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  1. Congratulations Burkhard on another excellent release, thanking you again for the wonderful support and help on all the problems and questions i had before! Your customer support is first class if more companies treated their customers like you do the world would be a happier place! :D :D
  2. I didn`t even notice this thread to apply for the 2nd beta test until today. Pm sent :D
  3. I would love to help out as a beta tester, if you need any more :D
  4. Is it possible to have a single airport use a single runway for incoming and outgoing traffic, i know there is an option to make ALL airports use only 1 runway but that is not what i want to do?
  5. One question about the repaints, THey are all in .bmp format yes? how do i convert them to put on the A/c or what is the process to put them on A/C
  6. Come on guys please keep it in English there is enough jargon on here as it is! :lol:
  7. Mikael, These are excellent repaints thanks for the Loganair 1 Cheers :D
  8. Here is a screenshot (hopefully) of the Emirates 777 at Glasgow...
  9. Got it to work thanks again...
  10. No it is pointing to the right location andy, but the name is wrong, it is airports_log.txt instead of airports.txt i changed it and it now shows me the extra gates in the airports/edit menu, should i now invoke create all files etc or schedules etc (which takes a while) to see if the flights are there? I am sorry for all of the confusion and lack of understanding that i am in with this, but both yourself and Burkhard have been very good to help so thanks!
  11. In the mytraffic dir i have the file Airports_log.txt should this not be there? Ahhh! here is what i did i changed the name of airports_log.txt to Airports.txt, In the editer under airports/edit it now shows the extra gates that i put into EGPF including the extra radius gates, should i now inoke Create schedules,traffic,files etc or is there a quicker way to see if the flights show?
  12. The above files are from Airports_list.txt. Yes i have re-read the instucts form Dump airports from fsx both files going to the correct directory/file names. Maybe there is another proces that i have missed, in myt editor menu (airports) import airport.txt-done then..is it export myairports.dat? if so done! I am sure it has something to do with airports.txt there is nothing in the file so when i import i import nothing......i think!
  13. Nice paint, keep em coming especially a BAW of some variety, i am using JS41 for flights that should be BAW(loganair) :D
  14. Did you mean check in the myaircraft.dat for the planes, i am not sue what you meant there, but the airport.txt file is 0 bytes, there is nothing in there!
  15. When are your repaints for the Saab starting Mikael? I was just looking at the Bae 146 thread and there are some nice paints there!
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