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  1. Jeffrey, I really appreciate the effort you have spent with the 175/195 textures. I can finally run the aircraft in V5 now. I too would like to know if you can do the same for the E170/190. Cheers Keith
  2. Sorry, thats not what I asked. I simply want to know if the developers are going to make the aircraft compatible for V5, WITHOUT messing around with any fixes or reducing texture resolution.
  3. Although there is this fix for running in V5. I seem to get problems with the aircraft running out of graphics memory. I can run other aircraft no problem in V5, but these aircraft are particularly heavy on graphics. Are the developers, Feelthere, working on optimizing these aircraft to run better in V5 without using the fix? Thanks Keith
  4. Yes it works but its not convenient. With the old versions I could use the right and left mouse to change altitude.I cant use them now. I only uninstalled the old versions today and they were working fine without any conflictions. I havent added or removed anything other than these aircraft. Just found the same with the V/S Scroll wheel. I have to use Ctrl to enter anything past 400 for that too! Just reinstalled the E170 and 190 as Admin again, using the new install option into My Docs. Still exactly the same problem. I have all my controls disabled in P3D and use FSUIPC for calibration and setup. OK, after a complete reinstall yet again, I find that I still have the issue. Also I have just noticed too that the right andf left click option on the heading selector knob is not working either. I have spent over £100 today on something that is no better than the older versions. I would therefore like to get a refund for my purchases, as this is just not working as it should. How can I go about this please? thanks Keith EDIT Again, I have found that if I had my settings in P3D set to Metric (Meters ,Millibars), this is what causes the problems. I reverted back to US System and now I can change the dials as I need to. I still cant use the right and left mouse to change quickly and therefore need to use the CTR:L key for that. Now its useable...
  5. I have just installed them into P3D V5 and I have the same issue. However, If I press the ctrl key down I can then change the altitude. I have checked all my other utilities and have nothing that conflict.
  6. How are we meant to install it into V5. The installer says to install into P3D V4 and doesnt say anything about V5? OK I have found it....no worries
  7. This is my issue. I cant seem to dial in anything over 400 feet into the MCP. The old version of the Ejets I could right click and enter altitudes in 1000 feet increments., This I cant get more than 400 feet. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  8. Thank you, I didnt check the forums but will take a look now..
  9. I have just noticed a problem with the new install location when using the LINDA program. As LINDA is looking for the FSUIPC.DLL in the old location MODULES folder, it therefore does not work now. Is it possible to copy the DLL file from the new location and put it into the modules folder again, or will this cause an issue? Many thanks Keith
  10. Yes, thats it John. All fixed. I had a different email address for my Widefs, but the latest installer works great. Many thanks Keith
  11. John, My order is 2309557 for the new version I can register one or the other but not both together
  12. Yes just tried with latest version. Still the same. I get the two boxes pop up saying that they are registered. Now I boot up the sim and only WIDEFS is registered and not FSUIPC
  13. I am having problems registering my WIDEFS using the new installer. If I register them both in the boxes then only WIDEFS shows as registered and not FSUIPC! If I register just FSUIPC then it says that WIDEFS is not registered. The readme states "Please note that if you are re-running the FSUIPC6 installer to register your WideFS key, then you also need to re-enter and re-register your FSUIPC6 key. This is necessary as registration will re-generate your key file and the FSUIPC6 key will be missing if you do not include this" I cant rerun the installer as it uninstalls everything again and I keep going round in circles. Please help. Many thanks Keith
  14. Thanks Shom, think Ill hold off on this purchase then..
  15. Hi, I own the old V2 Embraer 170-195 versions and was looking to upgrade to the new V3. I have seen videos and reports of the autopilot MCP panel being unreadable. Can anyone please say if this is the case still after the SP? Thanks Keith
  16. Pete, Yes, the GSX menu opens on the second try. Dont worry too much though as I am reverting back to P3D V4.1. Im having just too many issues with 4.2 at the moment. Thanks anyway
  17. Hi Pete, I am running just the FSL Airbus and GSX. All other menus appear as does the FSUIPC menu. But if I click on that option nothing opens. Thanks Keith
  18. I have installed the latest module which certainly helps with the simconnect issue. However, I cannot open the FSUIPC box within the sim anymore. I click on FSUIPC from the menu bar and nothing happens. I cant get to access the options at all. Thanks Keith
  19. Thanks Tom....I found it!! I had to add the following into the Menu_Map_EGLL. The installer didnt add these for some reason!! MapCode=EGLL GMT=1
  20. Thanks Gareth, Yes I have tried that twice. The install directory is correct as well. The game runs fine though even though I get the error, but its just annoying. The thing I have noticed to is that the Dbrite map does not have the airport showing, only the ILS lines are visible.
  21. Hi, I had this initially and noticed that it installed into the wrong folder. Make sure you have selected your current install folder. Hope this helps
  22. Straight from the Feelthere website http://www.feelthere.com/en/product/1090_egll-for-tower-2011.html
  23. I have just bought the EGLL addon for Tower 2011 and am getting the following error:- Please update the mapconfig files in the menudata folder! Set the GMT and the MapCode fields! Mapname London_Heathrow_Airport I have looked into the folder and there is no map named London_Heathrow_Airport only EGLL!! Can anyone help?
  24. Hi, Dont have a log unfortunately as I forgot to get one at the time. I have been trying to use TRACON 2012 multiplayer with another user who is controlling KLGA on TOWER 2011. However when any aircraft are departed from KLGA they appear on the TRACON users scope departing from KJFK. (The tower user has both KJFK and KLGA installed) Any Ideas how to fix this? Thanks -- edit: please note the game in addition to a summary of your question in your post's subject line.
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