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  1. Thanks, yes I meant to reply earlier, that was the problem. Solved!
  2. sometimes when running fsupic 7, I get the app window with assignments tab present (B) and sometimes I get the app with no assignments tab available (A). It seems to make no difference which program I open first: FSUIPC or MSFS 2020, one of the two versions of FSUIPC will present. Not sure if I am starting FSUIPC exactly the same way every time, maybe that is the problem. A: B:
  3. Thanks, Mike, that is working nicely.
  4. Does anyone know if there is there currently a way to disable controllers in FS2020? In FSX controls settings menu you could check or uncheck the box 'enable controllers'. I always unchecked that box so that FSUIPC alone would set up controller parameters. I'm not finding a way to make FS2020 disable controllers.
  5. PMFJI, Over on Avsim a large thread of people, all of whom cannot now buy (or could not buy in the past) anything at all from the ingame Marketplace inside FS2020. Just wanted to be sure there will be other places to purchase FSUIPC 7. Anywhere at all will almost certainly work just fine for my purchase except the Microsoft Store (which is broken for a substantial number of people, including myself). I have little doubt Carenado has lost many sales by not putting their early add-on C182 for sale on Steam, but I digress.
  6. 45=CR(-3,29)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- Yes, I 🤓 too have been guilty of this: 45=CR(-3,29)R3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)R3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)R3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)R3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- And this: 45=CR(-3,29)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 46=CR(+3,29)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR
  7. Well, I got it sorted. Reading 'Sticky' Church's hints on joysticks, he said that even if Windows can see all the controllers, and the controllers work in sims and programs, nevertheless Windows will change somethings about (I think Sticky called it) the controllers' ID's every time Windows reboots for about 5 reboots after connecting new joysticks. Apparently FSUIPC needs this to stabilized. Windows will stabilize it's handling/labeling of the controllers after the controllers are first connected, but Windows needs several reboot to do this (so said CH Products programmer Bob Sticky Church).
  8. All of these can see my CH Prothrottle: CH Control manager can see the ProThrottle, and it can be calibrated there. FSX can see the ProThrottle, it is on the list of controllers in the FSX menu, and FSX can assign to it's buttons and axis. Windows 7 sees the Prothrottle installed. But FSUIPC in FSX cannot see the ProThrottle. (FSUIPC can see all the other 5 controllers: 2 CH Quads 1 CH pedals 1 TM Warthog throttle 1 TM Warthog stick But FSUIPC cannot see the Prothrottle. (I move the handle and push buttons on Prothrottle and nothin
  9. Thanks, following the designer's advice: 1) I switched as many keypresses over to commands as possible (perhaps FSTRAMP requires keypresses). 2) Was easier once learning to "assign the controls first in FSUIPC's Buttons & Switches tab, THEN add the conditional changes afterwards." 3) Following his FAQ by Flyboy2002, I unchecked 'use controllers' in FSX settings|controls. More axis calibration adjustability (S curves from extremely mild 15 up to hot rod sticks), less possibility of phantom axis interference, and I do now own a CH Quad like he demonstrates. My Newbie ini
  10. And know the FS controlled gear up and gear down works too, i.e.: 93=CP(-0,3)1,22,C65758,0 ; EXTEND FLAPS -{FLAPS_INCR}- 94=CP(+0,3)1,22,C66080,0 ; GEAR DN -{GEAR_DOWN}- 95=CP(-0,3)1,21,C65759,0 ; RETRACT FLAPS -{FLAPS_DECR}- 96=CP(+0,3)1,21,C66079,0 ; GEAR UP -{GEAR_UP}- So, it's all good now.
  11. ok, good advice. My apologies because it is working now. I am a loss why it wasn't before (I was working couple hours on it), but yes as you say they are correct now (and working fine). [General] UpdatedByVersion=4974 History=BP1VH38JKGW6ST2JNNG1K AxesWrongRange=No TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40,3 AxisCalibration=No DirectAxesToCalibs=No ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No AxisIntercepts=No DontResetAxes=No ThreadAffinityMask=x0 LuaAffinityMask=x0 InitDelay=0 GetNearestAirports=Yes LogOptionProtect=Yes OOMcheck=Yes
  12. I resorted to using keypress commands instead of FS control commands because I understand how to write the former correctly and so they work, but I do not understand how to write the latter, so they don't work for me. When I try, then nothing at all happens in the sim when I engage a controller button. A) For example this works fine for me (J0,B3 being the 'shift' key used to change the commands) 93=CP(-0,3)1,22,K118,8 ; EXTEND FLAPS 94=CP(+0,3)1,22,K71,8 ; CYCLE GEAR 95=CP(-0,3)1,21,K117,8 ; RETRACT FLAPS 96=CP(+0,3)1,21,K71,8 ; CYCLE GEAR B) But this does not wo
  13. I am new to using FSUIPC. I have learned how to make conditional commands using Key Press commands, as described in the documentation (as opposed to using FS Control commands). And have successfully used several. The long flipper button on my TM Warthog Stick being used as a 'shift key' to throw two different states for the conditional commands: regular state or shifted state. It works very easy and very well. But is it possible to use conditional commands when writing FSX control commands into the FSUPIC.INI file (instead of writing Key Press statements)? For instance the Warthog Th
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