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  1. Double-click the "Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant"... where do I find that? J
  2. Yeah, all yoke axis and buttons are working fine. Actually the quadrant with the USB connector is the one I got with the purchase of the yoke and quad. The one with the round connector is the one I ordered a couple years later because the mount on the first one broke. Ends up I fixed the mount on the first one (USB) (thanks superglue) and am now using that one without any problem. I've even gone so far as to do a system restore but the PC and FSUIPC still can't see it. I'll wiggle and jiggle some more and let you know. Thanks again, Paul J
  3. Will try wiggling and hitting it with my shoe and let you know what happens. Thanks for the suggestions. My system: Win Vista Ultimate, 64bit. Jeff
  4. Plugging in only the round connector into the yoke doesn't work either. Not recognized by Game controller or FSUIPC. Yoke USB is plugged into a powered hub. Frustrating... especially when I know I had it connected (both of them) before. J
  5. Just followed your instructions, Paul, and still nothing. Again, 2nd quadrant doesn't show up even in the Windows Game Controller window. No reaction in FSUIPC with 2nd quadrant. Wondering if there is something wrong with my connection to the yoke on the 2nd quadrant. As I said, I am getting the green light on both quadrants so the connection should be good. Jeff
  6. Hi, Pete. Don't know if this is an FSUIIPC problem or a Saitek problem. Have connected my second quadrant to the first using the round connector (don't remember the name). The light on the second quadrant comes on and also on the first. It is not, however, showing as connected in either the Windows Game Controller setup, FSUIPC or in fsuipc4.ini. Here's what the .ini files looks like. [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 2=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 2.GUID={269DA5B0-18C3-11E0-8001-444553540000} 3=Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant 3.GUID={10B71790-2C2A-11E3-8001-444553540000} 1=Saitek Pro Flight Rudde
  7. Thanks guys. Let me do some re-arranging and let you know what happens. Jeff
  8. After thinking I had all my axis, buttons, etc. programmed through FSUIPC when I go to program buttons on the quadrant after I select the button the device suddenly switch from "4" to "3". This happens on all buttons 1-6. Deleted my FSUIPC4.ini file and let it reinstall with no "aircraft specific" loaded. I then began to re-program all the buttons and... same thing. No doubt I am screwing something up, Pete, but ask if you would take a look at my .ini file and see where I'm going wrong. Jeff Even Rocklin, CA, USAjeffevenini.txt Vista Ultimate w/sp 2, AMD Phenom II X4 970, 3.5 G
  9. Working fine now, Pete. As always, thanks for the help. Best, Jeff
  10. I have both the basic quadrant and the addon that plugs into the basic one. Actually the bracket on the basic quadrant broke and I bought the addon unit. I have been using the addon unit ALONE for several months and it worked fine. Just repaired the basic one and am trying to use them both.. All are apparently plugged in correctly as the green light is on on both units. The second unit (the original basic unit) does not show up at all in FSUIPC (paid version) and nothing registers when I move the axis levers. Confusing, I know. Puzzled... Would appreciate any help you can give.
  11. Thanks, Pete. The problem appears to be solved by, as you said, removing ALL FS axes and buttons. I thought that by un-checking "enable controllers" it would override them but apparently not. Also, you were right about not having calibrated the brakes. Actually all I had to do was check "rev" in the calibration section and all appears to be working. Parking brake no longer comes on when using toe brakes. Thanks again, Pete. In my opinion FSUIPC is 'THE' most important and functional program in the entire FS world. Best and Happy New Year. Jeff
  12. Here it is, Pete. Thanks for taking a look.. Jeff [General] UpdatedByVersion=4949 History=XD264GBIVJOMDDFY9B5QG InitDelayDevicesToo=No NewInterceptTextMenu=No UseSystemTime=No UseMidMouseBtn=Yes MouseWheelMove=No MouseWheelTrim=No MouseWheelTrimSpeed=1 JoystickTimeout=20 PollGFTQ6=Yes BlankDisplays=No FixControlAccel=No FixMachSpeedBug=No DeleteVehiclesForAES=Yes AutoScanDevices=Yes AssignJoystickIDs=Yes VisibilityOptions=No OneCloudLayer=No CloudTurbulence=Yes CloudIcing=Yes GenerateCirrus=Yes SuppressCloudTurbulence=No MaxIce=-4 MinIce=-4 UpperWindGusts=No SuppressWindTurbulence=No
  13. After around 20 years of simming I finally decided to use FSUIPC for my controls with my Saitek Quadrant, Yoke and Pedals. Have always had FSUIPC but never used it for controls. Seems I have just about everything set up but am having trouble with toe brakes, rudder and parking brake. Have tried all kinds of combinations but still, whenever I'm taxiing or even rolling for takeoff suddenly either the left or right toe brake will activate and/or the parking brake will set. To release the parking brake I have to manually set it and then unset it again. Toe brakes don't work at all. I'm
  14. If all else fails there's always the computer "lifeboat". System restore fixed everything. Thanks, Pete Jeff
  15. The message I get is the first one you showed... There seems to be duplicate copies of FSUIPC installed, or another running still in memory! Please remove older copies! Never simply rename modules, move them OUT of the Modules folder! If there are no duplicates please use Task Manager to check that the previous run has not left an FS process running As I said, I can't find any other copies, open or otherwise, on my system. Have done several cold restarts and still nothing. Will not allow me to continue opening FSX. Jeff
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