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  1. Hey Mike, I have it all working now. Thanks so much for your input/guidance, it was invaluable. John
  2. Hi, I just have had a hell of a time making time to work on it. Hopefully I can get to it Tuesday or Wednesday. It is high on my list but I just keep falling behind on things unrelated to the sim. I appreciate your interest and I will be sure to post here the minute I get to it and let you know how it goes. Thanks again, John
  3. I am a bit confused. I have read this entire forum with it's twists and turns for some people (including me) having difficulty figuring out the proper install procedure. I upgraded a lot of my hardware, reformatted my SSD, Installed P3D V3.1 and it is all working perfectly. I downloaded MTX 6.0 from Simmarket. I downloaded the latest beta. Now I am not sure about the install procedure for MTX to get to 6.0a from the ground up. Do I install 6.0, make the necessary entry for MTX in Prepar3D.cfg then use the latest beta in the same folder as the MTX install and that gets me to 6.0a? Thanks for any input and Merry Christmas to all. John
  4. Hi Mike, My apologies for being late in getting back to you. I had completely forgotten where I got MTX from and you jogged my memory. I went to SimMarket and sure enough there it was for me to download. I downloaded MTX 6.0 (the only one listed), so I presume I unzip that and then use the beta installer for P3D V3.x? I just installed P3D V3.1 today and apparently some scenery library file(s) were causing some problems that I did not have in P3D 3.0, 3.1 was crashing with "Not Responding" and it took some detective work to find the entries causing probems (still not sure exactly which one(s) are the problem, more work to do). Anyway I think I have a handle on the entries causing problems there. Thanks again for jogging my memory. John
  5. Hi Burkhard, Please help me out. I originally purchased MTX back in 2009 when it was V 5. I am not certain if I am using version 6 or not. According to my notes I had it working fine with P3D V2.5 and I "THINK" I updated to 6.0 but not sure. Things really got away from me when my Wife became ill with dementia a couple of years ago and required my full time care. She has now passed away and I have much more time for the sims. I updated to P3D V3 recently. I have a folder called MyTraffic that I am pretty sure worked fine in P3D V2.5 with the necessary entries in Prepar3d.cfg. I had MyTraffic in \Simobjects. Now I want to get back up to speed but I am totally unsure if I have MTX 6.x or not or the proper installer. How can I get up to date with the proper installer, communicator etc. for P3D V3? I have read the forums but am pretty confused as to where I am on things. Thanks very much for your guidance and help.
  6. I forgot to mention that I had administrative/drive ownership problems also. Suddenly some programs could not write to drive C or I could not copy a file to drive C etc. after the problem with Tower.exe/MSE ocurred. Apparently when MSE sees the false positive on Tower.exe it causes some other problems such as loss of drive/file ownership to occur. The way to fix the problem is: 1. Do the procedure as Kevin states to turn off MSE, reinstall Tower, set MSE to ignore Tower.exe, re-enable MSE and reboot. 2. If you run into the administrative/ownership problems, one of the two links/procedures below should fix the problem, don't forget to reboot after applying the fix(es). http://www.techfleece.com/2011/05/15/how-to-take-ownership-of-files-or-folders-or-an-entire-hard-drive/
  7. I had the same problem today. Just came out of nowhere. I did as Kevin did and all is well now, thanks for the detective work Kevin. In using MSE for many years this is the first time I have run into a false positive.
  8. I suggest adding after step 11 to move the MyTraffic entry down to just above propeller objects. Excellent tutorial.
  9. Hi Burkhard I am just lost!! 5.4 worked perfectly in my P3D 2.5 installation. I purchased MT 6.0 over the weekend and installed it (after removing 5.4). I show no movement by AI A/C at any airport. I have attached the simobject.cfg file, scenery.cfg, prepar3d.cfg as well as screenshots. Sometimes when I run P3D no AI A/C are shown, sometimes many AI A/C are shown at the terminals but no A/C ever moves. An overhead screenshot attached shows many AI A/C at KPHX but none of them ever move even though I have waited 30 minutes for an A/C to move. In the communicator I used "Select Schedules", Spring 2015, three batch files ran and completed. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks for any help. John simobjects.cfg.txt Prepar3D.cfg.txt scenery.cfg.txt simobjects.cfg.txt Prepar3D.cfg.txt scenery.cfg.txt
  10. 4.923 working great here. Thanks very much for your hard work Pete, we all appreciate it.
  11. Did you read posts 15 thru 20?? You should be able to get it going no problem. Give us some specifics and maybe we can help.
  12. Hey Andy, You got it!!! Works fine now, I should have thought of the key file (getting old and dumb, that's why we need bright guys like you around). Thanks again John
  13. Does not work for me. I have a registered copy of FSUIPC 4921f and have been using FSUIPC in 1.4 for a long time with no problems. I ran the full FSUIPC installation program, entered my registration codes for FSUIPC and WideFS. It detected my P3D 1.4 installation and the V2 installation. It is working fine in P3D 1.4. I, like others am not able to get the FSUIPC menu to come up when clicking on FSUIPC on the P3D V2 Addons menu. I tried renaming the SimConnectP3D2.dll in the P3D V2 modules folder as described above. The FSUIPC menu does indeed come up however it is indicating that I have an unregistered copy. Am I missing something??
