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  1. I just wanted to know: MyTraffic X only displays 744s, 772s and 762s in LY livery: is it possible to create 738s in 752s in LY livery?
  2. no, it is not a problem; I would like to see Syrian, or Gulf Airlines in TLV
  3. I am not capable of making such changes, I am not good at info...
  4. MyTrafic X is not so accurate: when I see 8 LY 744s at TLV wearing all the same reg lol; or, when I see Syrianair a/c or Gulfair at TLV...
  5. I have bought it in a store, it is called: "MyTraffic X, add-on pour microsoft flight simulator X et 2004" by aerosoft, 2006
  6. Thanks guys for your replies! But I still can't get Mytraffic board, I don't understand why?!
  7. Hi I have just bought MyTraffic X, and I have a few questions: - First, I would like to know if it is possible to add flights: for instance, I would like to add an AF flight: flight AF 090 CDG (10:55)- MIA (14:15) operated by a 744. Is it possible to do so? - Also, how can I do to get this timetable: - Finally, I would like to know where I could find the airport codes that are used on mytraffic X (for instance, LLET for Eilat, Israel). Thanks Regards Sacha
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