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  1. Thanks for the examples - and I understand fully what saying, and I do understand how FSX works in this area (at least at a basic level). I still pretty adament that my screenshot is of the fully rendered texture provided with the product with scenery detail set 1m. In any event, you've kind of proven my point with your first screenshot anyway - thats looks far worse than the default textures provided with FSX imo. I guess you win some and loose some when it comes to flight sim add-ons. Thankfully I backed up the 4gigs of default textures so I can overwrite this virus =D
  2. I'm not being 'hostile' , I'm just looking for some product support. I wish it was just my system not rendering the textures, but it's not (E6850 @ 3GHz, 3GHz RAM, GeForce 8800 GT etc.) What you're seeing are not the 'blurries' - that is the fully rendered texture, and it only seems to be the green forest/bush textures that are like this. Again, I'm appealing for some support with this product before I take further action.
  3. I'd like to know if there area alternate bush/forest textures I can install to at least fix the first problem. Ruud can you email me some alternate bush/forest textures. PLEASE! My FSX Installation has been totally shagged by this product, and you charged me money for it! Thanks for your help, SignalRunner
  4. Hello, I just purchaced FScene for Australia/New Zealand. See screenshot one below: Basically the whole of NZ forest and bush areas looks like this. Screenshot two: Much of the 'desert' texture problem has not been solved either. The second screenshot is of the canterbury plains in winter. This should be entirely green agricultural pastures. FScene are in clear violation of the fair trading act in saying that their product provides a texture 'enhancments' to FSX by supplying much lower resolution textures with less variety than the default scenery. I would like to know: 1)Whether anyo
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