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  1. Pete, I feel so stupid. Actually I bought both versions at Simmarket but caught the first one that was for FSX. :oops: Sorry for bothering. Regards Lorenzo
  2. Just sent you a PM Pete, I am stuck here no matter what I do :sad: Regards Lorenzo
  3. Hi Pete, I'm sorry to be back to you but it doesn't work, look at the screenshot: I've just copied and pasted as usual. I think there is something strange going on here the message that appears when I hit the "OK" button is clear. Can you help me? Thanks Lorenzo Schiavetti
  4. Hi Pete, and thanks for your hint. I installed version 3.98 (the latest found at your site for FS9), that's probably the culprit. So basically I must install version 4.60 the one for FSX? Thanks Lorenzo Schiavetti
  5. Hi Pete, after ages I am back to the old FS9 and made a clean reinstallation of the whole bunch, but surprise my old code doesn't work anymore. It was bought through Simmarket. Please let me know if you need all details so that you can check (hopefully). Thanks Lorenzo Schiavetti
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the joy which is not calibrated correctly. In "hands-off" flying situation I got a bank to the right of 1 deg. every 3 seconds. It's not too much but unpleasant. I went to see the off-centre and I got this: In effects in neutral pos. I got -1092 against "0". Can you please tell me if there is any way to calibrate this via FSUIPC? I have tried to do it throught the software that comes with the Yoke but I failed. Thanks Lorenzo
  7. That was the issue, now everything is fine. Thanks a lot. Lorenzo
  8. Hi, finally I got the set up working, but I'm having problems with revers. Following point #4 above I have set max value - which works fine - but when I try to set idle -min position- I got a "dling" when saving. As per Scott's advice I have set idle at a level slightly above the stop but when I go back to the plane I find myself that revers are already working with my throttle at the stop (idle was placed slightly above the stop). Can you please tell me how to have idle exactly at lever stop, and revers triggered when pushing the button down (and not before that point)? Thank you Lorenzo PS:...forgot I'm working under FSX now.
  9. Thanks Scott for your long explanation, shall try ASAP what you suggest. Cheers Lorenzo
  10. Thanks Pete, oh..well I would do it in FS if I knew where to go. Under "Settings" I can't find any option to assign throttle to engine (at least that I know). Lorenzo
  11. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have just bought the package Saitek, yoke, throttle and pedals. I'd like to know how to set up FSUIPC (registered) to assign each throttle to a different engine and configure revers properly; I'm using DF727. I know where to look at but I don't know what to do. :oops: Thanks a lot Lorenzo
  12. Pete, do you have any particular suggestions on how to set up the SAITEK equipment (yoke+throttle quadrant+pedals) like you did for CH products? Or we can use the same hints? Thank you Lorenzo
  13. HI Pete, just curious to know since I have to make a clean installation of FSX, I'd like to know if the new version got good results with FSX SP1 too. I will not install SP2 because of some graphic problems. Thanks Lorenzo
  14. Pete, this happened to me too, I can't give you much details unfortunately, I can only tell you I was flying some circuits over Gatwick but indeed the shifts were unpredictable as Jordanal said, and HDG mode was unable to keep the track. I was using ASX. I could cry too... :cry: Lorenzo
  15. And here we go: just made a flight on LevelD from Venice to Barcelona. Things seemed to be pretty normal on the ground at Venice I had wind 3 knots which was perfectly reasonable considering how it looked out of my window. Then, soon after Take off, I got the PC doing a refresh with the bar loading, then nothing...I mean no wind at all. It took me nearly one hour to see Wind 356 @ 0 Kn. How is it possible? IMO there must be some kind of problem in the way Simconnect receives and provides wind data within the simulator as I don't really believe that today across Europe at FL360 there wasn't any wind at all! During the approach say at 3000 feet I got a normal wind back. In some moments during cruise I had some "unusual" and sudden wind changes like Bill told you...but always at 0 knots :roll: Anyway I have the latest release as I visit the sticky thread on daily basis now. Regards Lorenzo
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