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  1. p3dv3, same issue, a year later, yet I remembered this thread just passing by to check the replay again and say thanks for the solution, although a little late :-)
  2. Hello, I'm downloading AU and NA Orbx General Aviation freeware AI files (https://fullterrain.com/freeware/ai), because I have a few GA Orbx airports and I'd like to see them alive as bigger airports are with MTX6 please, as I did not understand searching and reading FAQs (sorry, life in a hurry, maybe), whether installing those two freewares might hamper MTX6 good reasoning, even whether an additional AI is fully necessary after MTX, by the way :smile: thanks
  3. (MTX 6.0a, Simmarket's Pisa) Hello, either on p3dv3.2 or FSXSE, this airport activity mostly uses 22L runway, instead of 4R - I live near there Please, can I manually change this, or is there something to fix? ... sorry whether I missed the correct reply after seaching Thanks
  4. thanks Airbus FSXSE.rar Airbus p3D32.rar cameras FSXSE root.rar Cameras appdata.rar
  5. So, Simon, just to be sure, because I'm not an expert: should I copy the camera 010 config from cameras.cfg (Appdata/Roaming....) and overwrite the camera 010 config into any aircraft.cfg (the Airbuses, in my case) presenting this issue? or is there else? in my case, if I use Airbus, then every other plane loaded after it suffers the same STB issue, unless I exit P3d/FSXSE; only then STB works again, out of any Airbus so far tried ... might this suggest anything else?
  6. Hello, it happens to me to be in these forums to ask for help in another section a while ago I had a long "conversation" with Alan Constable about how to properly set his sounds in FSX and P3d, yet there were difficulties in checking the goodness of the sounds at fullterrain.com there's a freeware "invisible" pedestrain aircraft called BOB, released just for admire the details of airports...and sounds, btw :-)
  7. btw, is there another way to swith view to the desired flight? the default rightclick-airtraffic way, in big airports, is unusable
  8. Hi, the Aerosoft product is the only aircraft so far showing this behaviour: on the STB interface (either the FSXSE or the p3dv3 one), the doubleclick on a flight or the rightclick-ViewAI do not switch to that flight, but to a view in the cockpit I'm also using Ezdok, yet it does not happen with any other airliner (PMDG 737, 777) or GA aricraft I own, so far ... maybe a Ezdok issue? thanks for any assistance
  9. Box to Steam transition : suggestions ?

    after renaming trafficAircraft.bgl everything is fine now....just for another FSXSE newcomer
  10. Box to Steam transition : suggestions ?

    it's getting better: I've added MT6 scenery to the library, and MT6 airliners started to appear, yet there are still a lot of stock airliners around (KLAX)
  11. Box to Steam transition : suggestions ?

    ......no luck: - MT6 Communicator FSX section is correctly pointed to the root FSX SE folder - fsx.cfg is set for MT6, traffic 35% - FSXSE (Norway ENGM) depicts only its stock airliners (also SupertrafficBoard is seeing only stock traffic)....?
  12. Hi, I'm almost about to switch from a humungous 2008 Box Gold install to a fresh Steam one, and I've started collecting info, for starters from: https://fsxinsider.com/transitioning-from-boxed-fsx-to-fsxse-part-1-fsx-stripback/ I've also searched this forum and manual for details yet, as a happy MT6 user with FSX and P3D, I'd like to have a confirmation that I can backup reusable datas, unistall Box FSX, clean evertyhing up to the registry, install SE, and finally simply point again MT6 Communicator to FSX (not FSXSE), as specified in this forum or is there something else I'm missing? thanks
  13. I've also seen this http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79487-cant-get-rid-of-default-ai-traffic-with-communicator/?hl=orbit the file in question appears as having been renamed at the end of MT6 installation
  14. Hello, I've flawlessly uninstalled MTX 5.4 and flawlessly installed MT6 traffic appears correcly on FSX and p3d2.5, yet this is my initial feedback (Airline traffic 20%): KSFO (viewed via SupertrafficBoard with latest hotfix): there are also depicted the stock Pacifica and Orbit airlines operating (lots of jets, either on STB or on ground), regardless of having disabled the default AI traffic in Communicator (tried two times) I've tried a minor airport (Pisa, I place I know), there there are no stock airlines everything is fine on FSX side just my feedback (I'm sorry whether I've missed the answer) ....
  15. interested in product

    Hi Alan, after all the mail support you gave me, I purchased the traffic3D sounds from Simmarket: at last it is all working hugely fine, and I'm very glad with your sounds thanks Marco