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  1. Many thanks to Volker for the quick and personal help with my problem. I just try to describe the solution, maybe it helps somebody else: I am running FSC on a network PC, so the FSCDBManager is accessing the scenery files through a network drive named "X:". In the scenerycfg.fsc which is located on the FSX PC in the FSX folder, there is a reference table for all the installed sceneries. And in this file some scenery had the locator "C:\........". Obviously, the network PC had no chance to find that scenery, as the reference is pointing to a drive "C:", but the mounted network drive is "X:". So the quite simple solution is to take away the leading string pointing to the scenery. For example: You have: Local=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\XYZ You want to have: Local=Addon Scenery\XYZ
  2. I have FSC installed on my main PC which runs FSX, but normally I run it on the Laptop to have a separate screen. Now I updated Frankfurt X for the new runway and I can't get my network-FSC version updated with the new scenery. On my main PC it works finde, showing the new runway and the taxiway names. Anything I might have overlooked? Normally I thought the FSCDBmanager - which runs fine - should take the same data basis on ech of the two PCs. Any help is appreciated! Regards, Martin
  3. I just wanted to say a really big "thank you" to Volker for helping me with my problems. Now it works and I know what went wrong. Volker, Danke!!!
  4. Hi! I still have the same problem. On the first PC, all entries from the folder /addonScenery are also read and implemented into the FSC. On the second one, which should run FSC normally, the database manager reads the "normal" scenery from FSX, but not the folder "addon scenery". any suggestions what I could do? Thanks, Martin
  5. It works. At least partly. After trying and trying again, I just copied my FSC folder to the new machine. FSCDBM83 and 82 were not running either, but FSCDBM80 did it. And after FSCDB80 has been running through, FSCDBM83 also did it. I do not understand it, but it worked. The only issue I have left now is Austria Professional X. On the main machine, the airports are read from the FSCDBM83. But not on the second machine. ATPX is installed in the folder FSX\atpx\, so in the same folder as FSX with its main and addon sceneries. I recognized one thing: in the scenery.cfg (whether in the one in FSX folder nor in the other on C:\) the ATPX is NOT mentioned. It works fine on the first machine, but I guess the second machine with its FSCDBM can not read a scenery which is not in scenery.cfg, right? But how could that be? Any suggestions what to do? Thanks, Martin
  6. It doesn`t work for me......! :( That really su**s! Nothing helps - the scenry.cfg is not recognized, and if copy the Database folder FSC still says that the database is missing. But my Database folder on the "fist" machine looks different to the one on the new. Whatever - I count on Volker and Sacha that they find a solution. FSC is advertised as running via WideFS. And now that I bought WideFS to use it in that way, it won`t do it. :evil:
  7. Hi Ron! Sounds good. I will try that one today evening. Concerning the runtime error: Check this thread: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=155&t=70709 The same problem, I guess as you have. The solution the user took might work, but is not the "perfect" one, I think. BTW: Where do you have your Sydney scenery installed? If it is in an different root or folder, there can happen a error, I read here: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=155&t=61464 Regards, Martin
  8. Hi Ron! So we both have exactly the same problem. :( Just to repeat it again: FSC8.3., WideFS running perfect, folders available via network. DBmanager recognizes the FSX folder but states the message as shown in the screenshot in my posting above. Any help would be appreciated very much! :) Regards, Martin
  9. ....Yes....! As I wrote in my original posting: Here the original FSX folder: But the DBManager seems not to like these ones...! Thats really sad, as I bought FSUIPC and WidesFS to use it for FSC. Now it seems that these 42.-EUR were for nothing, if it doesn`t work.
  10. Hi Volker! Thanks for that hint. Unfortunately under Vista it is not so easy to mount the "program files" path. But I mounted the folder "Microsoft Games", so I have one root folder over the FSX folder. Unfortunately it doesn`t help...... If I understood you right, I have to mount my whole drive c:\ just to select then "program files"-"microsoft games"-"FSX"?? Really? Because if it is like that, no Vista user could do that - as far as I understand. Vista simply does not allow to create permissions concerning the folder "program files".
  11. Still the same message. FSX direcotry is open and accessible via drive x. I don`t unterstand what I´m doing wrong....! :?:
  12. Hi Sascha! I will go through the mentioned documentations again carefully today evening. But the FSX-folder is mounted to a network-drive. I can selsct it in the DatabaseManager, but when I do so and the DBM recognizes the FSX folder, it says the mentioned "copy scenery.cfg from windows root as scenerycfg.fsc to the FSX path". However, I will try it from the beginning later. Thanks! Martin :)
  13. Hi! I want to run FSC on a second machine so that I can use FSX in full screen mode on the PC. So I installed FSC8.3 now on my Laptop, established the network access to FSX root. But when I start the FSCBDmanager, it asks for the FSX folder, which I connect then. After that, it says that I should "copy scenery.cfg from windows root as scenerycfg.fsc to the FSX path". I did that - about 10 times. Took the scenery.cfg out of C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX, copied it to the FSX folder, renamed it, tried it with txt.-fiel and whatever: it does not work! Any hint what I might be doing wrong? I spent the whole night on that issue, am a little desperated now. Thanx!
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