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  1. Hi John, Thanks for your response. I am perplexed though. I've tried every other aircraft and the steam gauge 172 is the only one to exhibit this concern. These two events run like a high speed ticker tape. From the moment I click "FLY", until I exit the program or select another aircraft in the World Map. It doesn't matter where I go in the program; be it the Marketplace, Profile, wherever. I'm assuming the number on the left is a running total of logged events. if so, it's reached over 1.5 million events in the time it's taken me to write this post. I've also noted that if I am logging the issue with the FSUIPC console that the computer will stop responding once the event number reaches about 4.5 million. This can't be right. That's got to be a lot of CPU usage for nothing. I'm going to try reinstalling the aircraft to see if that helps.
  2. When I opened the Events log console it displayed 2 constantly occurring events. I've unplugged all of my peripherals in hopes to isolate the issue. This is with the Cessna 172. Any ideas? thanks. John FSUIPC7.log
  3. has anyone gotten the soft keys working for the GNS530? I'm using Mobiflight and can't get them to work with the MSFS2020 events either. One of the users said that he did. I'm awaiting a response from him here. MSFS2020 Carenado GNS530 help *SOLVED* (mobiflight.com)
  4. I just bought FSUIPC4 the other day to program my keypad for radios, AP, GPS and such. I Don't have the funds to build a cockpit :( The keypad is programable and it has a Cycle key that will allow me to program each key 4 times. I have most of it programed using the FSX key config file and am using FSUICP4 to do standby swapping and some other stuff. I've programed the first "cycle" of keys to manipulate all of the COM and NAV radios as well as the ADF and Xponder inputs. I'm using 2 of the D-pad buttons for the "-" and "=" functions to change the value of the selected field. Here's my problems. Currently I have "c" programmed to one key and "c_2" programmed to another to select COM1 or COM2. Unfortunately There's a finger dance that has to be played to access the fractional value of the COM2 (and NAV2). I've tried many of the COM and NAV inputs in FSUIPC4 to test them out but none seem to highlight the COM2 (and NAV2) directly. I have tried using the direct value controls (Com2_Stby_Frac_inc,...) but I don't have enough buttons for the other functions I wish to program into the device. Also when one of the fields is highlighted it will stay highlighted until I left click on the screen somewhere. Is there a programable button function that will act as that mouse click and un-highlight the fields? I just want to say FSUIPC4 is really a nice interface. I can't wait to get my other system back up and running so I can get WideFS and start building something that better resembles a cockpit. Thanks, John
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