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  1. Hi, I have used mytaffic for a long time with good results. Although installation still need some reading but thats ok. I noticed my p3d installation got very slow with startup. I today used a stopwatch and got at 3m20s. Disabling the many add ons I use did not matter at all. I found a google entry mentioning mytraffic did this for another user. I first turned it also off with Sceneryconfig Editor but did not help. Reading the google result again I noted the person deleted the entry from simobject.cfg. Did helped me a lot. P3D now loads within a minute or maybe even 30
  2. Nice to read that I can have been off help. :)
  3. Got it working! Did a recheck and noticed in my simobjects.cfg I had two times an entry.10. Changed it in 11 and all ok now. Maikel.
  4. hello, Although I used to have mytraffic v6 working on Fsx and later Fsx-se I 2night can not get it working in p3dv3. I did my best following the pfd and also search through this forum but still not good. I get traffic, but just the once like Always. (orbit and so) What info can I give for some help here? I did check the txt file noting the location from p3d and mytraffic and that is correct. (only those 2 lines in it) I did use Communicator and tell used the small ok button twice, added to simobject and lastly in p3d added \mytaffic and put is lower in line. (under the other
  5. I can't find how to adjust my time setting in windows, and also have a problem downloading the fill via the program. I did try the manual way and that does work, but I do not intend to keep on using it like that. Hopefully there well be looked at this soms more? Maikel - PE1123.
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