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  1. Thanks Pete, so I just need uncheck the profile select before assigning them, I wll do it, will be back if I need more help again thanks.
  2. Hello Pete I assigned some buttons of my joystick for macro, let say Button 1,2,3,4 for 747 , I would like to know how to make it possible to use the same Button 1,2,3,4 for anohter aircraft like 777,737 and the airbus A320, because what I see with these buttons 1,2,3,4 when I assigned them for 747, I could not use them for another aircraft to assign for macro, or will it be possible to specify theme in the profile specific? thanks.
  3. I hope this nothing to do with FSUIPC5 MOUSE MACRO FACILITY WARNING I have created some mouse macros via create mouse macro which normally from the click spot , they work fantastic. and now I try to make also a mouse macro from the menu above of P3DV4 from world and then time preview, but it seems does not work, or to create mouse macro only work for click spot? thanks
  4. I set the dead-zone for the brake via my MFG croswind software, and it works fine now, thanks for the support and help.
  5. I did not set dead-zone for the brakes, only for the rudder via the software of my rudder not via FSUIPC , as pete said in the brake section of the aircraft.cfg mijn is toe_brakes_scale=1.0, should I set the dead-zone for my brake in FSUIPC? How do I do that, and which tab, can I do that, as I have never done it before. thanks.
  6. Hello Thomas I checked the aircraft.cfg of PMDG 747 but I do not see any text differential_braking_scale = 1.0, can you tell me where I can find it? thanks
  7. HI Pete I checked it to try if it makes any diffrence but now they are unchecked like the attechement, and I checked in the sim about the brake, it seem that also assigned in the sim and I uncheck it now, and the issue is gone, thanks for your help.
  8. Hello Pete, I did as you mention, I RESET thre right brake before and set REV then re-calibrate,and the issue still there, I am not sure If I did right see attechement, I did both one is checked the filter and the other one is uncheck,
  9. Yes the message disappear. I will check the REV and will let you know. Thanks.
  10. Hello Pete I have a small issue with diffrential brakes I assign axis assginment send to FS as normal axis axis Left Brake set axis Right Brake set steering set (Rudder) for FSlabs 320, this also happend witth any aircraft, my rudder is MFG croswind the issue I have with diffrential brakes is when I step to my left rudder the function of the rudder is okay, but soon I step to my right rudder the rudder fuction works okay but with effect of the right brakes and when this happend I got the red text diffrential brakes (this not happend when I step to my left rudder). the calibration of my my rudder (MFG croswind) is checked. is there any way to fix this issue, thanks NB: FSUIPC version 5.124 FSUIPC5 Install.log
  11. Thanks for your help Pete, I will next time.
  12. Hello Pete I need a little help, I add text in FSUIPC.ini [Programs] RunIf1=READY,CLOSE,H:\1FSGUX\AS_P3Dv4\AS_P3Dv4\AS_P3Dv4.exe with this it works soon P3DV4 start after that the AS_P3Dv4 start as I want it, and I add another text as shown below RunIf1=READY,CLOSE,c:\P3D 4\FS-FlightControl\FS-FlightControl.exe but the program does not start, my question is how can I or it is possible to add another program to run after the first program start, and which option do I need to use when P3Dv4 closed also the program I start in this ini file also close , thanks
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