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  1. Problem with FSUIPC Visibility Setting

    Hello Peter, ok, I should have asked in a much easier way I do not know why I did not :wink: All I would like to have is that below 12000ft. the visibility is max. 25NM and above 12000ft 55NM So, do you know what I have to change to make this work? In the fsuipc visibility window is a box called "Set graduated visibility". I thought / think that this is the window in which I can make this settingas it gives me the opportunaty to do that So I made the following setting: Set graduated visbility: Checked (Yes) From This Altitude: 1ft Up To This Altitude: 12000ft With this visibilty: 2500 (for 25NM) Effect: I do have max. visibilty of 12000ft (as I wanted to have) but after passing 12000ft and above the visibility still remains on 25NM but according to the setting it should increase as the 25NM Value is only for altitudes below 12000ft. Thanks for any help and best regards! Btw.: It is amazing that you support your product that good. I have never seen a support forum like yours (fsuipc) in which EVERY Thread get's an answer. Thats amazing and very very custumor oriantated!!!! Thanks for this!
  2. Hello Community, Hello Peter, I got one problem with the visbility setting. Picture 1: According to my setting the visbility restriction should be turned off after passing 10000ft upwards. Picture 2: Below 1000ft everything works fine, 4/8 clouds, visibility 25NM Picture 3: The Problem: After passing 10000ft the visibility is still at 25NM. But according to my settings it should increase to the visibility setting (after passing 1000ft) I use in the FS Menu (75NM) because 25NM applies only when beeing 10000ft or below. Any ideas about the problem?
  3. FSUIPC - Traffic Zapper does not work!?

    Hi, now it is working again, after trying to give Traffic zapper new keys. It took 5 different keys to make it work. Why? I do not know but the most important thing is that it is working nowat least now ;-) Installation went fine, I made no changes in FS since istallation. Traffic zapper is the only change. But as I said, it is working now and I hope so it will in te future :-) Best regards
  4. FSUIPC - Traffic Zapper does not work!?

    Hi, no, I did not ry it with static planes. I tried to zap ai planes on ground and in the air as well but without success.
  5. Hello, yesterday i purchased FSUIPC, the full version. everything works fine except Traffic zapper. First it worked but now it does not work anymore. I tried to give Traffic Zapper a new hotkey but it still dos not work. I pay attention to the requirements to zap traffic (distance to aircraft, heading a.s.o) but it does not work anymore. All other hotkey functions do work. I would be very happy for any help Many Thanks