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  1. Thank you so much for that suggestion. I have been going crazy for for some hours after installing MyTrafficV6a into P3DV3.1 as I had no traffic. Now after spotting the sim objects.cfg having the 2 entries with the same number 10 I was able to change one to 11 as you suggested and "bingo" lots of fantastic AI Traffic:)
  2. OK, thanks, I will look out for the hot fix. John
  3. Thanks Simon for your response. I have now corrected the SimConnect.xml file which had some incorrect text in line one which I have removed. I had set this file up for another application so then modified it with the correct STB port number and I do not now get the SimConnect error message. Although I still get the MTX error message if I ignore it everything seems to work ok but I will perform more tests tomorrow?! John
  4. I have just purchased and installed MyTraffic Professional 6 which seems to be working OK. I have also installed STB V3.3.2.10 for Prepar3D V2 and configured it to see my STB Data Server which runs P3DV2.5. When I install and initialise the STB D_P3DV2_Setup_3.3.2.10 I initially receive a SimConnect error message see attached pic. This is then followed with a failure message saying that it cannot find My Traffic Aircraft folder although it is actually where it says it cannot find it, see attached pic. How can I resolve these problems? Regards John
  5. Thanks but I just re installed FSC96 full and running FSCP3DCFG_V2 from my P3DV2.5 folder now is OK so I will continue with creating the data base;) Regards John
  6. I am running FSCP3DCFG_V2 from my P3DV2.5 folder but the ok button is greyed out so that I cannot run the Database Manager on my client. Any help would be appreciated. FSC and DBM 9.6, P3DV2.5, Windows 7
  7. Thank you Volker for your superb support.All is working well now after I replaced the old file with the modified BGL file that you sent me:)
  8. Thanks Volker for your response, the contents of the support directory have been sent to you in 2 emails. Cheers John
  9. Database Manager 9.5 P3DV2.2 FSUIPC 4933 FSC 9.5 P3DV2.2 Nav AIRAC 1312 Rev1 Download from your website Windows 7 I have just installed PHLI from DreamTeam and although I can use the ILS without problems it is not shown on the FSC Map even though it is shown at other airports where there is one. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers John.
  10. Excellent news as I am hoping to get my new PC soon which will be able to run P3D v2:)
  11. Thanks Volker for your response. Yes I have the addon scenery for PF 20 and 21 so I am pleased that I will eventually be able to see them in FSC. My problem seems to be with file sharing and security of the program files(86) folder. Although I am able to share the C drive of my server over my home network (same workgroup) it seems to exclude the program files, program files(86), and program data folders. I have tried everything but to be honest I do not really understand this security business, but I will now keep trying as you have confirmed that FSC will recognise them once I can resolve th
  12. I think that I have found my problem as I have mounted the folder where the flight sim is located and not the drive. However allowing shared access to my C drive over my network is proving very difficult but there must be a way:-)
  13. I love using FSCP3D 9.3_HF1 especially with Google earth on a network PC but cannot seem to get FSCP3D to recognise PF20 and PF21 which are fictional airports in Alaska. They appear on the P3D map but are not shown in FSC. I have run MakeRwys and FSCP3DCFG on my server and FSC Database Manager on my client, but the airports are still not recognised by FSC P3D although I can use them in P3D. Can anyone please help me to resolve this. Cheers. John Windows 7 64 with WideFS version, FSUIP 4853
  14. Excellent news, I am looking forward to version 9.3. Many thanks John
  15. Yes we need this facility, seems as if Pro/ATC X have it on their latest update, with some limitations though.
  16. Merry Christmas from me as well. What with my new STB, Traffic 360, FSX UK and EGHR I'm well sorted for the holiday break:-) John
  17. Thanks very much THeMaNRJ I can now see where I was going wrong. I did set the threshold to 2 as both you and Simon suggested but I failed to save it, silly me. All is now working and I have my S45 STB clearly on display although I did not know it was called Gleneden Beach so their you go:-) Also I was focusing too much on typing in S45 which as you say is not an ICAO code but maybe STB can in future accept airport identifiers such as S45 as FSX, Prepar3d FSCommander etc do. Thank you all again for your super support I really appreciate it. John
  18. Thank you both for the suggestions. I had been typing in the ICAO code but had not been changing the notebook settings., but still no change. I have the FTX: North American GA AI which gives up to 4 AI aircraft at S45 and I can see them all in my FSCommander window. I have now changed back to Prepar3d default for scenery and still no change even though I can see the aircraft moving! However when I type any 3 character ICAO airport I get the same problem in that STB does not recognise it? I did not run Makerways or recompile again and not sure if I need to.
  19. Just love STB as It brings a new dimension to enjoying the Prepar3d flight sim. Recently I purchased the super Siletz Bay from Orbix but I cannot get STB to display any of the AI aircraft there, in fact it does'nt seem to acknowledge the presence of the Airport. Is it just me or is it an issue!
  20. I would like to confirm that my problem has now been fully resolved thanks to the superb support from Simon. I think the STB permenantly displayed on my second PCM will add a new dimension to this amazing hobby. So much new informative and interesting information. John
  21. OK Simon, files have been sent to www.supertrafficboard.com John
  22. I have tried to send you the 2 files that you requested but the Forum software is not allowing me to do so. It is saying that I am not permitted to upload this kind of file! configSDK.exe is the SDK configurator which the installation instructions says should be run! John
  23. Cannot connect to networked pc I keep getting the Super Traffic board message "Unable to connect to Prepar3d. Please make sure a flight has completed loading before trying again to connect" I believe my IP address and port numbers are correct. I have unticked the compile so the STB DN seems to be running without problems. But may be I have a problem with the ConfigSDK.exe. When I run it it gives a dos window and asks me if I want to update the SDK tool conf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(Yes/No): I have typed in Yes and then hit return and the dos window disappears without any confirmation, is this correc
  24. OK Simon thanks for the advise, I will try it this evening John
  25. Windows 7 Ultimate, It fails with UAC enabled or not virtually immediately after makerwys has been started John
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