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  1. 1 hour ago, imperial321 said:

    In FSUIPC 7 on my Virtual Fly Ruddo pedals every movement is showing up as joystick G Axis X, whether left brake, right brake or rudder

    The X axis is evidently very sensitive and you are unable to press a toe brake without that rudder axis being seen first. This is exactly why that ignore button is provided. Press that THEN operate a toe brake.

    When you calibrate the rudder axis be sure to set enough dead zone to avoid the rudder moving when you press a toe brake -- i.e. set the "centre" with the rudder pressed a bit each way, to create a dead zone.

    1 hour ago, imperial321 said:

    In MSFS sensitivity settings itself, moving the left or right brake also moves the rudder..

    Yes, same thing as above.



  2. 9 hours ago, vanislepilot said:

    Worst case, because it will require learning to code all over again on my end!

    Sorry. why? You are currently using ipc.write functions to write the axis value to offsets. What is so hard changing those functions to use ipc.control instead, to send the axis values to the relevant axis controls?

    Where is there new coding to learn? You are using a control number instead of an offset. The only difference is that the Axis control values run from -16384 (idle) to +16383 (full thrust) instead of 0 to 16383, so you need to change the value (n) being written to 2*n - 16384



  3. 56 minutes ago, vanislepilot said:

    Worst case scenario, I would imagine there is a way of calling the FS controls within a LUA script, saying using ipc.control?

    The sort of complex add-on aircraft you have those problems with tend to do their own thing with some controls, especially throttles. I recommend you use the Axis Throttle1 Set and Axis Throttle2 Set controls via ipc.control, as these are what the aircraft coding is expecting to see. I don't understand why you consider that "worst case".



  4. 5 hours ago, FrankP said:

    Correct, I use the Lua Com library over a serial link. I just hooked up an Arduino which only counts up over a serial connection and there was no impact on the head tracking. The moment I started the Lua script, the head tracking froze again. Is there any theory on why the serial connections behave that differently?

    Sorry, I really have no idea. The COM library just uses standard Windows API functions, and only handles the defined serial port. Can you get any help form OpenTrack? after all it is their software which is freezing.



  5. 3 hours ago, Steven Nguyen said:

    Faulting module name: FSUIPC4.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x6001e32f
    Exception code: 0xc00000fd

    Best I can make out is that exception FD is to do with a hardware driver.

    The log you appended actually shows a good session with FSUIPC closing normally after 365 seconds (6 minutes):

       365797 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ...
       388578 === DLLStop called ...
       388578 === Closing external processes we started ...
       389578 === About to kill any Lua plug-ins still running ...
       389719 === Closing global Lua thread
       390719 === About to kill my timers ...
       390922 === Restoring window procs ...
       390922 === Unloading libraries ...
       390922 === stopping other threads ...
       390922 === ... Memory checking ...
       390922 === ... Button scanning ...
       391031 === ... Axis scanning ...
       391125 === Releasing joystick devices ...
       391125 === Freeing macro memory
       391125 === Removing any offset overrides
       391125 === Clearing any displays left
       391125 === NOTE: not calling SimConnect_Close ...
       391125 === AI slots deleted!
       391125 === Freeing button memory ...
       391125 === Closing my Windows ...
       391141 === Freeing FS libraries ...
       392141 === Closing devices ...
       392141 === Closing the Log ... Bye Bye! ...
       392141 System time = 31/07/2021 20:18:01
       392141 *** FSUIPC log file being closed
    Minimum frame rate was 32768.0 fps, Maximum was 0.0 fps
    Minimum available memory recorded was 32768Mb
    G3D fix: Passes 8266, Null pointers 0, Bad pointers 0, Separate instances 0
    Maximum AI traffic for session was 0 aircraft
    Memory managed: 4 Allocs, 4 Freed
    ********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********

    The meaning of error FD isn't clear, but if it is at all related to FSUIPC then it seems likely to be down to a driver for one of the devices you have connected.

