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  1. yes,I think this could be the problem...maybe there's a sort of "Hey_ImTheMaster_" command in FDS software :lol: ... Anyway I've just asked on FDS forum,i'll let you know what they'll answer me.. and thanks a lot for your support & your great work with FS :!: :!: amazing job :!: :!: :shock: Regards, Stefano.
  2. Ops..i typed 6E6F instead of 6EF7...sry..but i'm sure i send the value to 6EF7 :wink: The value change the Offset for a msecond when i switch the Goflight "switch", but then FDS takes the leads and bring the value to the value sent by the OverHead software panel... :?: umpfh..sorry for my bad english..i hope it's clear enough. :oops: Now i try to ask on FDS forum too... std-by :lol:
  3. Hi Pete,thank's 4 the quick answer.. :D Yes,i mean Flight Deck Software..I'm sure i'm doing something wrong with the offsets values :roll: . I've the FSUIPC Offsets list by FDS. I also read the FSUIPC docs,but i still miss somthing... :? For example,if I'd like to switch the FDS's DC Battery switch ON, with a Goflight switch,like T8module,i try to send the value 48 to the 6E6F offset..it's that correct?!I'm newbie,i know.. :lol: thx..
  4. Hi,1st of all i just wanna say:"Thank you Pete for your amzing job done in this years for FS!!! :D I've a question about Flight Deck Soft. System Logics software.I've no time and no money @moment,to build an Hardware OverHead :( ,so i'd like to use some Goflight switch module to simulate just few switches on the OverHead panel by FDS.But I can't figure out how to do it?! The FDS seems to override the inputs offsets i gave with GoFlight mods programmed viaFsuipc. Before I go on testing,i'd like to know if this interaction it's possible or not!? Thanks. Regards, Stefano.
  5. Thank's Volker, i'll update everything( :oops: what a lazy simmer i am :oops: ) and check. :idea: Then i let u know....std-by thanks again for your precious support.. :wink: Kind Regards, Stefano"Beastie" UP UP _EDIT_UP UP After 8.4 + patch .2 things seems to work :wink: ...the only airport that still miss is KBOS(free scenery from FlyTampa)maybe there's something i got to know about this scenery installation :?: Now i continue to check and upgrades.. STD-By
  6. Hi VolkerHeine,sorry but i can't reach the topic link u gave me. My Config infos: 1. FS2004(FS9) 2. FSUIPC 3.8/ WideFS 6 version both registered 3. FS Commander 8.3 4. Aerosoft version 5. Operating System XP
  7. Hi,i've got a problem with some Airports in FSC. After the installation of some sceneries/airports and after the database update in FSC i still have the old Airports displayed in FSC... I've notice that in FS9 some sceneries/airports have their own folder not inside the Addon scenery folder but just in the main FS9 folder. Could this be the clue?! Sceneries are: OceanFlights MegaHubs USA FLyTampa free BostonLoganv2 Megascenery series Any suggest? Thanks. Stefano"Beastie"
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