  14. I found the problem. It was one of two things (or maybe both). I had a copy of FSX.exe in the P3D folder along with Prepar3d.exe. I downloaded the latest version of Makerwys and renamed the FSX.exe file to FSXHOLD.exe. So either it was the version of Makerwys I had or Makerwys did not like seeing the two .exe files in the same folder. I need to have FSX.exe in the P3D folder when I am using the FSX to P3D migrator for installing scenery, utilities etc. Next I will try renaming FSXHOLD.exe back to FSX.exe and see if it works then that would prove that my version of Makerwys was out of date. Makerwys is now working fine with 25010 airports and 59447 runways. edit: It turned out that Makerwys was the problem. After making sure everything was ok I renamed FSXHOLD.exe in the P3D folder back to FSX.exe and Makerwys worked fine. So installing the latest Makerwys was the solution.
  15. I think I might have gotten into trouble. I installed the 54bc .exe into C:\Prepar3d then copied the Patches54c.exe into C:\Prepar3d\MyTraffic\AircraftInstallers then ran the file. Now when I run Makerwys.exe it completes very, very quickly and only shows 52 airports. I have not run Makerwys in awhile but it seems to me I remember there was an awful lot more than 52 airports and it took quite awhile to complete. Did I do something wrong?
  16. Thanks Mike, appreciate the guidance.
  17. Hi Burkhard, I posted the below inquiry previously on another thread but I don't think I got a reply. Could you update me on this please? Thanks John I installed 5.4b in P3D (v 1.4) some time ago and it has always worked just fine. Does the 5.4C update apply to both FSX and P3D or are their separate versions? Just want to be sure before I install the update. Thanks for a great system.
  18. Hi Burkhard, I posted the below inquiry previously but I don't think I got a reply. Could you update me on this please? Thanks John I installed 5.4b in P3D (v 1.4) some time ago and it has always worked just fine. Does the 5.4C update apply to both FSX and P3D or are their separate versions? Just want to be sure before I install the update. Thanks for a great system.
  19. Hi Burkhard, I installed 5.4b in P3D (v 1.4) some time ago and it has always worked just fine. Does the 5.4C update apply to both FSX and P3D or are their separate versions? Just want to be sure before I install the update. Thanks for a great system.
  20. Hi Burkhard I went to LIRF Gate 100 Heavy and yes you are correct there is no terminal building. I can see other aircraft on the other side of what should be the terminal building. There are other buildings in the distance but not a terminal building.
  21. Sorry I forgot to include that I do indeed have MTXV54.exe. But my questions about do I have to have FSX installed etc. still need to be answered, I am just unsure about how to proceed. Thanks again Burkhard. John
  22. Hi Burkhard, I want to be sure I am clear on some points. I just put a new motherboard, cpu etc. in my flight sim computer, re-installed Windows 7, P3D 1.4 etc. I did not install FSX as I do not want to use it any more. I had MTX for P3D and FSX installed on the previous hardware setup with no problems and updated through 5.4a & patches. I am now ready to install MyTraffic into P3D 1.4. P3D is located in C:\Prepar3D. I have the following files: MyTraffic_3D_54_From_FSX.zip MyTrafficX P3D 5.4A update mt3du54a.zip MyTrafficX Patches54a.exe Of course I understand the unzip procedure, copy to clipboard and paste to folders etc. Do I have to have FSX installed? Do I need to install the P3D SDK? Do I need to install the FSX SDK? Will it install directly to \Prepar3D? I don't want to mess up my P3D installation. Thanks for the help John
  23. I did not realize I had forgotten to attach the FSUIPC4.log from Prepar3D\Modules which is now attached (renamed to FSUIPC Prepar3D Log.txt). Both the Prepar3D and FSX folders on the host are shared and have been for some time. As far as the registry entries go, I was merely trying to make sure that everything was pointed at correctly in the registry. I did not correctly state my case in that the only registry entry I "Actually" changed was on the host as an experiment. When that did not fix the problem I put it back the way it was. That was the ONLY actual change I made to the registry on any computer. Remember, in my original post I said everything (RC4, STB, REX and others) is/are working properly across the network so sharing of the appropriate folders (FSX/Prepar3D) on the host is/was probably not an issue. I have confirmed that both folders are shared. STB/REX are using separate Simconnect.xml files so not directly related. RC4 of course does use FSUIPC/WideFS and is working so I was confused as to the source of the error I am receiving when I run IYP. The only problem I am having is the "No simulator path found in registry Error - 9004" that I am encountering when I run IYP with Prepar3D across the network. IYP is working fine with FSX across the network. In my original post I was only asking your opinion if the 9004 error was coming from WideFS, FSUIPC or IYP. Since I had no idea where the message was being generated from I thought I should ask you about it and then I could try to solve the problem. If I still am not being clear then I apologize in advance. FSUIPC4 Prepar3D Log.txt
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