    You don't appear to be using FSUIPC for any joystick devices. Are you using any Lua plug-ins? Maybe you should show us your FSUIPC4.INI file which contains your settings.

    Also, look further in the Windows Event Viewer to see if there's a preceding FSX crash.

    If FSX is immediately restarting (which it shouldn't!) then a new log would be created when FSUIPC is loaded, so you reall need the Prev log, which is also saved.

    You don't really supply enough information for me to help you further at present.



  6. 19 minutes ago, cjswp1245 said:
    While installing the program, I checked and entered the FSUIPC7 KEY, but I do not know what WIDEFS KEY means. I bought it from simMarket and I don't know how to register, but I would appreciate it if you could let me know.
    If you need a purchase receipt, please let us know by email and we will send it to you.

    WideFS is a facility to run FSUIPC client applications on a different PC to the Sim, across a network link. It is a separate purchase. If you don't have it simply leave that entry blank.



  7. 15 minutes ago, FrankP said:

    The moment i start the lua script, opentrack freezes - sort of. The program still responds to all inputs, but the camera view shown in the opentrack window freezes. (To be precise the camera view flickers - between the last two images received I guess)

    What is "opentrack"? Is there a support forum for it?

    I assume your Lua script for Arduino is using the Lua Com library over a serial link. So the thing you would need to investigate is how the use of that serial port interacts with whatever method this "opentrack" program uses.

    I would have thought opentrack support would be in a better position to advise you on that.



  8. 4 hours ago, Eric Georges said:

    I am desperate to have my FSUIPC menu

    You are using the very first buggy version of FSX. Please update to SP1, or better SP2, of FSX. Then you won't have such a problem. Get them here:





  9. 17 hours ago, Filip Dymak said:

    Hello, I am building cockpit of Baron King Air 58 and there is special gauge for De-Icing Pressure. I hav not found in the offset list the adress. Just a switch to turn ON or Off. I assume that it shows the pressure to de-ice the wings. Do you know if the FSX has this feature?

    I've moved this support question to the Support Forum so it can be answered.

    There are de-icer switches for each of up to 4 propeller de-icers, and one structural de-icer switch. But no read-out for any "de-icer pressure".  Are you seeing such a read-out in the cockpit?



  10. 8 hours ago, elsmoko said:

    The download page recommends MakeRwys Version 4.7.0 for FSX users running in the Win 7 environment.

    I have been using MakeRwys ver for some months without noticing any obvious problems.

    Have I been perhaps experiencing problems which aren't so obvious ?  ~:)

    I've moved your support question to the Support Forum so it can be answered.

    The reason for providing 4.70 is because some Win7 and earlier Windoows systems reported problems running the latest ones. If more up-to-date versions load and run on your system, then that's fine. I guess your Win7 is more up to date than the reporting users,



  11. 10 hours ago, JohnCT-4 said:

    I've tried to apply your fix, but hte Device manager menu is different.

    The Win10 Device Manager is almost the same as it has always been since Win XP days.  But the notes above are for the Registry Editor (REGEDIT), so maybe you are loading the wrong program?

    In the Registry editor just use Find (in the Edit menu) to find entries for Saitek, using VID_06A3 and also VID_0738.



  12. 1 hour ago, imperial321 said:

    I can assign the rudder but when I rescan and push the brake pedal, it recognises it so I assign, let's say Left Brake but when I push the Right brake pedal it recognises it as left brake, if I reassign to right I get the same if pressing the left brake (says it's Right brake.

    What does the Joy number and Axis letter show in the assignments window for each of the three axes (rudder, left brake, right brake).

    It sounds like you are inadvertently moving the rudder axis at the same time as the brake axes, making FSUIPC think you are reassigning. If this is the case, just press "ignore" for the wrong axis and press again. The "ignore" option only operates for the duration of that setting attempt -- it cancels when you exit from the options.

    If you still have problems, please show us your FSUIPC7.LOG and .INI files.



