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  1. Volker, Thanks for your response, but I think I have issues here. First of all I do not have FSX installed. Only FSX-SE and Prepar3D. I find I have no trouble compiling and saving flightplans for use with FSX-SE. These can be loaded directly into the PMDG aircraft as company routes. From your e-mail reply, I gather this should not be possible ?? From the FSC Window |Options > Display page I have the option of choosing data for FSX or Prepar3D and the FSX button is always checked. If choosing Prepar3D, the program closes and on restarting, the FSX button is again checked. Looking at my FSC file structure I have only a simgle fsc.exe file, not fsc.exe 1 or fsc.exe 2 yet I have installed the FSC version for FSX and P3D. What is wrong ?? I used to have FSX installed prior to FSX-SE and perhaps this is the root cause. Ron
  2. Sascha / Volker, Please forgive this request If I have missed something in the FSC User Manual, but I cannot see any reference as to how to save flight plans for both PMDG aircraft in FSX and P3D. After downloading and installing version 9.6 of FlightSim Commander for both simulators, the PMDG checkbox is shown, and I would have thought this would be for applicable for both FSX-SE and P3D when checked. Plans are saved for the FSX-SE versions of PMDG aircraft, but not those in P3D and I can see no option to add a path for P3D in the Flightplan Paths column of Save/Load Flightplan box. My fsc.ini file gives the following flightplan details. Do I need to manually add a path for P3D, and if so, could you advise where are the plans saved to ? [FLIGHTPLAN] SECLEN=50 SECWIDTH=30 FAFDIST=8.5 FPSEL=2129 FPPATH09= FPPATH10=C:\Users\Ron\Documents\ FPPATH11= FSCPLANPATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\FSC SQUAWKBOXPATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\SquawkBox IVAOPATH= IVAOPATH2= FSINNPATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\FSInn RADCONPATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\RC PROMAGPATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\PM XPLANEPATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\XPlane GEARTHPATH= TSPATH=C:\ ASAXE1PATH=C:\FSC\flightplan\AXE FSGRWPATH= Your help would be appreciated as otherwise all waypoints have to be added through the P3D CDU manually. Many thanks. Ron FSX Version FSX-SE P3D version Ver 3.2 FSC in network No Database ver / Build Ver 9.6 Rev 2 5th Oct 2015 AIRAC cycle used Navigraph 1604 Rev 1 FSC version CD/ DL Ver 9.6 Rev 5 Build 06 Dec 2015 Downloaded. OS Windows 10
  3. Pete, Have started using FSX-SE and am experiencing the terrain.dll crashes quite regularly. Read your post and got the log details as you rrequested. Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.62608.0, time stamp: 0x54abe5b4 Faulting module name: terrain.dll, version: 10.0.62608.0, time stamp: 0x54abe5e1 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0005875c Faulting process id: 0x1994 Hope t his helps. If I can't get a workaround for this, I'm afraid it's back to FSX - or on to P3D. Ron
  4. Ian / Volker Many thanks. Things are now clearer for me. Most of the airport changes I'm aware of are in Africa, but I have no doubt there are others elsewhere. I'll have a search for the appropriate AFCAD files and take things from there. Ron
  5. Volker, Just a thought, but if FS Commander gets its airport informatiion from FSX, then it is FSX that needs to be updated. There is no option to do this from Navigraph or indeed from anywhere else as far as I know, therefore FSC can never be updated. If the above is correct, exactly what does each Airac cycle do within FS Commander ? Ron
  6. Volker, I fly quite a bit round Africa and am constantly having a problem with changing airport ICAOs. To give a couple of examples, Johannesburg recently changed the ICAO from FAJS to FAOR and the old Durban airport FADN is now disused and has been replaced with King Shaka, FALE. I currently use the Navigraph Airac cycle system, and have cycle 1412 Rev 2 installed for both FSC and PMDG. I notice that the PMDG database uses the recent ICAO changes, but my FS Commander ( version 9.5.1 ) doesn't appear to. If I run the FSC Database Manager, this gets information from FSX, which is quite a few years old now and FS Commander therefore still shows FAJS and FADN. Is there something I'm not doing but should be doing to have FSC show the current ICAO changes. Many thanks Ron Running FSX Gold and FSUIPC v 4.9 registered FSC v9.5.1 build 4th May 2014. Downloaded Navigraph Airac cycle 1412 Rev 2 Windows 7 / 64 bit
  7. Volker, I recently had computer problems requiring a complete new hard disc. All of my information files could be saved, and I transferred these, including flight plans to a thumb drive before installing the new disc. On reinstalling FS Commander and transferring those plans to the new program, they do not show up in the flight plan list, even though they are in the FS Commander Fightplan directory.and have the .pln extrnsion. Is there something that needs to be done to make the plans visible in the new FS Commander program. There are so many, it would take me weeks to recreate them all. Thanks Ron Running FSX Gold and FSUIPC v 4.9 registered FSC v9.5.1 build 4th May 2014 Downloaded Navigraph Airac cycle 1411 Windows 7 / 64 bit
