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  1. FSCommander 8.4.2 As I was trying to figure out how to make this thing work on the network I got this message after about one hour of use: Your trial time has expired (or something like this) and the program closed on me. I didn't have time to write down the exact message. Anyway, I bought the software from Aerosoft today and they email me a 44 digits serial number with my purchase info. SFCommander will only accept a 24 digits Key Code. Where do I get this Key Code? P.S. Maybe all my network problems came from the fact that my version was not registered !
  2. In FSCommander 8.4.2 When click the Help menu I get this error message… Get’s me Thanks Marc
  3. BTW I have a fresh install of FSX with no add on scenery installed. Marc
  4. By the way I did read DbManager81_eng.pdf 3 times and couln'd find answers to my problems there. Is it me or what? I guess I'm kind of slow today. Marc
  5. I can’t access the network with Database manager I’m running FSCommander 8.4.2 Windows XP FSX on primary computer FsuipPC4, WideClient, Squawkbox4, Vroute, FsAcars on secondary computer and everything working fine I did try to find FSCFSXCFG.exe and networkconfig.zip in the patch zip file or on your site and didn’t find them. I did manualy copy the file scenery.cfg (the one in the Scenery Library folder) renamed as scenerycfg.fsc into the FSX folder. All my stuff is installed on the C drive on both computer in their normal folders. I don’t know how to “mount a drive” as you explain on another post. Also do you need to install FSCommander on the primary PC if run exclusively on the secondary comp on network ? No mention of it in the literature. Thanks. Marc
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