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  1. Obviously I did not explain myself well enough in my original question and I did not come across clearly but then you could have been more patient in your reply. "Why? That makes no sense to me at all." is not the most helpful comment. "It sounds like you are messing up registries and mapping drives for nothing. What made you start on this path?" I tried to explain myself about this but again not good enough to get a helpful reply. I am not the brightest light bulb in the room and maybe I made some mistakes in explaining myself. Obviously you are a very bright person and I mean just that (not a snide comment) and do not have much patience with people asking dumb questions. We will just let it go and I will not try to get it working anymore.
  2. Sorry for asking. I did not realize I would get chewed out for trying to make it work.
  3. Hi Peter, I need some guidance. I have FSX and It's Your Plane by Robert Cezar running across my network with FSUIPC 4.83 and WideClient 6.94 and it works just fine as well as Radar Contact4. When I installed FSUIPC on the host it correctly detected the FSX. FSX is installed on Z:\FSX (The host) and IYP is on the client. The FSTweak registry tool running on the client shows Z:\FSX as the location of FSX. I also have Prepar3D 1.3 installed on the host computer in \Prepar3D. When I installed FSUIPC 4.83 it also detected the P3D installation as well as the FSX installation. I am trying to get It's Your Plane working with P3D across the network. I used the FSTweak registry tool to setup the registry entry for the FSX path on the client computer to Z:\Prepar3D. I also used it to set the registry FSX path on the host to C:\Prepar3D. When I run IYP on the client it starts but then terminates with a "No simulator path found in the registry, Error - 9004" and exits to Windows 7 64 bit. I have no idea if this error message is coming from IYP or from WideFS. I corresponded with Robert of IYP and he says that IYP depends on FSUIPC to return the location of \Prepar3D at 3E00 in FSUIPC. He referred to FSInterrogate2std.exe which I downloaded and tried but I am by no means any sort of a hex code programmer so I have no idea what I am looking at. It "appears" to me that Radar Contact 4 IS working properly with P3D in that I do not get any error messages when I run it with P3D on the network. I have attached the FSUIPC4 Install.log (renamed to .txt) that I found in C:\Prepar3D\Modules. I also have attached Wideclient.log (renamed to .txt) from the client computer. If I return the FSX registry entry on the client to Z:\FSX and start FSX on the host and run IYP across the network then IYP works just fine. Setting the registry entry on the client back to Z:\Prepar3D and running Prepar3D on the host with IYP on the client results in the error again. I hope I have made myself clear. Both of the computers are on the same homegroup network. I appreciate your input. WideClient.txt FSUIPC4 Install.txt
  4. Thanks for the update Burkhard. I have the Aerosoft version. From what you said it sounds like the Sim Market version (5.2b) is going to be the more powerful product? If that is true and I change over by buying the Sim Market version will it install right over the 5.2a version or will 5.2 have to be uninstalled first?
  5. Hi Burkhard I see that Aerosoft is advertising MyTraffic 2010 to be released on October 8, 2009. Is that an upgrade to 5.2a or is it some other producer? John
  6. Looking forward to the updates. I downloaded the 5.2a update from Aerosoft and installed it. No problems encountered. I was thinking about Ultimate Traffic 2 to expand my system. The steps you outline to use both of them, I presume the same steps can be taken with my version? Thanks again John
  7. Hi Burkhard Thanks for the help. I did not realize there was a difference between the Sim market version and the Aerosoft. I checked the files you mentioned and apparently I have 5.2 since there is no AN125MX but there is a AN12MX and the Index_x.htm says 5.2. I am not sure if the 5.2a update is significant enough to chase down the update on Aerosoft forums. I checked over there and don't see any mention of that update. Perhaps I should have bought it from Sim Market to get better support but as I say I did not realize there was a difference. I am a bit confused. I looked at the Simmarket version 5.2a and it seems (not sure) that 5.2a is a pretty significant update so I am not sure if I should dump the Aerosoft 5.2version and buy it again from Simmarket to get better support? Thanks again John
  8. I bought MyTraffic X about a week ago (August 7, 2009) from FS Pilot Shop. The DVD says version 5.2. How do I determine if I have 5.2a? I don't see any way in the system to determine exactly what version I am running. The version in Traffic Manger says 5.1b. Traffic Editor says 5.2. Which one should give me a clue as to the correct version of the actual program? Thanks John
  9. Hi Peter Thanks for the reply. I finally figured it out and of course it had nothing to do with FSUIPC. It turned out to be a problem with EXE.XML which is a configuration file that has data that applies to the Saitec Switch Panel. I received an update to Real Environment Extreme 2.0 over the weekend. In that update they wanted a new EXE.XML file to be created in the FSX folder. I did not check to see if such a file already existed (Stupid huh?) and the new one overwrote the old one. That was the problem and I have it fixed now. So I need to get with the Real Environment Extreme people to find a fix. On the sensitivity of the pedals. I used the Joystick settings #2 brakes. I held the brakes at a point I thought was good then then clicked the set button. It seemed to make the brakes and differential brakes far less sensitive on the CH pedals. It seemed to work ok so I did not mess with it further. Maybe you have some better ideas for me???? That would be great if you do. Again thanks for the input, I appreciate it very much and glad it had nothing to do with FSUIPC. I was pretty frustrated trying to find the problem and as you said it was a coincidence. Thanks again John
  10. I was having trouble with my CH Products pedals brakes and differential brakes being far too sensitive. FSUIPC 4.52 (fully licensed) joystick settings #2 Prop, Mixture and Brakes calibration and sensitivity settings worked great to fix that. Now for some reason my Saitek Pro Panel switch controls, Landing gear, switches etc. no longer work. The test panel for the Pro Panel Switch works fine but the switch no longer functions when I make a flight. This only occurred since I have implemented the sensitivity settings for the brakes in FSUIPC. It is probably important to note that I had FSUIPC installed but never used in FSX until I did the sensitivity settings for the brakes. I must be missing something and not seeing the forest since the trees are in the way!!! Thanks for any help John
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