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  1. Thanks Andy! I'll start working on the axes then! Marconi
  2. Hi, So here I am again, one year later and still not using FSUIPC for the assignments. :-) I guess my main interest was in the key commands, not in the axes, so I abandoned the idea for some time. But now I have LINDA and, oh boy, she's really beautiful! With LINDA I got all my key commands mapped for each aircraft, including my MCP Combo and Switch Panel. Now I'm ready for the axes! Just before I start, just wanted to get a thumbs up from you about my JoyNames section. I enabled the AutoAssignLetters option as per the instructions above, but I notice each controller is shown twice, with letters and numbers assignments. Is this correct or is it old garbage? Should I delete something? [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes A=Saitek Aviator Stick A.GUID={01A1B850-1D49-11E2-8001-444553540000} B=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke B.GUID={101FDA10-1070-11E1-8002-444553540000} C=Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals C.GUID={101FDA10-1070-11E1-8001-444553540000} 0=Saitek Aviator Stick 0.GUID={01A1B850-1D49-11E2-8001-444553540000} 2=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 2.GUID={101FDA10-1070-11E1-8002-444553540000} 1=Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals 1.GUID={101FDA10-1070-11E1-8001-444553540000} Thanks, Marconi
  3. Hi Volker, The registration file did the magic... FSC registered and working fine! Many thanks for your support! Regards, Marconi
  4. Hi Volker, I apologize for not having posted the specs of my system, as requested in your first post. I skiped that because further down in that doc you made clear you don't support registration issues, so I turned to SimMarket. Here is the info requested: 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.90 / no WideFS 3. FSC v9.4 - Build 2013-11-22 / Database Manager v9.4 Net - Build 2013-11-15 4. Downloaded version from FSC website (registration acquired from SimMarket) 5. OS Windows 7/64 bits I'm sure I'm not doing any mistakes when entering the registration key. Have done it several times now, copy&pasting and even manually. I have also checked all the points listed in the file you referred to: . Item I is my case, with the "incorrect data" message. I'm sure the name is correct and, as said, it used to work before with v9.0. . Item II is not my case, the registration is never successful. My FSC is installed in a folder in the root of C: drive where I concentrate all my FSX related add-ons. Neither the FSC folder nor any sub-folder or file under it is marked as read-only. The register.fsc file exists in the FSC main folder. I'll now follow your last instruction in the doc and send you a mail with my registration information, as requested. Many thanks for your support! Marconi
  5. Dear Volker, I've already contacted SimMarket's support. They guarantee the key is valid and, indeed, it has been working for the last 2 years with a v9.0. Now that I uninstalled it and installed the new v9.4, the registration window keeps saying that the data is invalid. They have directed me to your support forum, while you direct me back to them. Now I'm stuck in the middle of this blame game with an FSC that I can't register. Would you be so kind to help me to find a solution, between the two of you? I can provide a screenshot of the registration window if you need it and allow me to send it on a private message. I appreciate your help. Marconi
  6. Hi, I downloaded the full v9.4, since I was still in v9.0 and couldn't find an upgrade from one to the ohter. I uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one. When trying to register it, and I know where to do it, I got a message that the registration failed and the data was incorrect. It's the same registration data that I was using for v9.0, so I believe it should work for v9.4, right? Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks, Marconi
  7. It makes sense, Andy. Thanks a lot! I guess it's now time for me to try it for myself. I'll probably come back with some more questions after that... ;-) Regards, Marconi
  8. Hi Pete, Thanks a lot for your comprehensive reply. Sounds like a good idea to start with a basic set of assignments to be used to create the specific Profiles later. I'll give it a try, but I have a few more questions below... Ok, that works fine for the controllers, but how about the keyboard assignments? Let's say I need the key "K" to do something in one aircraft and something else in another. I assume I'd then need to de-assign it in FSX and use the Profiles in FSUIPC to assign it to different functions, right? That was the question... should I simply delete all keyboard assignments in FSX and redo only the really necessary ones in FSUIPC? Won't there be conflicts between FSUIPC and FSX if I don't do so? Or FSUIPC intercept the key strokes first? Another thing, is it possible to use multiple keyboards (in FSX or FSUIPC). Are the keyboards treated as controllers? I hope this one really works because I don't have an "exclusive" FSX PC, which forces me to plug and unplug all devices every time I fly in the "home" PC. My wife would kill me if I didn't do so! :smile: Is this still ok? Thanks again, Marconi
