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  1. Hi Pete Thank you for your sympathy in my situation, which is a little different than you kindly accept. Short: I've been in the simulator business for several years. But mainly hardware and software for motion platforms. However, I also support the customers (at the moment 28) in other matters as you can see. One of them is a Baron 58 who had installed the two PFC G1000 up to now. One of them broke the display. I then removed both and replaced them with two Flyght1 G1000s (temporary replacements). I had the intention to exchange the devices back. In the meantime, however, the B58 was sold to Berlin and there the HD - for whatever reason - collapsed. As I said, I was able to reconstruct the HD. The PM SW for PFD and MFD is still available and the PFC device is defined in the configuration. Unfortunately, the installation was 8 (not that long!) Years ago. That's why I contacted Enrico Schiratti. I put my request in your forum with the sure intention (maybe a bit cheeky?) That you will get in touch and not in the hope that someone else knows the problem. I remain in silent hope. Hans Peter
  2. Hi Pete PFC only supports X-Plane. Unfortunately they don't sell me a driver even though the devices are from PFC. PFC says they only sell entire systems. The PC on which the devices were running until a year ago has unfortunately crashed. I still had a system copy (Acronis) of it. Unfortunately, I could not fully reconstruct the system. But I was able to determine that Schiratti's software was probably used. I have already contacted him and am curious what will come of it. In the worst case, I see myself forced to hardware worth of 6000 € to dispose of. Hans Peter
  3. Hi, How can I configure a PFC G1000 (HID) via FSUIPC4? Problem: FSUIPC has no contact with the G1000. (PFChid installed) In the appendix the result of the HID scanner. Regards H.P. Roth HidScanner.log
  4. sorry HidScanner.log
  5. First the problem was with FSX based airplanes. Then I was also using one based on the PMDG 737NG for FS9 (your hint) -- without this ILS problem for four months. But since yesterday the problem is again there without any change at the system. Strangely! Sorry..What is FSX 738 called? Regards CockBIT
  6. Hi Pete Thanks for your employment. PM knows the following : Hi Yes there are differences, but I am not sure that this resolves the problem. The PMDG FS9 model used in FSX will still get this problem – seen it many times. If there is any instability in the VS at the GS capture you can get a miss capture and the a/c will clmb. It is far less likely to happen if the VS is rock solid. This is why people ‘think’ they have solved the problem only to be caught out at some other time. This is a well known and well running issue that I thought the only solution was the fix via the ini file – if that does not work, I am uncertain what factor in the airfile really causes this – I have never found a specific factor, but for sure many FS9 models and FSX models alike will still get the problem I’m afraid. It is more a problem of PM and us not ever being able to find a fix for it due to the random nature of the error. But certainly MS changed the behaviour between FS9 and FSX. Regards Jonathan Richardson That was it peoples. Regards CockBIT
  7. Hi Pete Thank you for the rapid answer. Bud ... I always fly the same touch and go (LFSB Basel Mulhausen) with always the same parameters. Localizer established. Speed 175 knots ... waiting for the movement of the Glideslopebug.. Glideslope alive and highlited. I press APP...the intersection is reached ... now it happens... the flightdirector rises… the airplane also.. and follows subsequently the glideslope with a positive offset of approx. 800 feets while the GSbug stays completely down at the instrument. It is to despairs. Nevertheless the last 4 months ran without problems. Which parameter could have changed? Importantly: The error happens only with the HW-MCP! Which variables must I read (via FSUIPC Logging) to receive closer information to the happening? In the appendix a video (FS-Video) of the incident. Regards CockBIT
  8. Hi I had this effect constantly in FSX. I realized the hint of Pete to use the FS9 PMDG B737-700 (in June). I flew nearly each day since then without any problem....and now...as of spirit hand ..no more chance to follow the glideslope !!? Strangely. Absolutely no changes at the FSX or the PC or the MCP were made. Only.. I flew yesterday a baron 58. Could that change unnoticed a parameter somewhere ? Still is no official solution well-known? Regards
  9. Hallo It is unbelievable. But my problem is not really in the FSUICP. On the PC with german XP running, i have no problem to load any program from any folder via FSUIPC.INI. But on the PC with english XP running, i have no chance to load any program from any folder. In each case the Windows error ERROR=2 appears. !!?? Somewhere another path than in the INI-file defined, must insert itself. ?? Thank you for your assistance. Greetings Hanspeter
  10. Hallo Situation 1 : FS-PC A with german XP-Pro running. the program, which is to be loaded is in then folder C:\Programme\COCKBIT and is called COCKBIT1.EXE. Commandline in FSUIPC.INI : Run1=READY,KILL,"C:\Programme\COCKBIT\COCKBIT1.EXE" In this case everything functions correctly. Situation 2 : FS-PC B with english XP-Pro running. the program, which is to be loaded is in then folder C:\Program Files\COCKBIT and is also called COCKBIT1.EXE. Commandline in FSUIPC.INI : Run1=READY,KILL,"C:\Program Files\COCKBIT\COCKBIT1.EXE" In this case i get the message : FSUIPC could not run ,"C:\Program Files\COCKBIT\COCKBIT1.EXE" [ERROR=2] Situation 3 : FS-PC B with english XP-Pro running. I create a folder named "Programme" on C: Drive the program, which is to be loaded is in then folder C:\Programme\COCKBIT and is also called COCKBIT1.EXE. Commandline in FSUIPC.INI : Run1=READY,KILL,"C:\Programme\COCKBIT\COCKBIT1.EXE" In this case i get also the message : FSUIPC could not run ,"C:\Programme\COCKBIT\COCKBIT1.EXE" [ERROR=2] Where could be the problem ? cockbit
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