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  1. I made a new FSUIPC.ini And everything its ok Yes i have I will do that Thank you duacar
  2. Alo Yes yes The first "Mixture" yes Yes Question: Program to clean registry mess with FSUIPC? I will remove all assignments by removing fsuipc.ini to see if i can calibrate mixture Thanks Duacar
  3. Alo I have assign the mixture control with "Direct to FSUIPC calibration" but when i go to 'Joystick Calibration'" i can't calibrate the mixture control, i move the control and nothing happening. FS9 FSUIPC 3.82 Yoke CH XP Its only happing with the Mixture control I have disable the CH (joystick) in FS9 Thanks for any help Duacar
  4. Hi, again Sorry if i don't put all the information- I have FSUIPC 4.266 (I have crashs in FSX - Axis assign in FSUIPC(previous version), Direct to FSUIPC calibration - FSX disabled JoyStick. I Still have crashs after upgrade to 4.266 - Don't make any calibration or modification in the controls Like i told before remove all the assignments for brakes in FSUIPC (4.266) Enabled JoyStick FSX- No crashs) After re-calibrate the Brakes - Axis assign in FSUIPC, Direct to FSUIPC (4.266) calibration I make one flight, about 2 hours: FSX Enabled JoyStick (I delete all axes in FSX controls) - In final have a crash So i make two flights, about 30 minutes each one: FSX disabled JoyStick - No crashes One question: Its wise after a upgrade of FSUIPC - calibrate all axes? Tonight i will upgrade FSPUIC to 4.269 I will make some flights, and i informed if i have a crash Thank you (Sorry for all the work, and sorry for my bad inglish)
  5. When upgraded to version 4.26 did not make a new brake calibration After I read this topic, i remove the brakes of the domain of FSUIPC and i don't have more problems with crashs FSX I didn't do more tests When i reach home I will calibrate the brakes again in the FSUIPC 4.26. Tomorow i write the results Thanks Duarte Carvalho
  6. Hi I just remove and delete any reference to the Brakes in FSPUIC I have the latest version of FSUIPC Thank You Duarte Carvalho
  7. Hi I also had the same problem (crashs FSX) and when I remove the calibration of the brakes ( in FSUIPC) i never had a crash again (FSX SP2 - VISTA ULTIMATE 64 - CH Pedals) Duarte Carvalho
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