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  1. Pete, thank you for the answer. The latest version refered to 5.103. Actually, the install.log I sent you wasn't truncated, I just took it as it was. The new build (g) worked perfectly now. Before that, I was able to solve my problem by a FSUIPC5.dll (5.103) from a friend I just copied into the modules folder. Whatever you changed in the last build, fixed my problem.
  2. I have a strange problem with FSUIPC5 (latest version, registered): Despite being listed in the dll.xml, it doesn't show up in the menu when I start P3D V4. And my mpanel from VRInsight states that FSUIPC is missing. I deleted the content of the modules folder as far as it concerned FSUIPC then. When I try to reinstall it, this process is vers short and it doesn't bring up the dialog for the serial anymore, and when I check the registry for FSUIPC5 (key), there is none. I attached the install log from the desktop, where I started the install. How could I do a fresh install now and reenter the key? Or how do I get FSUIPC shown in P3D V4 again? FSUIPC5 Install.log Additional info: I just noticed that everything is installed as 0 bytes!? So it seems I just need an extracted FSUIPC5.dll to be good to go - where might I get one?
  3. I seriously doubt that it is a registry error. All other programs install perfectly and see the FSX location (I know because I am reinstalling a lot of things right now). Could it be because my FSX and OS are german?
  4. Same problem here, I have FSX installed away from the system drive (as it should be done), and the program complained it couldn't find c:\FSX. Boom - and that was my free trial.

    Does your [MAIN] section contian all of these? [Main] ... User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft ... Last line is important. Some people forget to add it through the MTX Commiunicator.
  6. Ok, I THINK I know what is wrong with Live Traffic 3 - if you check the flights in Live Tracker, most of them have pretty random times for arrival and departure, some cross US flights take less than an hour in UTC.

    At least on my system, their traffic only kicks in if you set the slider to 75% or higher.
  8. I asked them a couple of support questions before the weekend, dealing with the matters we experience. While they have answered all pre-purchase questions within hours, they remained silent for days now. I will remind them in another mail now. The next thing I will do is ask for a refund - and if they refuse, I will dispute the credit card payment with my company. Their business conduct is pretty questionable. Just to give you another example: They offer a seven day trial for Live Tracker (with opt out - meaning that you have to tell them within the seven days that you do not want to subscribe after your trial period). I took their offer to crosscheck Live Traffic with the Live Tracker data. When I ordered Life Traffic, I mailed them that I do not intend to go into subscription, just want to use Live Tracker to crosscheck flights with Live Traffic. They INSTANTLY disabled my Live Tracker account. How lame is that?
  9. Most probably so, yes. I hope they correct that.
  10. Here's some good news: The situation improves in your reality bubble with time passing. At least the arrivals at an airport resemble real life at some degree, and I'd say after app. 30 minutes you will have a reality factor of 25-30% - which IS an improvement. But there are bad news as well: Some flight are registered under two airlines, for example Lufthansa and Austrian share a flight from Frankfurt to Vienna. These are shown as two planes in close proximity (they are also listed as two entries on the life traffic boards at the airpots' homepages), so this is something they should fix, imho. Best results in Europe so far I get with a traffic setting of 80% or more and the altered MTX traffic added. Luckily, such high settings aren't a real problem with MTX models (cheers to Burkhard) :-)
  11. Burkhard, I don't blame you for anything :-) - it's just that they aren't very open about this on their website. The good news is that after half an hour or so, the traffic in your reality bubble gets more "real". And combinded with MTX, this is certainly an improvement.
  12. UT2/FSLive Switch

    RTFM - sorry. Now this works, and it works great. With one exception: I think Lauda Air is in both MTX and Live Traffic X - but I assume that the Lauda in MTX is a charter, right?
  13. After more experimentation, it seems that arrivals tend to be more accurate than departures on the airports. In LOWS, Live Traffic got 3 out of 7 right, adding two fictional arrivals. Cooperation with MTX is not as expected, because MTX traffic kicks in at low slider settings, Live Traffic only above 75%. So when you get your first few flights from Live Traffic, you already have a lot of (fictional or half fictional) flights from MTX. It also seems that the compiler for schedules in the MTX editor doesn't remove european traffic covered by Live Traffic, this is why you still find Lufthansa, British Airways and others in the MTX traffic. I'll keep posting my findings here, although immediate interest seems pretty low, but this could be helpful for those thinking of buying AIrNav's Live Traffic for Europe...
  14. For the sake of it, I cannot build a mytrafficcommercial.bgl that does NOT contain the airlines that should be removed. What I do: I selected the DX10 2009 schedules in the Communicator. In the editor, I loaded the 5.2 myt-file, and chose "create" and then "all files and traffic". I checked the No ut2/fslive 2 airlines and the only DX10 checkbox Still, I have quite some Lufthansa, Austrian and Air France flights in FSX (FSLive 3 traffic is NOT present, moved it out of the addon scenery/scenery folder. What am I doing wrong?
  15. I give you an example HOW off the program is: These are the departures at Marseilles between 19:12 and 20:00 as depicted in SuperTrafficboard V2.2: 19:12 Royal Air Maroc to Almeria - in reality a Royal Air Maroc would leave to Casablanca at 20:20 19:13 Bee Line to Bruxelles - there isn't a flight to Bruxelles from Marseilles today. 19:18 Air France to Tunis - no flights to Tunis today. 19:26 Air France to Paris-Le-Bourget - one is going to Orly at 19:30 in reality, none ever to PLB 19:48 Lufthansa to Stuttgard - last Lufthansa leaving today was 18:50 to Frankfurt 19:53 Lufthansa to Munich - purely fictional again 19:56 Ryanair to Madrid - nonsense Both arrivals are purely fictional as well. That's more than strange, I think. Edit: tried Phoenix/AZ now - reality factor is 10% there, better than other airports so far, which means that one out of 10 departures can be linked to something that really happens there...