  8. Volker, Does this include Quality Wings a/c as well ? I'm goint to remove and re-install FSC and see how it goes. Rene
  9. Volker, Yes. Everything was done in line with your user manual. When a plan is saved and the relevant add-on aircraft boxes are checked, does the program automatically save the plan(s) in the aircraft directories, or do the directory paths have to be individually entered manually ? Rene
  10. Volker, I read the documents and complied with the instructions. FSC was installed as administrator The installation was installed for all users. Rene McCOnnell
  11. Volker, I would appreciate your help is setting up the flight plan paths in FSC 9.5 as I seem to be getting nowhere. I’m having difficulty with saving flight plans and in setting the plan paths in the ‘Save As’ option. I would like to save plans for PMDG, Quality Wings and Level D aircraft, but path options for these aren’t specified. I have plan save options are available for: FS Commander Path set to D:\FS Commander\Flightplan Flight Simulator X Path set to D:\FSX FSX Flight Plans Path set to C:\Users\owner\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files Squawk Box Not used IVAO Not used Radar Contact Not used FS Inn Not used Project Magenta Not used X Plane Not used Airbus X Not used Nothing for PMDG, Quality Wings or Level D, even though there are check boxes for these on the Flight Plan “Save’ option, and I do not appear able to add paths manually. Also, when saving an FSC plan, I get the error message ‘Error in writing FS 10 plan’. I see from a previous forum question on this that the ‘fsc.ini’ file must include : FPPATH10= c:\users\owner\documents\Flight Simulator X files My FPPATH10 is exactly as above, however the actual computer file tree in Windows 7 is : C:\users\owner\ My Documents\Flight Simulator X files Is the difference of ‘Documents’ and ‘My Documents’ causing the problem ? I’m using the PMDG 777-200, and the PMDG plans are in D:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS However there is a sub directory to this named ‘777’. Which is correct directory to use ? I have been a long time user of FS Commander, but I have to say this version is driving me up the wall !! I hope you can help me sort this out. Rene McConnell
  12. Volker Thanks for that. What I needed was how to register, but I see that option is available i the "About" menu option. Rene
  13. Volker I have just purchased version 9.5 from Simmarket, but can see no reference anywhere to the program download. I therefore assume I have to download the fsc95.zip from your web site. This however is only a trial file with a 30 minute lifecycle. How do I access the permanent FSC9.5 file so I can insert the registration key. Rene McConnell
  14. SUICIDE POSTPONED !! Did a quick search of the internet for a possible solution and found this. Right click the desktop icon, select Properties. Under "Compatibility" select "Always run this program as Administrator" Apply and save in the usual way. Obviously, for some reason, even although the program was installed under "Run as Administrator" the program start icon needed this action as well. I've saved a couple of plans and indeed they have been saved under my PMDG folder. Hallelugah !! Many, many thanks guys for all your help and suggestions. Ron
  15. Guys, Latest update. Removed FS Commander. Back to SimMarket and to check my registration details. Downloaded FSC921.zip again from your website. Extracted the files. This time I had the option of installing as "Run as Administrator" which I selected. Installed the program directly under C:\ Completed registration. Correctly pathed my FSX installation when I received the error message. Made a short flightplan and making sure the PMDG box was ticked - (it was already ticked) - saved the plan. Opened the PMDG flightplan folder in FSX to check the contents. No plan saved. Made another account in Control Panel, giving Administrator privilidges. Rebooted under this user account. Right clicked the FSC start program icon on my desktop. Options window gives :- Open Troubleshoot compatability Scan for viruses Move to quarantine Safe run Check reputation in KSN Open file location Pin to taskbar Pin to start menu Restore previous version Send to Cut Copy Create shortcut Delete Rename Properties and that's it. Right clicking the program run file under my account gives the same options. No Run as Administrator. I'm just about to commit suicide. Ron
  16. Thanks guys, I'll soldier on and carry out your advice. I've checked several program start files on my desktop, and while some give the option of running as administrator, not all do. Why this should be so, I've no idea. Anyway, I think I'll remove FS Commander and re-install from scratch and see where that gets me. Thanks for all your help anyway. As Schwarzenegger says - I'll be back !! Ron.
