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  1. you get some rest and let others to help you in your projects mytraffic
  2. hope you are ok so take it easy and always your health goes first for you and your family
  3. hi why you keep ussing in my traffic the lan airlines boeing 737-200 when lan phase out all airplanes and now they are using airbus a319 and a318 a lot of south american airlines are missing
  4. my traffic x 5.2b from simmarket
  5. hi just wanna know how to fix the black airplanes in every airport i visited at least and embraer or 737 or a b747 are in black thank you for your help im using widows 7 premium with 8 gig of memory a 64 bits i 5 3.20 ghz nvidia geforce 315 512 megs
  6. i have my traffic mtx51a im using my traffic comunicator but nothing happend whe i i used the control new version it stays like that forever and nothing happen nothing download :oops:
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