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  1. Volker, Is there any more news on this, I'm sure many Airbus Extended users would really like to have this facility, not being able to load FSC flight plans is a real pain. Regards, Dennis
  2. Delighted to tell you the problem is resolved. In the trauma of losing FSX and reinstalling I forgot about SP1 and SP2. These have now been installed and everything appears to be working normally. Thank you for your prompt response to my problem and efforts to fix it. Excellent service.
  3. Have done as you suggested, I can see FSX and also the "hello" box which says Sim is FSYETANOTHER FSUIPC Version 4.570 FSClock 00.00.00. (which is not updating) Regards Dennis
  4. As required my set up information - 1. FSX 2. FSUIP 4.57 3.FSC Version 8.6 Build 200110 4. Registered download from FSC website 5. XP SP3 I have had to remove and reinstal FSX. I also removed FSC, then downloaded the latest version, reinstalled and re registered. The datatbase manager was run and completed. Icons from the latest download were duplicated for desktop use. FSX works well, FSC works well, flightplans can be made and saved but when I press "connect to fs" after setting up FSX and FSC for a flight, the aircraft relocates to the zero position off the West African coast even though the top banner on the page says "Connected to Flight Simulator" Any advice please how to solve this problem
  5. Thank you both, all's well now
  6. Details as required of my set up - 1. FS9 2. FSUIPC 3.8.5 3. FSC 8.4.2 by download 4. Windows XP2 A flight plan from Auckland to Sydney has a distance of 1169 miles at FL320 Using a B737 fuel required is shown as 22583 lbs Using an A320 fuel required is shown as 22114 lbs Using a B757 fuel required is shown as 6188 lbs - this is surely incorrect? I have checked comparative fuel requirements for several routes and find the same substantial differences.
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