  17. Volker, I have also checked my User Acounts in Control Panel and I am the only user. I am listed as Administrator.
  18. Volker, Sorry to have to tell youthis, but still no joy. I have a new computer and no one has touched it but me. All programs including windows have been installed by myself, and I should therefore have full administrator privilidges. On right clicking the unzipped and extracted FS Commander installation file, which I have saved in it's own folder, no option to install the program as 'Run as Administrator' is shown. Also, when installed, the FSC_FSX.exe file also has no option to Run as Administrator when right clicking on the file. However, when selecting the security tab under file Properties, I see I have full permissions. Your conclusion that the program is not being run as administrator would seem to be correct as the PMDG flightplans are not being transferred, but for the life of me, I can't see why. Is there anything you can suggest to help solve this problem, as I seem to be getting nowhere. Ron
  19. Volker, Received your reply which is basically what I have found previously in the forum to those with a similar problem I have read and absorbed the relevant manual sections, especially page 64 and the screenshots. I have checked my Save/Load window paths for :- Line 1, FS Commander [C:\FSC9\Flightplan\FSC] This wsas previously pathed to my PMDG flightplan folder, but as plans are saved in FSC format, I changed it. Line 2, Flight Simulator X [C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X] This is the correct ditectory for my Flight Simulator X installation. Line 3, FSX Flight Plans [C:\Users\MyName\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files] All of these now give the correct paths to the relevant flightplan folders and they do contain the plans I have made and saved. If all of these are correct, where do I enter the path to my PMDG plan folder ? The "Name" column will not allow an entry. No plans are showing in my PMDG flightplan folder, so, as a test exercise, I made a simple plan from EGSS to EGPD. I then changed the paths for both Squawk Box and IVAO to my PMDG plan folder in FSX. Making sure the boxes for these 2 formats were ticked, I saved this plan and then checked the PMDG flighplan folder. No files were present. Surely they should have been there. There is obviously something I am not understanding, which reading page 64 of the manual is not explaining. Sorry to be so dumb, but may I have a simple step by step procedure to explain how this works. Ron
  20. Hi, Would someone kiindly explain the procedure for exporting flightplans to an external folder e.g. PMDG. I've followed the user manual and searched the forum for advice, but still can't get my plans into my PMDG flightplan folder. When selecting the 'save as' menu option from the main FSC screen, the Save/Load window appears, and I have selected and checked the PMDG box. The FS Commander box is checked by default. In the 'Paths' section, all the paths are correct, but I see FS Commander is pathed to my Flight Simulator X > PMDG>Flightplan folder. Is this correct and should the folder name not be PMDG ? When saving the plan from this window, nothing appears in the PMDG> Flightplan folder, even though FS Commander is pathed to this. I would have thought at least something should appear since the path is correct. Am I missing something or just not understanding the procedure. Ron
  21. Have deleted FSC again and cleared all FSC files from the registry. Reloaded the program again, altered the fsc.ini file as advised, and all is well. I only hope this is the final solution. Ron
  22. FS1TR, Thanks for your response. I have altered the FSC9 folder containing the fsc.ini file as advised, deleting everything below fsx=-1 The runtime error box does not now appear when starting FSC, however I still get the error message relating to chosing a different fs version and running the database again. FS Commander is installed directly under C:\ as advised in the pdf file relating to Windows 7, but I'm no further forward. Ron
  23. Hi, I have recently installed and registered FSC Ver 9.2.1 in a new computer without any problems, but due to other factors, have had to remove this. When re-installing I now get runtime error 75 with the message "Databases for FS2004 missing or incomplete". Then another message, "Chose a different FS version and run the Database Manager first". I completely removed FSC using the facility in Windows Control Panel and did a fresh download and installation of FSC again, but still get the same error messages. Apart from the fact that I do not have FS 2004, I cannot understand why am I now getting this error after a prior successful FSC installation. Your help in clearing this error would be appreciated Ron 1. Running FSX only 2. FSUIPC Ver 4 for FSX installed 3. FSC version 9.2.1 4. Downloaded from FSC website 5. Running Windows 7
  24. Pete, I've just purchased and registered a copy of FSUIPC4 for FSX and had a little trouble with the installation, in that the "Add Ons" option in the menu bar didn't appear, and I had to run the installation program twice to get this to show and to insert the registration key. On re-starting FSX a couple of times after that, all was well, with the FSUIPC option available under Add Ons. When starting FSX up again today, the "Add Ons" option has disappeared again. The Modules directory is still in the FSX root folder, and I note your reference to the file DLL.XML in the user guide, however I haven't accessed this or done anything to change it's location. I have however downloaded, and am trying out a copy of FS Commander, which may have caused the problem. Could you kindly advise. Thanks.
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