  9. Hi all, I have a joystick, a yoke, pedals, two different throttles and a couple more hardware that use keymapping to emulate MCP, EFIS, radios and even the FMC. I use these to fly 3 or 4 different aircraft, from a Baron58 to a 737-800. Of course, I'm getting tired of having to change the FSX assignments every time I want to fly a different combination of aircraft and hardware. So, maybe it's time to take the final step and convert everything to FSUIPC... I've always had a payed copy of FSUIPC, but never really used it for much more than a few tweaks and to enable the add-ons. Regarding assignments, I just use a few keymaps that were missing to fully use my MCP with one of my jets. To be honest, I'm scared to delete all key assingments and axis from FSX and start configuring everything in FSUIPC! The different options and technique is well described in the manuals, but my question is how to really plan the system as a whole. Do you really start by deleting everything from FSX? Is this really the right scenario for FSUIPC to take control over all my 4 different aircraft and they're specific usage of each hardware? Is there a way to backup FSX assignments, just in case I regret down the way? As I said, I just need a final push and would appreciate to read your experiences and tips about it. Thanks, Marconi
  10. Hello guys, Wow, support on Sunday and in less than 10 minutes is really a luxury! Thank you all! :-) Burkhard, I assume from your reply that the jetways' animations are already disabled with the simplified models, right? I remember it made a significant difference in my previous PC. :-( Idahosur, you're right, one should not only focus on FPS. However, I use it as a reference and also believe it's a valid measure for smoothness. Below 20 FPS I start to lose the feeling of smoothness as I can see the scenery make small jumps while I maneuvre the aircraft. AFAIK, movies are around 24FPS and TV around 30FPS because these are close to the minimums to safely lure the human eye/brain. That's why I have them as my targets. Of course, this would not be enough if I had stutters, which I don't, probably due to the SSD and the rest. Andydigital, you get my praise today! I had no idea that a small reduction in airport vehicles from Low to None would still make such a difference in the sim. Your numbers are right: 30%! It jumped from 37 to 50FPS! It's a compromise, like everything else, but one that I'm more likely to take considering what I lose and what I get. Again, thank you all for your help! Marconi
  11. Hi guys, After installing FSX in the new PC I continued with the installation of my add-ons. After each one of them, I booted the sim with the default Cessna on one of the runways at the default Heathrow (EGLL), always keeping the same settings, to compare the FPS hit of each add-on, in case I'd need to optimize/remove something to keep my target of 30 FPS (or 24FPS on worst case). This new rig is quite powerfull and the FPS suffered no significant hit after the installation of all the Scenery/Environment related add-ons that you can see in my signature (from 66FPS to 60FPS). However, after installing MYTrafficX 5.3b, I got a bit shocked that they dropped from 60FPS to 32FPS! By checking the config option "Use simplified aircraft models and textures" it increased to 37FPS. Of course, 37FPS seems still good enough for the test flight, but I can't keep my target with an add-on airliner on final at EGLL, which takes it down to 20FPS (with good weather). And I was hoping I'd finally be able to install the Heathrow Mega Airport add-on... but forget it! I must say it was a disappointing result after the money invested in the new PC. Thanks to my installation tests, I know MyTrafficX is by far the heaviest hit on the sim's performance and the one I have to tackle first. Well, I love MyTrafficX and removing it is not an option. It keeps the world alive and is probably in the top of my "must have" add-ons list. So here are my questions to Buckhard or some of you other experts: 1. Is this huge performance hit really what I should expect or does it look more like something is wrong here? 2. Does the "Use simplified aircraft models and textures" option remove the jetways' animations like in previous versions? 3. Is there something more I can do to try to reduce the performance hit, before reducing the traffic density? Here are some of my test settings that might be important to analyse it: . Scenery complexity: Very Dense . Autogen density: Dense . Airline traffic density: 30% . GA traffic density: 30% . Airport vehicle density: Low . Road vehicles: 0% . Preview DirectX 10: Disabled (I then selected "2010 schedules for DirectX 9" in Mytraffic Communicator, is that correct for this configuration?) Thanks for any help! Marconi
  12. Thanks for the tips guys! I've already installed FSX, but luckly in a separate folder. I do the same for all FS stuff such as add-ons too, mostly to make backing it up easier... but it works for the rights thing too. Good to refresh about the scenery addtion issue. I had already read it in the past, but I always forget what one should do. I guess I'll learn when I start doing it. Thanks again! Marconi
  13. Hi guys, I've been away from flightsim for almost a couple years, but I'm back now with my new i7 rig. I bought the upgrade to MyTrafficX 5.3 but would like to know if there's any known issue or tricks in Win7/64 before I start installation. Thanks for any help! Marconi
  14. This is only true for the newer airports that I updated and were included in 5.2a/b. I checked EGLL and all scenery (except jetways) are set at normal. This should help those who fly at normal density level enjoy the scenery at the airports, minus the fps intensive jetways. Yes, I noticed that and I agree, it's a nice feature! Thanks, Marconi
  15. Never mind... bought and installed! So Burkhard, it seems that this post has really "paid-off"! Don't forget to send 10% to Kagazi... :wink: Regards, Marconi
  16. You mean the MTX modified EGLL, right? I'm almost sure they don't show up all at Normal in the default airports. You might have given me the one reason I needed to buy STB! Just a question... does it upgrade MyTrafficBoard or is it another install/add-on? Thanks, Marconi
