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  1. I agree with jamesyboy. I also see more planes on EPWA with this patch.
  2. It would be great if we can get traffic to the new Berlin Brandenburg airport (EDDB). I know its not open yet, but many people use the new Mega Airport. This would also mean no more traffic on Tegel.
  3. Not that I can remember, I know my way around the FSX.cfg, so I ussualy do all the tweaking by hand. You're 100% right about these programs.. a real waste of money. FSX is a beautiful program if you set it up the right way :mrgreen:
  4. Hi Burkhard, Just out of curiosity.. can you check what your FSX.cfg sound_lod says 0 or 1 ? Thanks, Dennis
  5. I found the problem (with help of the flight one AE forum). In the FSX.cfg Sound_Lod=1 must be set to 0 Now its all well.. great combination between MTX and AE !
  6. Thanks for the special discount for older MTX users. I have purchased the 5.4 version yesterday (coming from 5.2) Everything is installed (and completely removed MTX 5.2), and MTX planes are visable in FSX. The problem is that all planes only make taxi sounds. When I park my plane near the runway there is no engine spool up sound from the MTX AI planes taking off. I also bought Flight one's Audio Enviroment Airliners edition, hoping that this works better. I started with FSX and MTX 5.4 clean install, did a test, and then installed the AE sounds. The problem remains.. no startup or spool up sounds.. only taxing. Is this normal MTX behaviour ? or should I hear the spool up sound during AI takeoff ? I am not 100% sure, but as far as I remember MTX 5.2 did have spool up sounds. Thanks, Dennis
  7. Hi, Is Brussels Airline's callsign available in MT5.2 (with updated soundfile) ? Although all the aircraft.cfg files say it's ESTAIL. There no ATC callsign in game. I use FSX with SP2 and level D Brussels Airlines repaint. Thanks, Dennis
  8. oops.. :lol: It worked without problems with 5.1b. It's gone after installing 5.2. I check the FSX files tonight. Thanks, Dennis
  9. Hi, First of all.. thanks for the great MT5.2.. I love it :D I downloaded the new soundpatch, and now AA callsigns are no longer used in the game. I tried this with the level-d 767 and every callsign works except American Airlines. I also have the problem with default 737 and the CS 757. The callsign American Airlines can be chosen from the main menu (after choosing plane detail). There just no sound, and the plane is called 663 instead of American Airlines 663 by ATC. Do more people have this problem ? B.R. Dennis
  10. What exactly does the MyTrafficglobal.bgl do ? Just to let you know, the aardvark models are new to me. The stutters after 30 minutes also occured with an unedited mytraffic. I used the DX10 planes (with moving parts) and roster.
  11. Hi Baksteen, I have set the GA slider to 0. But for some reason I still get GA traffic. Removing them from the game seems to work for me. This is my system : AMD 6000+, XFX 8800GTS 320mb, 4gb DDR2 PC6400 on XP pro. I play FSX deluxe with my traffic (with replaced AI planes by aardvark). I have GEX USA and level D 767. For now.. removing the GA aircraft from FSX and my traffic did the job. It looks and works great. I just wanted to know If I screwed something up ? Hoop dat het nu iets duidelijker is.. Dennis
  12. Hi, I have a problem with my traffic. But this problem is related to my PC. When I start a flight with traffic on 50% everythings oke. But after a 20 minutes, ussualy during landing I get stutters and low FPS. I think one of the main problems are the GA traffic flights. FSX has to calculate every flight (commercial, Mil and GAtraffic). With cost performance my FSX needs for other stuff. Now I removed all GA aircraft from both FSX and my traffic. It looks like the problem is solved now. No more stutters. When I check ai aircraft view there are no more GA airplanes. Is this oke, did I break something I have not seen yet ? For now it shure looks like it works..
  13. Hope you guys can help me out.. I fly frequently across Alaska, I like to visit Fairbanks (PAFA). I have bought and installed MTX5.1b from simmarket. Installed it and it works great. Only on PAFA there are just a few planes (between 2 and 5, always only 1 commercial airliner from Alaska Airlines) My question is.. what is the easiest way to add a few more planes to this airfield ? * is there an easy tutorial somewhere ? * Can you please guide me through the process What I've done so far.. * opened MytrafficX * added PAFA as hub for Alaska airlines * edit scheduled flight of a 737-900 * after done this I pressed the save button Did I missed something ? Thanks :mrgreen: p.s. I have added some AI thirdpartie (freeware) planes to my traffic. They are parked to close to the gate. How can I place them back a bit ?
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