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  1. Perhaps add traffic to the new Medan Airport ( Kualanamu ) ( WIMM) ?
  2. After a full reinstall it seems to be back to its 5.4a glory A few Airlines are still missing their call signs ( Easy is one ) but I can live with that , the main thing for me is that your new schedules allow great globally consistent traffic at 30% Re the call signs I did go the FSX / Sound / ATC folder and the large file therein ( about 208mb ) could not be opened in Notepad ( if fact if I tried the programme hung as "Not Responding) Any thanks for all your patience and for a great AI traffic programme
  3. I am away with work this week , will do it this weekend Many thanks for your patience I think it was FS Global 2008 that messed up my scenery cfg !
  4. Will do thanks I fixed the FSX scenery list issue ( for some reason the sequential numbering in the fsx cfg had gone astray meaning that Mytraffic was not appearing in the list )
  5. If I choose to do a MTX reinstall is the following order correct ? 1.Restore FSX default traffic through MTX communcator 2. Remove MTX from FSX scenery library 3. Remove MTX from Windows Add / Remove Programmes 4. Delete remaining MTX folder from FSX 5. Reinstall MTX 5.4 6. Install 5.4a update
  6. When I last had this working I could set my schedules at say Jakarta (WIII) at 35% and get plenty of foreign traffic ( lufthansa / Turkish / Singapore / Thai etc ) I then underwent a full FSX / Windows reinstall After reinstalling MTX 5.4 + 5.4a I do not see the same traffic at WIII , all the above menetioned foreign airlines are gone Which schedules do I need to select to get these back ? Also previously the 35% AI level was perfect for the larger airports such as EGLL etc Now I even get Ryanair and Thomson at EGLL which certainly were not present before I also in this install have the atc issue where most airlines are missing their callsign ( this I am not too worried about ) , the ATC update in the communicator runs but does not change anything
  7. The size of the large traffic files are My Commercial Routes DAT File - 12 MB My traffic commercial .bgl - 124 MB My traffic Global.bgl - 64.6 MB I will check the FSX sound file sthis weekend Thanks
  8. The other issue that I have from this install is that many airlines call signs are not recognized by the FSX ATC , before Garuda would be called say " Indonesia 123......" , now it only says "... 123" . I have run the update ATC files in the communicator but this does not change anything I have tried a my traffic reinstall but no difference Is this issue symptomatic of anything ?
  9. Thanks will have a look over the weekend
  10. When I previoulsy had 5.4a working I could go to Bali ( WADD) and see the likes of Singapore / Qatar / Virgin Australia etc If I go there now even at 100% there are no foreign arlines and just a few local ones The same is partially true for Jakarta ( WIII) where previously I could see Turkish / Lufthansa / Singapore etc , now these are no longer present So I do not know what schedules the progarmme is using but for me the good schedule updates that were in 5.4a do not seem to be present now Anyway I will try the checklist and if all else fails it looks like another full reinstall !
  11. I see the AI aircraft fine so it has been added it just does't show up on the list , my issue is that the 5.4a new schedules ( which I could see under my last install) are not active now I will go through your checklist at the weekend In the meantime what do you mean by " click into an empty space" ( I am using XP if that is relevant )
  12. Will give it a try thanks One other thing which may not be an MTX issue but when adding to the scenery list in FSX the process works but in the list of scenery My Traffic does not show up
  13. I previously had 5.4a working in all its glory However after a recent windows / reinstall it appears that the 5.4a update did not install properly My way of knowing this was to check the traffic at WIII and WADD airports , previously the 5.4a update provided plenty of foreign AI , but now alas not 9 even at very high %age settings) I have tried running the 2012 schedules / rebuild etc through the communicator but without luck Any advice as what I should be looking for or checking ? Perhaps there are traffic BGL conflicts ? I am running FSX SP2 , My Traffic 5.4 and the 5.4a update and have never used any other traffic programmes I do not really want to go through another painful FSX reinstall so your help/suggestions would be gratefully recieved
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