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  1. Hi WFH I know where I can turn off ssaver in my system. It is a not what I asked. I will exaplain. I use FSC on my notebook (which uses the monitor standby feature to save battery when notebook without user's activity for a some time). Sim located on my desktop computer. They connected via WideFS. During flight I use FSC for planning and map tracking. So notebook work a long time without my touch. And I asking a good feature which will prevent system to go to any power saving options (like monitor standby, sleep, screensaver etc) while FSC is working. I know that I can move mouse or turn off power features in system settings before starting FSC, however it is a not good for my usability. Many software do it by self without a problem. So I asked this feature in next version request if possible.
  2. Sascha, for example look at any movie player software - they block screensaver/standby_mode while they are running, so you can see movie without any actions (typing, move mouse etc) - you computer will never go sleep until these players are running. When you exit from player then your screensaver options continue to work as usuallly. Same behavior was implemented in Jeppview FliteDeck software - your computer never going to sleep while FliteDeck software receiving the gps data.
  3. Another request if possible - option to turn off screensaver and monitor standby while FSC is working. On long fly on network mode (sim on one computer, fsc on another) user don't touch FSC computer. So if FSC computer is configured to move monitor to standby then it can occure, so user need to wake-up monitor every time. It will be fine to add an option which will prevent from standby while FSC is active. Thank You!
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