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  1. Hi Volker, Thanks for your speedy reply. I can now make the adjustments. Thanks again. Derek T
  2. HI, can anyone explain the discrepancy between the fuel estimates for FS 2004 and FS Commander for precisely the same flight plans. Would I be correct in assuming that FS 2004 uses US galls and FSC Imp Galls ie 6.0 lbs per gall and 6.7 lbs per gall respectively therefor it seems necessary to reconcile one with the other depending upon choice. any comments/ideas would be appreciated. derek t. I am operating FS 2004, FS Version 8.2, FSU1PC, Windows XP and FSC Hard copy(not Download)
  3. Hi Gerard, thanks very much for your kind advice, Ifinally managed to sort it by deleting all the FSUIPC file I could find and there was a few, and then opening the zip file I had downloaded and allocated it to FS9 modules folder and lo and behold- success although I think it was more to luck than anything else as I am not too IT literate (71 years old but love flight sims and anything to do with flying) sorry to go on but what is the best way of operating FSC and FS9 with one PC? Once again thanks for your help. Regards Derek
  4. Hi Volker, sorry to be a pain but am still unable to connect FS Commander wit FS 2004. I was running 2004 version 9 so have downloaded and installed version 9.1 as recommended. When installing FS Comm. it states FCUIPC 3.75 or higher is req`d. I tried installing with this prg. but to no avail. I downloaded P Dowsons 3.85 as you suggested from WWW.schiratti and tried to install this to FS2004 but no joy. I am not sure if I did this correctly as I am not too competent, could you please advise as I do not want to have to operate FSC as aflight planning tool only, good as it is. Regards Derek
  5. Hi Volker, I have read the topics you mentioned but you must excuse me, I am 71 years old and not too I T literate, however I am 1) operating FS 2004 (FS9); 2)Using one computer; 3) Have FSC8 and database manager 8; 4) I have the Aerosoft version (ie the bought one); and 5) I am operating Windows XP. I have FSC working and it looks brilliant if I could connect to FS2004 I would be extremely grateful. Much obliged for your prompt reply. Derek
  6. I was given FS commander for Xmas and when I try to connect to Fs2004 I get either error msg 10 or error msg 2 depending on whether Fs2004 is launched or not, I have tried everything in the manual but to no avail, can anyone help please. Derek T
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