  17. Checked! I always follow NickN's guide to install and optimize FSX, which include all you mentioned above. I have my FSX installed in a Velociraptor hard drive, other than the OS hard drive. It's faster and dedicated to FSX. Vista is also a clean install. I think I actually have a fairly good performance in FSX, but all those add-ons have a weight in the system, specially in a final to Heathrow with bad weather (and the weather slider at 90NM). Other than that, I should not complain... Regards, Marconi
  18. Hi Burkhard, I have a fairly decent system (I hope... you can judge yourself checking my signature). But with all add-ons for AI traffic, environment, landclass, ground textures, meshes (MTX, REX, UTX, GEX, FSGlobal) and specially a complex payware aircraft, things can get a bit slow during a final approach with anything other than clear skies at a major airport such as Heathrow. It can go below 15 FPS to me so I'm trying to keep it at Dense with Autogen at Normal. I own Heathrow Mega Airport add-on too, but never managed to use it due to performance. This is not to blame MTX, which actually seems to improve my performance by disabling the jetways animations. But since it's the only one already doing something to the jetways, here's where I'm discussing it. I hate to see the few scattered jetways I get at Dense level and I'd rather go for full or nothing. I wanted to go for full, but after what I learned here, "nothing" seems to be the best approach. Anyways, just some thoughts... Regards, Marconi P.S.: reading some other posts here, I realize that my problem might be Vista! :D
  19. Very good to know that, gents! Thanks for your feedback. I never imagined that it was this way. In that case, Burkhard, I might flip completely my wish to the following: we could have an option that actually removed completely the jetways from those big airports so that we can run the Scenery Complexity slider all the way to the right, without any huge impact in performance. How about that? It's a pity, but if I can't have the jetways without such an impact in performance (already strongly affected by complex payware aircraft), I'd like at least to have all the buildings then. :wink: Anyways, I learned what I wanted to learn with this post. Thanks! Regards, Marconi
  20. Good feedback... Thanks Andy! I've also noticed that the Scenery Complexity slider was not having too much of an impact on the frame rates except around big airports. However, I couldn't believe it... :o I'll check your hint about manually removing the jetways from the AFCADs. It might have a better visual result to remove all jetways from specific sections of the airport, than let FSX remove them ramdomly, which causes a scattered unpleasant result. Regards, Marconi
  21. Ok, I'll try it tonight. Actually, I'm just checking if the function does what I think it does. My understanding is that you have "pushed" the jetways to show in greater numbers only on very high settings of scenery detail with the Higher Performance Airports option. This means that the user can set scenery detail relatively high, e.g. dense or very dense, without the impact in performance due to too many jetways. Is that right? If it is, I have another question and a wish. The question is how much that improves performance if I'm already using the aircraft with less animations option, which is supposed to remove the animation of the jetways. The simple drawing of the jetways has also big impact in the performance or it should not matter much once the animations are removed? The wish is actually the opposite of what the option does. I would like to have an option to make the jetways appear in its full numbers in lower settings of scenery density. Being a jetliner flyer, I'm more interested in the airport than in its surroundings. That's why I love MyTrafficX in the first place. It would be nice to have a good number of jetways showed without the need to set scenery complexity too high, which probably impacts a lot on the performance, due to the increase of buildings in the surroundings, unnecessary in my way of flying. Does it make sense, at least? Is it possible? Regards, Marconi
  22. Hi Burkhard, Yes, I have Terminal 5. The airport looks much better than the original FSX EGLL! I have no other add-on for the aiport installed, just for you to know. In different scenery density levels I get less and less jetways depicted, until they seem to disappear completely at Normal level. However, I get the same number of jetways and exactly at the same places for each level, independent of which config I use in Communicator: Normal or Higher Performance Airports. Should I try another airport? Which then? Regards, Marconi
  23. That's the aircraft with more or less animations option, if I understood it right from the manual. But then again, I'm not sure... Regards, Marconi
  24. Hi Burkhard, Once again, thanks for this great add-on! I have a question about configuring the airports to show jetways with higher or lower scenery density. According to the manual, this will change the scenery density level required to show the jetways in 52 major airports, right? I assumed that Heathrow was one of them and made some tests there, taking and comparing pictures from above in several density levels, but I found absolutely no differences between the two Communicator settings in any level. I have just installed v5.2 and upgraded it to v5.2b. Communicator seems to run correctly the Normal_Airports.exe and Faster_Airports.exe files. Am I doing something wrong? Isn't Heathrow one of the modified airports? What should I expect? Thanks, Marconi
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