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  1. Hello, sorry I come a bit late I just discovered the Google Earth overlay function in FSC and I'm all excited by it. I've read several pages including some in this very forum where it seems people have issues with the Google Earth Pro version not functionning correctly with FSC. I have FSC95 V. 9.5.1 rev2 it is the latest version I could find at the time. I'v seen people mentionning V. 10x I don't know where it is available these days, I have just checked with Simmarket and this version is not available ? I would gladly pay for another upgrade to FSC because it is such an enjoyable program tha
  2. Hi, I had to switch from FSX to FSX Steam and I'm currently reinstalling the whole 7 yards. My FSC95 registration is not working ? It says it is wrong but I have a copy of the order ? Thanks for advising ASAP.
  3. I just downloaded MyTraffic 6.0a as I had installed the previous 6.0 before and running fine. Just to make sure I have to uninstall the previous version completely before installing the new version right ?
  4. Ok it is not a big issue anyway, but would be cool to be corrected. thanks for your hard work.
  5. Hi, it's funny I usually fly SWISS LX39 which is the return leg from SFO to ZRH which I fly as per pusblished timetable and after installing MT 6 I enjoy a lot a nice AI traffic. But now around mid-point of the flight (Davis strait) I had twice the surprise on 2 flights to cross the ZRH-SFO outbound flight, called SWISS 39 in MT6. In reality this flight is SWISS38, and SWISS 39 beeing the return leg as mentionned already. Is there any way to correct that ?
  6. Hi Volker, that's brilliant ! Thank you very much, sorry to be a pain. Have a good day. Fowler
  7. Hello, quicly read the FSC manual and did a search on this forum but didn't find any help explaining different techniques for Lat/long entries. I have to enter 57N100W as a waypoint and I cannot manage to enter it in the flight plan window. How should I enter it ? 57100N or something like that as for the Natrack coding ? Thanks
  8. Hi, one question and one problem whcih I cannot solve yet. 1) Is it possible to open FSX flight plans in FSC ? I tried it and I get an error message. On another hand, I save all my flight plans done in FSC as FSX (.pln) and the usual PMDG stuff etc. but it seems the contrary is not possible ? 2) Altough my FSC flight plans are saved also as .pln (for FSX) they cannot be loaded automatically by the Delco INS (CLS 747-200) I tought the INS autoload was defective but I just tried with the CLS KBOS-KSFO flight plan given by CLS as example and the autoload feature of the INS is working fin
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