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  1. Hello Volker Yes, I did do the job incorrectly and I thank you for your help -once again! In the FSC98 file, I read: Copy the files FSC.exe FSCDbManager.exe FSCFSXCFG.exe FSCP3DCFG_V1x.exe FSCP3DCFG_V2.exe into the root folder of FSCommander But I copied only the FSC.EXE as you instructed I now have the "Version 9.5.Rev. 2 Build 31-July-2014" displayed and I will now apply the latest Airac update Again, thank you very much for your help John
  2. Hello Volker and I thank you for your help I have downloaded and unzipped the FSCFSXCFG.EXE file and pasted it into my FSC9 folder. I have attached a picture of the folder contents - and you can, I hope, see the file there. Have I done that correctly please? I opened FSC9 but it does not show "Version 9.5.Rev. 2 Build 31-July-2014" I apologise for taking your time on this and would like to get it right John
  3. Thank you Volker I have uninstalled 9.5, then used your link to re-install 9.5 Everything works until I install Airac 1410 - then I have problems So I have again re-installed FSC9.5 but not updated the Airac - it is on the default 1310 I will have to accept that I suppose Thank you John
  4. Hello Volker Heine Here is my set up FSX FSUIPC FSC9.5 navigraph 1410 Download Simmarket Windows 7 I hope that is all that you need Yesterday I installed the Navigraph 1410. When I tried to use FSC it locked up and failed to respond. So I blamed the navigraph update Today I have installed a new copy of FSC9.5 and run the FSC database Then I installed Navigraph 1410 and FSC did not lock up So I then tried to creat a new flight plan. I saw a message "run-time error 9 subscript out of range" and FSC closed So I reopened it and tried again. When I select "new" flight plan, now nothing happens. I do hope that you can help me thanks John
  5. Volker Thank you, I now have the 9.5 version installed. Clearly I did not understand that the way to upgrade from version 9.3 to 9.5 is to completely uninstall 9.3 and not to use the upgrade link but to download the 9.5 Again, thank you for your help. I use FSC every day and would miss it!! John
  6. Yes it does and i am very sad about it!! I got it from here http://www.fscommander.com/download.htm I used the control panel/uninstall programme. I have created a fsc backup folder and copied everything fsc into it before uninstalling. should I now delete all folders and files with FSC and try to install again? Thanks for your help
  7. Hello, I am trying also to upgrade to version 9.5 I have uninstalled Version 9.3 Made backup coies of the *.inin files clicked on fsc.exe then i see this in the support\FSC_info.LOG 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - FSC · Version 9.5 · Build: 04-January-2014 - User: John 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - ************************************************************************ 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - BackUp: D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\FSC.ini to D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\Support\FSC.ini 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - BackUp: D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\FSCDbManager.ini to D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\Support\FSCDbManager.ini 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - BackUp: D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\FSC.ini to D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\Tool\FSC.ini 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - ************************************************************************ 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - Application path: D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - ERROR - D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\map\magvar09.swf missing 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - ERROR - D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\map\magvar10.swf missing 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - ERROR - D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\map\magvar11.swf missing 25/02/2014 11:47:48 - ERROR - D:\Flight Sim Folder\FSCommander\fsc95upgrade\fsc_intro.bmp missing 25/02/2014 11:48:24 - ERROR - FS Commander file and folder structure incomplete! 25/02/2014 11:48:24 - ERROR - Integrity failed Please help!! John
  8. Windows 7 home edition FSC 9.2 with latest upgrade using FSX When flying with FSC and FSX together, FSX locks up. I have 8 Gb of RAM with i7 processore any ideas please? John
  9. Disregard my previous post - problem solved John
  10. Hello Volker. I have just upgraded from FSC version 8.5 to Version 9.2.1 I bought Version 9.2.1 as a download from simMarket and it is a registered copy with you. First I uninstalled FSC version 8.5 using Windows 7 control panel Then I installed Version 9.2.1 into file path F:\Aerosoft\FSC This has placed two FSC shortcuts on my desktop - one for FS9 and one for FSX. Both work OK Now I have just tried to install AIRAC 1302. I selected the file path F:\Aerosoft\FSC but it will not work. I see the error message "FSC executable file not found. Please select you FSC main/root folder for installation" So I clicked on 'properties' of the FSC shortcut, and could not see the usual filepath displayed. So then using explorer is searched in file path F:\Aerosoft\FSC for the FSC.exe file but could not find it! within this file path there is a FSCIniConvert.exe, but that is dated 29/04/2008, so I believe this is from the old version 8. Sorry for such a long message but I want to give as much information as I can. John
  11. Volker Thank you for the reply. I have now used the latest version of the Navigraph file and the update was successful. I am pleased to have this problem solved - I just could not understand why the update would not install! Thank you for your help John
  12. I am trying to update my FSC with the lastest Navigraph Airac cycle 1102 (10th February 2011) My FSC is installed in "F:\Program files\FlightSimCommander" So I select that filepath and the installation reads as 'successful' - but when starting FSC it is still showing the older Airac version is valid. So that update has not worked. I then tried the filepath "F:\Program files\FlightSimCommander\database" but that shows a dialogue box "wrong fsc main folder" What is the correct filepath please - can anyone help?
  13. Hello Volker Again, I thank you for the reply. I am beginning to learn more about FS Commander - it is an excellent programme John
  14. Volker I had only selected "FS Commander/Flight Simulator", so that can't be the explanation However, I do understand the reasoning that you have mentioned Thank you for the reference to enable me to see the manual John
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