  13. 3 hours ago, jc.saliba said:

    The steps I am using are >  Select button>Select for FS Control>Spoilers Arm Toggle.

    However the result is that the spoilers will arm with the first press but on second press they do not disarm.

    You'll really need to check with FSLabs about their aircraft. Test with a default aircraft first.



  14. I confirm this: once minimized there seems to be no way back except to close it via the task bar and start it again.

    Until it is fixed, best to just use the X (close) button, top right. That effectively sends it to the system tray in a state where ALT+F will re-display it. It doesn't close it -- that is done by using the "Exit" option in the File menu.



  15. 6 hours ago, ark1320 said:

    Did you ever have a chance to figure out what the purpose or function is of the default entry SteeringTillerControl = 0 in the FSUIPC JoystickCalibration section?

    All those axis control defines are old methods of controlling the aircraft when the real relevant controls aren't available. I think they are all pretty much redundant now, and could probably be removed along with the supporting code, should that still exist.



  16. On 7/18/2021 at 4:23 AM, DakotaPilot said:

    -I've used the Programs section of the FSUIPC ini file to run some programs and it works well.  I am now trying to run another program but keep ending up with an error 237.  the entries in the Program section are.  I'm on FSUIPC 6.

    Run2=READY,CLOSE,C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\303df744-c367-4681-a409-4ac2f187b39e.json

    Run3=READY,CLOSE,C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\d221813d-fb88-4233-a6c6-c7491de17616.json

    and the fsuipc.log has this in it.

        31437 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\303df744-c367-4681-a409-4ac2f187b39e.json" [Error=267]
        31437 FSUIPC couldn't run: "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\FS-Keypad.exe C:\NAME\Brett\AppData\Local\FS-Keypad\Keypads\d221813d-fb88-4233-a6c6-c7491de17616.json" [Error=267]

    Is your logon name to Windows really "NAME"? That seems really unlikely. Your log-on name should be there instead. The error means bad folder name so something there is wrong.

    You could try replacing the C:\Users\NAME\AppData part by %AppData%



  17. 1 hour ago, aingrosso said:

    I'm using Windows 7 without any SP installed, might be this the issue?

    It's a real puzzle.  One of the changes for FSUIPC 4.976 was, to quote:

    It also allows the SimConnect.DLL in the FSX folder to be used if it is installed there by the latest non-beta installer (version 62615). That location appears to be the new alternative to using the troublesome WinSxS methods.

    That has been 100% successful till now. But if it saw the DLL there it would not go searching for the WinSXS copies.

    I am wondering whether it isn't compatible with the basic Win7 now. How is it you've not updated it?

    I could probably find an older version of FSUIPC4 which you could try.  Everything has been so Win10-oriented for years now.



  18. 2 hours ago, aingrosso said:

    I verified that the simconnect.dll files were present in the folders indicated in the FSUIPC installation log.

    So where FSUIPC's install log says:

    Looking for SimConnect.dll with "C:\Windows\WinSxS\*SimConnect*10.0.62615.0*"
        Found the path, now trying "C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect_1ed9da73c880e429_10.0.62615.0_none_69960aa860d87067\SimConnect.dll"
        No SimConnect.dll found there

    are you saying you looked in that folder and found SimConnect.dll there, even though the installer cannot see it?

    The 62615 version is the correct DLL to work with your FSX-SE which is also 62615.

    I can only think that you forgot to run the FSUIPC installer "as administrator", and in consequence it is being denied access.

    One other thing you can try is to copy that specific DLL into the FSX.EXE folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX



  19. I don't know whether GoFlight have (yet) updated their software for MSFS -- possibly the FSX version they made will work with some MSFS aircraft, assuming the latter obey the original FSX controls (which many don't, unfortunately).

    But GFEFIS is one of the devices supported by FSUIPC and it's Lua plug-in facilities. You need GFDev64.dll in the same folder as FSUIPC7.EXE. Then you can program the buttons and switches as needed for your specific aircraft. It isn't pre-programmed for you.




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