to do anything and there is any relative to the prioriry.
  7. Hi Paul, Is there any way to find out which ai plane has priority (in row) when a runway is assinged for it?
  8. Hi Paul, How can I get the lat and lon of aitraffic as numbers without the letters and symbols? The only option seems to be the location for AITrafficServices which gives the complete lat and lon with symbols. Is there any option to get the lat and lon without the symbols you add? And even better as location.lat and location.lon Regards, Achilles
  9. Hi Pete, I have a question regarding brakes. Left and right brake value's are at offsets 0bc4 and 0bc6. Also from keybord are 0c00 and 0c01. Offsets 3416 and 3418 are for axis input and I think that you aplly them at 0bc4 and obc6. Correct me if I am wrong until now. What I want to do is to change the brake force (without changing the brake value offsets). Is this possible? Any idea? regards, Achilles
  10. Hi Pete, I read that version 4.544 has new offsets 2F81 (1 byte), Seat Belt sign: 1 = on, 0 = off 2F82 (1 byte), No smoking sign: 1 = on, 0 = off What is the difference with the bellow offsets? 341C (1 byte), Seat Belt 341D (1 byte), No smoking If 341C = 1 then 2F81 = 1 ? Because at the manual 341C refers to switch and at comments of new offsets you write sign. Regards, Achilles
  11. Thanks for the reply. I will keep you informed when I found the most suitable solution for local and non-local calls. Yes. The keypress facility is merely emulating the user pressing keys. It isn't sending KEYDOWN and KEYUP messages to a specific Window. If you wanted to do that you could do it direct from your application, if it is running locally. In the normal use of your program, wouldn't FS have the focus in any case? You lose sound if it doesn't have the focus. Incidentally, you don't need to explicitly exit at the end of the Lua program -- it exits automatically at the end in any c
  12. Hi Pete, I set offsets 0D6C 4 to a value of 0 I set offsets 0D70 40 to Lua myLua First I used display vals as myLua to check if it works. And worked fine. I show the vars at FS screen. Then I created MyLua with the bellow inside ipc.keypress(65, 16) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.exit() Result - The keypress works but sends the keystrokes to my application and not inside FS. What I do wrong? Must I focus first to FS window? Maybe I must use event instead of keypress? Best regards, Achilles
  13. Hi Pete, False alert. Found my bug. Bios update limited network traffic. Achilles
  14. Ok, I am not familiar with Lua so I took a look at the documents. As far as I understant, I need somethink like the below? if not ipc.keypress(0) then ipc.keypress(12) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(12) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(13) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(12) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(13) else ipc.keypress(24) end ipc.keypress(65) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(70) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(80) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(0) If this is ok, then I can make it run from fsuipc. Am I close to the solution?
  15. Hi Pete, A quick question. I will need a flag to read at the Lua file in order to activate the logic of Lua for the menu. What if I use an offset that not exists at FS9? Like 341C? So, if possible to write to offset 341C at fsuipc version 3.9xx and read it from the Lua file, the job will be done. What do you think?
  16. Hi, A quick question. In fs9, when we entering the menu, fsuipc does not work. Can lua control fs in this case? My idea is to read payload offset from fsuipc and when this value changes to send keystrokes to fs from lua to enter to menu(with key compinations) and refresh the payload. If yes, a small sample just to begin from somewhere? Thanks in advance Achilles
  17. Ok, Think I found something. From the manual 0510 2 Electrical Systems Inop Bit 0 All Bit 1 Capt PFD Bit 2 Capt ND Bit 3 Upper EICAS/ECAM Bit 4 Lower EICAS/ECAM Bit 5 F/O PFD Bit 6 F/O ND Bit 7 Reserved Bit 8 Standby Bit 9 CDU/MCDU Bit 10 RCDU/RMCDU (rmcdu needs to be updated by me) Bit 11 MCP/FCU (*hardware only) = 1 (Glass Cockpit Reads, switches off when bit is 1) The above values must be 0 when battery is off and 1 when battery is on This is what is happening with 3.915 and works fine. With 3.930, i read some bits with different values than 0 or 1 as bellow Offset
  18. Hi Pete, With version 3.930 , project magenta boeing glasscockpit and cdu/rcdu does not respond to battery switch. I went back to 3.915 and all worked as it should. It seems that the new version does not response to 0510 offsets but I am not sure if this is the problem. I also use boeing 737ng software of Thomas Richter. If this helps. Achilles
  19. I did't check it but it will work Private Sub btnload_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnload.Click 'if fsuipc not already open then add the bellow Try FSUIPCConnection.Open() end try Try FSUIPCConnection.Process() Dim loadsave As Offset(Of Short) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Short)(&3F00) Dim flightname As Offset(Of string) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of string)(&3F04, 252) flightname.value="savedflight1.flt" loadsave.value=0 ' to simply load the specified flight/situation. 'loadsave.value=1 ' to save the flight/situation with no description
  20. To load or save a Flight (.FLT) you first set up the pathname (and optional description) at offset 3F04 below, then write here. Write one of these values: 0 to simply load the specified flight/situation. 1 to save the flight/situation with no description 257 to save the flight/situation with a description Flights are saved in the ―My Documents‖ FS folder. Flights are loaded by default from there too – you don‘t have to specify a path. If you are Loading a file, please allow time for the file to load before expecting any further meaningful response across the FSUIPC interface. FSUIPC will
  21. Hi Pete, FSUIPC 3.919 30E0 Ok 30E2 no value 30E4 Ok 30E6 no value 30E8 Ok 30EA no value 30EC Ok 30EE no value 30F0 Ok 30F2 no value 30F4 Ok 30F6 no value 30F8 Ok 30FA no value 30FC Ok 30FE no value
  22. Hi Pete, So, you say to use tab buttons to reach ok button(at payload page) and then send enter? Thats what i understand. I will try this way and I will inform you if it can work this way. Not really, because FSUIPC isn't running when you are in a modal dialogue like that. If you are running in an external process you can of course send keystrokes to the FS Window and operate the menus that way. It isn't a "button strike" you need but the Enter key pressed when the OK button has the focus. Generally TAB moves focus from control to control within a dialogue. I operate FS menus from a Ne
  23. This action is very critical for my software. Is there any way to send an ok button strike at fs payloads page throu fsuipc?
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