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  1. A lot of other programs do stuff on the background. IvAe for example, also downloads data. But no other program I used so far, steels the focus. It is very annoying when you are looking at, for example your digital charts in Acrobat or nDac, suddenly you find yourself back in FSC. If it's Windows, why isn't any other program showing this behavior?? Regards, Brenny
  2. You mean this part? You should bear in mind that FlightSim Commander is a stand-alone program which will run at the same time as.... I don't understand what this paragraph has to do with my problem. I'm not using FSC on the FS machine, but on a different computer. Do I have to fly FS in windowed mode on PC1 and to prevent FSC (on PC2) from steeling the focus? Btw.... FSC is not steeling the focus from FS but from, for example my chart viewer or IVAO's IvAe, which I also run on PC2. Kind regards, Brenny
  3. Hi, I'm using the latest version of FSC together with FS2004. The are both on different machines and connected via the GPS option in FSC. Everytime when something "big" is changing in FSC, for ex. updated the IVAO data, it steels the focus when I'm am busy in another program. It's not a Vista issue (I disabled that kind of behavior in Vista). What can I do to prevent FSC from doing this? Regards, Brenny
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