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  1. Hey guys, im not sure why Dave is so confused on this issue, but it makes perfect sence to me, and i know how to fix it. First off-FS reads the single peddle as the full axes, when the peddle is full up-since it is spring loaded, like a CAR!, it will be full right, when the peddle is exactly have pressed, it is straight, and full down, it is left. Not exactly hard to understand. As for the whole-why do u want 2 seperate peddles, simply becuause it has to be this way. Yes there is a way to do it, i am doing it right now. First off, you gota grab a 2 programs, PPJoy, which creates the "fake" joystick that you will create the axes into that talks to flight sim, and GlovePIE, i suggest version .29 . create a standered joystick using PPJ. In glove PIE, copy the code into the screen, and hit run. From there, load FS, select the fake joystick, and assign the rudder axes under joystick commands in flightsim control assignments screen. (They may be backwords, if so, hit the reverse switch). Thats it! using Clutch and gas, instead of the friggin break so its stiff! Enjoy buddie! i know i am! i can not take credit for the script as i had found it on another web site: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/4081038646 Script: //Combined throttle (Y) and clutch (dial) make virtual joystick axis. PPJoy1.Analog0 = 0.5*Joystick1.y - 0.5*Joystick1.dial
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